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This wiki is an unofficial community resource operated and updated by players. We are not affiliated with Google or NianticLabs. November 2012Dec. 2012Jan. 2013Feb. 2013Mar. 2013Apr. 2013May 2013Jun. 2013Jul. 2013Aug. 2013Sept. 2013Oct. 2013 —- In Nov. 2013 investigation moved to Google+. – Jan. 2016 started new investigation site. – Now moved to community forum.

What is the Niantic Project? Investigation

Ingress Anime - Agents, We can now report Fuji TV is the official partner of the upcoming Ingress anime. from Ingress Post

INGRESS.REPORT - - a site collecting stories from all facets of Ingress

Operation Essex Media Archive - - created by Alastair Gilfillan

Ingress Report New Video Series
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Ingress Twitch Channel -

Ingress Prime

Where there was One

Misty Hannah #TheMindPalace

November Lima 1331

Hank Johnson's NOMAD: 13MAGNUS Reawakens Pt 3

Kodama Smiles #FateofThe13 Part 1

Devra EXOTIC Complete Video

It's Time to Recruit (what's Ingress) video

Playing Ingress (The basics of Ingress) video

For the old intro video click here
And for the old Ingresstigate check ep 1 ,ep 2 and ep 3

As our investigation spans a variety of different websites and media types, we have broken down our findings into several categories for organisational purposes. Some of the larger pieces have been further split into their own pages for better documentation. Check New to the Wiki, a quick beginners guide to how the wiki is set up and some of the items you can explore in the wiki. If you plan on editing the wiki, PLEASE visit this page to see how the wiki is set up. The main focus of this wiki is to simply collect the pieces and information associated with the Niantic/Ingress universe, it does not focus on analysis or summation of the information. The wiki is always looking for those wanting to help add information.

In January of 2016 Henri Richard Loeb (AKA P. A. Chapeau) began a new investigation Site. Visit the site for the latest updates and information - Investigate: Ingress see the site's Detailed Dossier for more information.

Latest Updates

Last updated August 10, 2018 see archived updates at Updates Old

From an Andrew Klug AMA post - Information regarding the affect of the two Camps

Q2: Josh Stock - Is there a summary of what happened, storyline-wise, at Navarro and Kaltenberg?

A2: According to a number of investigators present on the ground at the Epiphany Night events, several teams of RPE (Remote Participation Experiment) Agents ventured into three different Anomalous zones. The first zone took them to a future Camp Navarro – where Antoine Smith was pursuing a Prime Object known capable of channeling XM across a Universe-threshold. The second zone led them to Schloss Kaltenberg in the year 1331 where – amidst a bloody battle between Osiris Cultists and the fragmented remains of a Templar Knight order, a second Prime Object – capable of locating specific Universe thresholds – was being protected. Agents, having retrieved these two Prime Objects, were told by Hank Johnson that, in order to avert an XM crisis in our own universe, massive amounts of XM must be channeled into an XM sparse universe. To complete their mission, Agents remotely entered the Niantic Project facility in a universe codenamed ‘OSIRIS’ on the day of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Power Cube test. Almost all groups of Agents were able to successfully channel XM into that universe, causing the Power Cube test to proceed as required. Given the low casualty rate on returning RPE Agents, Director Johnson classified the mission as successful.

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Although the is no longer updated you can still find the posts on the original site. New information is released via assorted social media sites and H. Richard Loeb's Investigate Ingress site] ---- **In an out-of-universe context**, the organisation behind the leaks is NianticLabs, a division of Google previously responsible for the creation of [[|Field Trip, a geo-aware “guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you.” Two weeks in to this ARG, NianticLabs released their second application, Ingress. This massively multiplayer augmented reality game sees players in two factions fighting for territorial control of the planet, focused around real-world monuments and landmarks designated as “portals”. The Niantic Project ARG and Ingress serve as complements to each other in the full story behind the Niantic Project.

For new players to Ingress we recommend Ingress Agent Field Guide

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Agent Initiatives Resources

These pages provide an archive of agent initiated works such as field operations, fiction and speculation

These pages don't directly list any investigative findings, but are rather an archive of resources that may prove useful to the investigation.

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