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The Niantic Calamity (12/2012)

2 Will Die


Someone sent this to me. Told me to 'watch the story.'
No explanation, but given the source, I'm intrigued.
It doesn't get better than a murder that might not have happened.

All The World's a Stage


Two dead at Zurich. Today, the picture becomes clearer, and the finger begins to point at Niantic, but why?
Hidden Info
Note in the period after Zurich reads: r9s6xiruy9hw3
Reverse it and you have the passcode: 3wh9yurix6s9r.

Denials and Cover-ups


And just like that, the case is closed. Rarely does one see something as serious as this get swept under the rug so fast.


Hidden Data
In the source code at line 192 you can find the following

You can decrypt this by using a base 64 decrypting 3 times (as hinted by the line 192 number - 64×3=192)

from here you can see the word chapeau is in that gibberish and the only way of obtaining it is by dividing the string in two and reading it from top to bottom

After that we obtain a new passcode - 4xg4chapeauu9q3q.

Uncovering a Web of Lies


A forgotten and forgettable artifact: A mundane snippet appears in a student paper sometime last year, and Devra Bogdanovich disappears.

Is that her lying at the base of the statue in Zurich? There's a rumor going around that it might be.


Hidden Data
5wd3creativey3s8x is hidden in the URL

Run, Devra, run


Today's update sheds some much needed light on the Zurich HB incident.

There's much to be understood, still: “The victim of foul-play in Zurich, Jarvis is believed to have been neutralized.”

Who set them up to die? And why?


Hidden Info
The HTML has this - 4x_2mistyy4u7q
if we replace Misty with her other name Hannah we obtain - 4x_2hannahy4u7q
Since there is still one letter missing to make a passcode you can either brute force it or use as a hint the fact that the word phenomena in the POI image had the a a bit faded out.

It All Began Somewhere


Something happened at the Niantic Project that changed everyone there.

When the scientists flipped the switch and launched their experiment, did they know they would receive a signal from another dimension? Today's document takes us to that moment in time, and the surprise and panic that must have come with it.


Hidden Data
In small letters hidden in the text (shrunk down to small font size between the first and second line we can find 9wa3victors3s2t

Visions of Distant Places and Times


The reason behind the brazen abduction of Tycho at Comic-Con is beginning to become clear.

Tycho saw what would happen.

Think about that for a second.

An individual who can glimpse through time. What value would that person hold for the most most secretive of agencies. What if that individual glimpsed… disaster?


Hidden Data
From the link we can get 3zxvgy9tsaerckrvextysmxq95q432v1
only taking every second character starting at 3 we get 3xg9secretsx9q3v

zvytarkvxymq5421 is left. This is still unsolved

Epiphany Night


We've heard Epiphany Night mentioned before.

This series of emails, probably from about a week ago, sheds light on what really happened on the night of Lynton-Wolfe's deployment test, and how it may connect to the murders at Zurich HB.

I've also been hearing a rumor that agents in the field have been turning up some kind of old manuscript or screenplay? Can anyone confirm?


Hidden Data

Scrubbing the Record


I received this strange item today.

An artifact from Niantic's past, and embedded within it the past of a man we believe to have been murdered in Zurich

Who is my source inside Niantic? And why are they sending me information this way? I have some ideas, but I can't be sure yet.


Hidden Info
At the end of Zurich the following text “hidden” as very small text we 3tc5 boson y2v9s. Replacing Boson with Higgs we get 3tc5higgsy2v9s
Hidden Info 2
In the source code we can find

Reverse, vignere cypher with key “jarvis” to get a string of a, b and x. Convert a to ., b to - and x to space and decode as morse code to sixzfsevenresonatezfivesninex.
That gives us 6zf7resonatez5s9x

Witness Intimidation


Someone in the press approached the witness at Zurich HB, I have the transcript of the interview. She seems hesitant, scared. I wonder if she was being intimidated.

In other news, I think I might have some information about the so called 'lost storyboards' that agents have been finding. More when I know for sure.


Hidden Data
From the source in the CSS
audio {background-color: rgba(51,121,104,.54); margin:120px 109px 119px 57px; padding:118px; -webkit-border-radius: 56px; -moz-border-radius: 117px; border-radius: 0px; width:0px; }

51 121 104 54 120 109 119 57 118 56 117
decimal to ASCII3yh6xmw9v8u.

Where is Devra Bogdanovich


So many questions arise from the audio file received today:

Where is Dr. Devra Bogdanovich? What are her motives? Did she arrange the murder of Jarvis at Zurich?

All this remains to be seen.


Hidden Data
Background image changed from ThoughtBG.jpg to ThoughtBGx.jpg: At the top of the person’s head is Morse code: …– …- . —.. … . -. … .. - .. …- . … .–. —.. .-. ….. … 3ve8sensitivesp8r5s (Ingress App passcode).

Off the Grid


Another student press article about Dr. Devra Bogdanovich, it seems her disappearance is starting to be noticed. “She used to be a big hiker back in the day,” the article claims.

Has she gone off the grid?


They’ll Never Find Me


OK. So I know it's not my real name, but hearing my identity called out that way, it sent tingles down my spine.

Remember what I said what feels like ages ago?

When they start looking for you, you know you've found them.


Hidden Data
from J. Chung
Source code CSS rules (solution via ‘rawr’ in IRC):
‘a’ link, ‘a:hover’, and ‘a:visited’ have suspicious color values: #c36abb #c666ab #7dae1f
Concatenate these values and append the leftover ‘.ab’ from the CSS rules.
Convert c36abbc666ab7dae1fab from hexadecimal to Base64: w2q7xmarfa4fqw==
Reversed: wqf4aframx7q2w. The first 'w' does not fit the format. Change 'w' to 3 (Klue referred to ‘w’ being ‘3’ in The Niantic Investigation 5 video from Dec.7th).
3qf4aframx7q2w is an Ingress App passcode.

Jealousy and Deception


Klue is back, and she has an interesting set of observations.

In other news, lots of rumors flying around these days. A rogue XM research team? Dozens of 'storyboards' from who knows when spewing forth from the portals? And that's just scratching the surface.

You know the drill. You'll know more as soon as I do.


A Scientific Renaissance


“Despite the fact that we all know the risks involved, I am convinced that we should continue to investigate the value of high-dose-XM research.”

“We should view 'Epiphany Night' not as a crisis, but a tremendous opportunity.”

Dr. Victor Kureze, in an email last week.


Trapped Between Worlds


If this had come from anywhere but my most trusted source, I would have laughed and thrown it straight into the shredder.

Despite it coming from someone who I trust implicitly, it's hard for me to take this at face value…

It just seems so…. otherworldly.

I'll leave it to you to figure it out: Is this real? A hoax? Barium?


Narrative Management


“I understand your dilemma. It's tricky.

On one hand, if we let too much information out, the whole narrative could get away from us and invite some unwelcome speculation.

At the same time, if we squeeze the story too tightly, we leave room for somebody else to seize the story.”

Yuen Ni - In a recent email.


A Soldier and a Scientist


Today, we get to see some of the 'Nomad' material referenced yesterday.

Interesting stuff, but that seems to be the norm with the Niantic Project.

Hank Johnson says he's roamed the Earth as a “soldier and a scientist.”

An interesting and odd combination of skillsets. I'm curious to know more.


Point Counter Point


A transcript of a recent conversation between two European scientists.

If we were looking for a piece of evidence to truly confirm that Dr. Devra Bogdanovich is recruiting for a new operation outside of the Niantic Project, I think we just found it.


The Mainstem


A moment frozen in time. At this exact moment, I don't think either of the players knew what would come: escape, betrayal, death.

Or perhaps they did.


Change Their Thoughts Like Clay or Wood


Today we learn more about a Niantic researcher named Yuri Alaric Nagassa.

It seems this is the man who gave 'Shapers' their name…


Collateral Damage


The intercepted phone call I received today isp33etanoser clarifying.

I guess my thought for today is:

Trust is a complicated thing.


It was an Ephiphany


I'm told there's a special place in Hollywood where ideas go to die.

They end up in shelves and closets and archival rooms, locked forever in a state of development.

My source tells me this is the first of a few letters between a couple of heavy hitters in the film industry. They date back probably more than a decade.


Lock It All Down


“Does Ni know you're doing this?”

“It was her idea…”

The details surrounding the moral divide between Devra Bogdanovich and the operators of the Niantic Project become clearer today.


XM is Everything


Today, another of the chain of letters between the Hollywood heavy hitters. In addition, the first few pages of the screenplay they mentioned last time.

What was most surprising to me, however, was the return of a familiar name. A ghost artist now missing for over 3 months.


A Pattern of Deception


Many clues in previous days have pointed towards this.

Today, we confirm who made the call that led to the incident in Zurich earlier this month.


Victim of Circunstance?


I received the last few pages of the epiphany-screenplay.

Some things have become clear, others remain occluded… for now.


Risk Assessment


The noose tightens further around the embattled Ezekiel Calvin and the Niantic Project as a whole


Hidden Info
In smaller letters we have the following
which, when reversed gives 3tg9ispirarez8y5y.

Who is Hank Johnson


It seems there's much more to Hank Johnson than we first believed.

This document, which seems to be the first of a larger transcript, reveals a side of this man that I am very curious to learn more of.


The Return of Jarvis


Not sure whether I can get past my concerns and believe my eyes just yet. I'm told there were more witnesses.

I'll believe that when I see the evidence.

Strange day….


A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion


Klue returns with some interesting observations about time, prescience, and the mystery of the Jarvis appearance videos.