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Online Decryption tools

These can be your best friends (or enemies for making you over think) during those puzzle solving times.
They are divided according to the type of decryption they can do, followed by a short description of kind of decryption that tool does





  • Cyber Chef - Lots of decrypt/encrypt tools AND you can chain one after the other. Create a recipe for how to translate input to output.
  • Cryptii - Very clean interface with lots of decrypt/encrypt tools. Nice Beaufort Vigenere cypher tool.
  • - universal site for decoding messages, cheating on letter games, solving puzzles, geocaches and treasure hunts, etc
  • Rumkin - If you need to decode rumkin will probably have it. It is the mother of decryption solvers (or encryption if needed)
  • Yellowpipe - Even if it is a small version of Rumkin it is still quite powerful. Plus it has 2 nice tools - Backwards and Caesar Bruteforce (does the 25 possibilities in one go)
  • Universal Enigma Decrypter for the famous Enigma machine
  • Solitaire - to solve Solitare/ Pontifex cyphers
  • Multi Dec Beta created by agent Chris Baumann

Anagram solvers



Training pages

This is a list of pages where agents can train their skills in solving crypto puzzles.

  • Hack This site - Mainly turned to hacking skills it also possesses crypto puzzles of other areas
  • Crypto Club is a website that aims to teach crypto from the basic to more advanced skills