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THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OR EVEN VAGUE SUGGESTIONS THAT SHAPERS ARE ALIENS. In fact, given recent clues, “The Enlightened” are head by Zeke Calvin and state they have always been present for much of humanity's history.

JasonKaus's Theory

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shapers, like any other parasite always seek new hosts in order to expand their kingdom not sure exactly what to make of this it vaugely reminds me of the “locust analogy” from Independance Day


i am not qualified to testify about Shaper Theory but I know that some places are special. Great Cities are nearly always founded on places that are strong with a certain type of XM. This seems to confirm a connection between Shapers and XM, “Threats and Opportunities” refers to Shaper Portals it seems XM has direct correlation to the presence of portals. Also “Great Cities” being capitalized makes me think of religious termanology, but that may just be me.


what if they are already among us, but we don't realize it, because we don't think of them as life forms at all? And the key word here is “think”. A thought virus so, whatever Shapers are, they're so alien that we dont think of them as life? would we think of them as life if not for the “thought virus” Are the shapers responsible for the virus? again, the extremely alien nature makes me think of some sort of Eldritch Horror

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We do not know its effects to be uniformly malevolent which the colloquial use of the term 'virus' implies - Many , in fact , most of the recipients of the Shaper influencer have reported beneficial effects - Bear in mind that I say most so the “thought virus is “shaper influence” what are the beneficial effects mentioned does this mean most people aren't under shaper influence? then is the Thought virus created by something else? if so then is “shaper influence” what allows people to realize the shapers are alive? if so? is Tycho's art skills one of these Effects?

alright, so, Shapers are some sort of Entity which we can not understand because of a Thought virus, the nature of this virus is unclear. because “The Enlightened” google+ account photo is a very Chthulu like Squid, i have to assume the Shapers are indeed some form of Lovecraftian being, because of the mentions of advanced technology i offer the possibility that Shapers are a “Sufficiently Advanced” extradimentional race. like a monsterous version of the Observers from Fringe.

Notes by az971: Kenneth Grant, a leader of the organization Ordo Templi Orientis was the first to apply the Lovecraftian mythos to what is called practical/ceremonial magic. The basic thought was that any symbol and any being has power if you believe it does. But Lovecraft's beings weren't created out of thoughts. They existed in thoughts, and fed off of them. That's why they “required” worshippers, to maintain themselves. Similarly, there is a legend that monks brought a golem into reality/life simply by extreme concentration and meditation. More so, many comic book artists are occultists themselves. At least the major ones are. A more modern day and ecclectic concept is that of hyper sigils. They are symbols and thought forms that are created with a basic intent, but once given to the public they change and morph reality itself due to wills of everyone it “touches”. The comic The Invisibles is a hyper sigil. I believe there is in fact a symbiotic relationship, or once was a symbiotic relationship, between the shapers and man, but something is going horribly wrong. Great Cities are really just historical concentrations of people into sprawling metropolis. NYC, LA, Rome, Paris, etc, all have a “higher” origin. Enlightenment and other such terms are old metaphors used to describe the removal of ignorance and the gaining of wisdom and understanding. Illuminati means the enlightened ones, for example. It is also said that people each have a “perfect intellect” that they must discover, called a Daemon, or a Holy Guardian Angel, or other terms varying by culture. The key to true enlightenment lies in being able to communicate with this higher version of the self. Perhaps a relationship between the Daemon concept and the shapers? These beings are always said to guide, direct, instruct or intervene in a person's life once you gain access to them.

Foxed's idea relating to Shapers

I believe that Shapers are creating Portals into our world (No use yet thought of) by manipulating artists. This is made a lot more obvious by listening to the 6th Hollis audio log posted where it is stated that the artist built a 26-foot statue made EXACTLY how the shapers wanted him to do it. This combined with the fact that we have evidence that some statues have high levels of XM leads me back to my original point.

Notes by az971: Some key words that are related to similar IRL concepts: Merkaba, HGA, merkaba field points

Ken Hikage's Malevolent Invader Hypothesis

Shapers are unable to enter our dimension/Universe from theirs. They can only transmit data packets. The first set of data sent has been to artists and engineers so that they would build monuments as transdimensional gateways. The Shapers would have similar gateways in their dimension/Universe. Through these something larger can be sent. My guess is that their reality has become uninhabitable. They have caused “progress” throughout time in order to lay the groundwork for their invasion.

Ken Hikage's Benevolent Patron Hypothesis

Shapers are unable or unwilling to enter our plane of existence. From time immemorial they have watched us progress. As a compassionate group of entities they seek to guide us toward prosperity. The nodes they have influenced us building are fonts of inspiration both for the scientific minded and the creative. These nodes tap into a field we can neither detect or understand.

Faction Position on Shapers

The Resistance on Shapers

The Resistance wishes to prevent the Shapers from increasing their influence on humanity. Their reasoning behind this is that eventually all of humanity will become linked via this idea virus, turning our species into one of a hive mind. They argue that the Shapers are not the ones who grant ideas, but instead allow humanity to spread ideas more quickly, but also have some kind of nefarious purpose to their manipulation of humanity's creativity. The Shapers have always been “present” in another level of existence, but they seem to always want to come to our plane of existence, and are unable to do so without the help of a human meat suit… We must Resist!

The Enlightened on Shapers

The Enlighten see no harm in the Shapers. Evidence of the Shapers being present are evident throughout history, in every major artist and leader, having heard “whispers” from a “divine” source telling them to take a certain action or take a certain path. Shapers have been guiding humanity for centuries, and look around you. Everything has Shaper influence. We wish to increase this influence to launch us foward into a new age of human… Enlightenment!