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The Alignment: Ingress

Ingress: The Niantic Project Files

The Niantic Project: Ingress

Written by Felicia Hajra-Lee and with a comic from Tycho, it describes the events that surround Devra , Farlowe and 855 after the events in Zurich. This story before publishing was known as An Exotic Matter.

Currently available at Amazon and Google Play.

When she first agreed to lead the research team of the Niantic Project, Dr. Devra Bogdanovich knew she was headed into the unknown. What she never could have imagined is where her dangerous, and potentially world-changing, exploration of Exotic Matter would lead her. After the chaos of the evening known as Epiphany Night explodes into murder and betrayal, the NIA seeks other ways to continue the ongoing research while Devra finds herself on the run and ensnared in a game of cat and mouse with the most powerful thinking machine ever created, a detection algorithm known as ADA. As ADA follows her digital trail, Devra is also pursued by both a relentless assassin and a rogue NIA agent. Now determined to restart her quest for understanding this transdimensional building block known as Exotic Matter, Devra recruits a team of her own to stop Niantic and uncover the ultimate truth of XM. Is it the key to unlocking an enlightened future? Or is it a tool for the ultimate enslavement of mankind? simple centered box

The Niantic Project: Level 8

Written by Felicia Hajra-Lee

Currently available at Amazon and Google Play.

Publication Date: November 18, 2013

An intense night takes an unexpected turn as the Niantic Project Laboratory located inside of CERN is finally shuttered. But the mysterious origins of Exotic Matter, and its potential for mankind, are too important for the corporations interested in exploiting it, and they converge on what was once the NIA's prized project, intent on getting their hands on the remaining researchers at the facility.

However, what starts as a military operation quickly takes a turn into the unknown as other dangerous players with their own agendas also arrive on the scene, intent on turning the chaos to their own advantage, and redefining the future of Exotic Matter.

The Shaper Key

Detail Dossier

The Shaper Key is Thomas Greanias second Ingress novel. He announced that this book would be released using a different format from the common book .

Tycho Comics

Ingress Origins

Issue 2

Sneak peak from Comic con (setup)




Original Link

Hidden Info
Under the first frame there is some hidden Braille. Invert it and read it to get 8qxe8ispirareu477y

Also playing with the levels reveals on the top 5sg9inspirationq2p2s

In the thumbnail there is morse in pixels around frame that translates to 7vrf7hiddenv724r


Original Link

Hidden Info
on the image b» Dg4 ?88 C62 7b gf;

Apply a ROT 47 and then a ROT13 to get 3zzf8patterns387w

Also in the image there is a string of morse that says 5qsd9quarku269u

on the thumbnail


Original Link

Hidden Info
Reflect each Braille character found in the image horizontally, decimal to ASCII to get 3xpa5nemesisw962t

Also in the thumbnail in plaintext 4utd9iqtechu755w

Exit Gate

Original Link

Hidden Info
Messing with the levels at the bottom right you can read 7pxg4discoveryz765t

Right frame right above “…the exit gate”there is some plaintext. Rot1 everything included numbers to get 9yrg7jacklandq699p

In the top left there are some dots. aligning them using the black dots as guides gives 3yyg3enigmay689w

The glow around the dome can be read as morse for 4uzb9creatives345z

In the thumbnail
fragmented horizontally flipped text that when put together reads 7wrd6tennielw634v

Great Escape

Original Link

Hidden Info
Playing with the levels, will reveal in bottom of top left panel the passcode 3syh6spacetimes745v

There is some scrambled text, center right on barrier; flip every other row horizontally to get 8uqh4quasiw598v

< and > around wheel in a circular pattern. Doing < =. > = - and |=space , you can read in morse 4pzg3niantics592u

CVBAERMIMTPTCGF. Atbash every third character to get 3vya5imintp737u

There are some coloured pixels on right-hand half of image.
Arrange rows of dots next to each other, decode as Code 128C barcode. 3wtf8meissnery298q

Welcome Aboard

Original Link

Hidden Info
On the ticket machine 67ae374 5221334 03002c2 ec4596e . Base64 encode and then reverse to get 4wwe7clamantisr346z

There are some pixels at top of image. Rearrange using red pixels as the guide to get 3swg2gravityu825x

There is a morse code on the left door frame beside Jarvis that reads 3tta9resonater598x

Also in the image 272 x67 769 s6f b72 o6e t77 634 273

There are blue/red dots in pairs at top of image

Artistic License

Original Link

Hidden Info
In the G+ post rurofrvuofxiscewuolrafthgieetvif. Reverse, pull out the letters that don't belong, reverse the pulled-out letters and insert as appropriate to get 5rvc8farloweu644t

Numbers between frames 525461224171270455680263319981443615127421560639513024417244508975315468905895. Morse 0, 1=SPACE 2-5=. 6-9=- 4sta3lovelaces682p

There is a QR Code in the middle. Straighten it, put the second half on the bottom of the first half and mirror horizontally. Read it to get 2zyg8ciphery988r

On the tram window you can see
Letters after Q means number of letters to be changed to numbers. The rest leave as they are. Q9-387278643-Q4-7616C-Q3-676F-Q9-726974686D-Q9-723435347-Q1-6 3872786437616C676F726974686D7234353476 Hex to ascii: 8rxd7algorithmr454v

Dots on top right corner
The spacing between dots are either 1 or 0 pixels. Make the 0-spaces width 1, 1-spaces width 0. Braille. 2uxh5invenirir768u and 3wyb9isobrontz952x

Base64 decode, A-J ⇒ 0-9, split to ASCII 5xsd7farlowep538p
On the building on the right side you can read 5qqc6devraw242q


Original Link

Hidden Info
On the fountain you can see 2qpf5hannahv443r

From the facebook post 11750121192504001001101117905011801005033504500221

From the G+ post 3478363461756574336D71673670. Groups of 2 to hex, groups of 2, reverse order, join, reverse to get 6pqg3metau644x

From the bottom of the comic HJM1IWQPY3YRG8IAORP0UIUZ8YWHZ2WBO9ARJO9QRX9OXL1BYM4K9EEGZ7EMLS1YE8OPRK6EXTTZ0CKJW2BKUT8JJBSZ. Replace 0..9 ⇒ space A-M ⇒ . and N-Z ⇒ - to get a morse code. Reverse it and you get 7zb9jabberwockyq8w9s which is an old code

Top left there are some pixels in a square

Middle to the right there is a ring of weird looking characters

top left corner of the panel where you see the shoes, there are some pixel blocks.

Issue 3

Pre posts

Before Issue 3 was published several posts were made by several characters


It is interesting to see the new comic from Tycho.  It appears that he didn't 'see' me there. Psychic 
shielding.  It is interesting that he saw me quite clearly at the Magic castle.


I will never confirm nor deny the veracity of yesterday's release from Hulong which concerned a private 
conversation between Zeke Calvin and myself.  However, I do protest the posting of such things without 
verification.  Private conversations should remain private.

On a lighter note, I have heard rumors that Tycho is releasing another comic.  It is fun to see the events of 
your life illustrated, despite the fact that those were very hard days.  Of course, as much of what is in 
Tycho's comic relates to classified material, I have to be careful about what I say.

Misty 2

I am getting very bad vibes about Tycho.  If anybody out there is in contact with him, tell him to go 
underground. Stay on the move.Forces are closing on you. Energies familiar to me.  Elude and evade.  Expose 
your art to the public.  Your art is your weapon.  Use your vision to blind them.


February 14, 2014
Original link

A new drawing from Tycho of a woman in a cave

Detailed Dossier


February 21, 2014
original link

An image of a man shooting two guns while dodging.

Detailed Dossier