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Unanswered Questions

  • Tycho Poster #4 - Weird image on top corner on the left side?
  • What is CogniDyne Corporation?
  • Where are these other videos of “suit-types” approaching Berkeley students?
  • Day #1 > @NianticProject Twitter account: Other than CERN, are the other Twitter accounts that it is following relevant?
  • Day #4 > ADA Circle “Eye” Image > Is there any significance/code in the image itself? (I know the “Battista Bellaso” metadata code has been solved. I’m talking about the actual image.)
  • Day #4 > “Inspirare” audio clip > Who is the “madman”, why did he hang himself, and from what “installation”?
  • Day #5 > Threats and Opportunities > DOCID > What’s with “321 123 ada” and the six upside-down 2’s?
  • Day #7 > Chat Log: Retrieve the Phone > What are the other related URLs bought up by the NIA?
  • Day #13 > Tech Audio 1 > Algorithm Document > What’s the purpose of the blue progress bar? Does the oddly chosen number for opacity level in the source code “opacity: 0.9896114053108829;” mean anything?
  • Day #16 > Thought for Today > What does this mean: “If you… have an epiphany about… why Jarvis is talking through the [Ingress] app… Share it on social…”?
  • Day #16 > Victor Kureze Video > Is there any significance to the video glitch showing Green/Red/Blue channels?

(Potentially a small dimensional rift in which a different “channel” is causing interference with ours. Makes for a great example, actually. –InternalError)

  • Since Day #21 > Calendar WOTD on the Investigation Board now links to TOTD instead. Why?
  • Days #21, 24, 25 > “Very” is an odd word choice to abbreviate as “v.”? This annotation is seen in several places, including Dr. Kureze’s XM Presentation Slide #5, Nomad emails, and Eureka chat log.
  • December 5 > why does the information about the two new agents say that the location of the bodies were unknown, despite a NIANTIC truck being spotted at the scene?


Given this is a Google sponsored ARG, there are several apps using Google APIs. These apps are geo-locative so here is a link to the global map we're keeping with the most important POIs.