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Obsidius Breadcrumbs Media Drops

Messages were delivered as media drops through the Portal Network starting January, 2016. They consisted of different types of media. X posted images that were clues to portal locations. Hacking these portals, agents received media files. Many of the posts used the #ObsidianExplorer tag.

MustafaSaid put them all together in one image -

Obsidius's journey continued to be shared through other means and intel.

Picture Clues

Como Cathedral

Image can be seen at,_Giorgio_%281834-1914%29_-_n._7102_COMO._Il_Duomo..jpg and more information

Media was found when hacked -

Jan 2, 2016 Niantic Project X post

Another cryptic clue came my way earlier today.

Does anyone recognize this image?


Roman Cardo

Image can be seen at and

Media was found when hacked.

Jan 8, 2016 Niantic Project X post

The new year begins with a gift… a cryptic message from an anonymous source.

Can anyone help me identify the location in this photograph?


The Explorations of Obsidius

Part I

Found by agent - Izik Avinoam Jan 08, 2016

Niantic Project X post

Thanks to the clue received yesterday and the excellent work of Agent +Izik Avinoam, this fragment was recovered at a Portal in Jerusalem. It appears to be part of a translated document called 'The Explorations of Obsidius.'

I suspect, as more fragments of this document are recovered, we will begin to learn more about this individual and how he connects to what +Roland Jarvis called The Circle of Obsidius.

File name for first part - Explorations – Contains Section one of the The Explorations of Obsidius


I. It was my honor to serve under Titus as a member of the exploratores, the scouting troops, during the campaign in Judea. It was my fortune to have my commander and future emperor take notice of some novel tactics that I employed and name me Prime Exploratore, placing several soldiers(who had been deemed unfit for combat services) under my command. Titus, always wise and innovative, knew that they had value far beyond that of the traditional exploratores or spies(a word which I detest): they were to be different. I preferred the term Irregular Scout.

Part II

Found by agent - Sergio Tejeda Romero and Javier Morcillo. Jan 10, 2016

Niantic Project X post

Excellent work Agents +Sergio Tejeda Romero and +Javier Morcillo.

Today's #ObsidiusExplorers helped us recover this intel and documented their adventure to the Templo de Diana, a historic Roman site in Mérida, Spain, in spectacular fashion.

Thanks to their help, we are slowly uncovering more about the mysterious Obsidius.


File name for second part - Subterfuge – Contains Section two of the The Explorations of Obsidius


II. My small force numbered no more than twenty at any given time, with new recruits substituting for the many who had been captured or killed. They included three types of soldiers: those that were fleet of foot and agile, and thus able to scout large amounts of terrain in the distance; those who were able to blend into different social groups(which was very valuable in the Judea campaign) feigning other identities; and those who were able to impersonate noble personages for the purposes of gaining information. Personally, I had adopted all of these roles at different times and thus had a body of knowledge to share, and my Exploratores were quick to learn.

Part III

Found by agent - Dark Squirrel Jan 13, 2016

Niantic Project X post

Excellent work, Agent +Dark Squirel.

This #ObsidianExplorer in France helped us recover the latest intel from a Portal at the Alyscamps, an ancient Roman necropolis in Arles.


File name for third part - Heritage – Contains Section three of the The Explorations of Obsidius


III. It was to my advantage that I was of average height and possibly mixed heritage. Possibly because, while my mother denies this, my features have always been undeniably different, and some have said that they belonged not to my father but to a gladiator from the east or perhaps Egypt with whom she dallied. My father, Marcus Atticus Tullius, was a merger of unfashionable but nonetheless well established republican families: Tullius being one of Marcus Tullius Cicero's relatives and Atticus being the famous statesman, also known as Cicero's correspondent. Atticus was quite possibly the most adroit politician of the age given that he died of natural causes in a treacherous political environment. As a youth I journeyed to Egypt, following a trail I thought might lead me to the truth of my parentage, but my own history remained oddly and irrevocably occluded. Whatever my lineage, I was gifted with the ability to appear to be the member of many tribes. With this gift, and the skills of both the traditional Exploratores and the Speculatores, I soon became something else altogether different.

Part IV and V

Found by agent - Petros Santamouris Jan 16, 2016

Niantic Project X post

Excellent work, Agent +Petros Santamouris.

Thank you for your help in recovering this intel from Hadrian's Arch in Athens, Greece.



File name for fourth part - Exposure– Contains Sections four and five of the The Explorations of Obsidius


IV. Raised in Judea, I spoke several languages and was familiar with the world of rough traders who traveled to distant and un-imagined lands. In fact, as a child, I snuck off with a caravan, pretending to be a stable boy and made it deep into Persia before my true identity was discovered. I immediately returned. My family was perceived as quite powerful and thus dangerous in the region. My father served as a member of the royal cavalry (known later as the Praetorian Guard) and was present for the murder of Caligula. He was on of the few who survived the barbarous and vengeful actions of the German Guard upon the death of the debauched emperor.

V. This is fortunate for me, because I was born two years later. Feeling it safer to be in the East, my father accepted a posting there, It afforded me an upbringing of provincial privilege and exposure to the most exotic elements of the East, West, South and North (as Judea had strategic importance as the trail-head of nearly all trading routes from the far Persian, Egyptian and African, the as well as Hellenic, Latin and Assyrian Regions). In short, I was exposed to the entire world. This gave me great knowledge to use later in life.

Part VI and VII

Found by agent - Spike Williamson Jan 22, 2016

Niantic Project X post

Thanks to the excellent work of Agent +Spike Williamson, we have recovered this fascinating piece of intel from the Igel Column in Igel, Germany.

Great work, #ObsidianExplorer.


File name for fifth piece – Contains Sections six and seven of the The Explorations of Obsidius


VI. I served Titus in Judea an attempted to serve those I'd grown up with as well. I credit myself in saving many lives in the Jewish Wars, but alas, there was no persuading some of them that attempts to flight the empire within force would not be successful. I suspect that the offshoot sect will be more effective in subverting the empire from within. After Judea I was sent north to battle with the German. I was an utterly new challenge. I had no experience in dealing with the Ice and Forest People. With no hope of blending in, I had to survive in the water. Few can sim in the north as id would be pointless for most months of the year.

VII. There, in the forest I was able to locate a well concealed enemy encampment. However, before I could return to share this information, I as captured, set to be executed and encountered a man who would change my life. His name was Valadian. He had achieved some status as a holy man or shaman or priest amongst the Barbarians. He came to me while I was caged in the rude forest outpost and asked one simple question: How had i discovered their hidden camp? What had led me there? I told him that I did not know. I had felt the pull of the Earth. I had followed an enemy.

Part VIII and IX

Found by agent - Carlo Tronci Jan 24, 2016

Niantic Project X post

Portal Clue

Excellent work, Agent +Carlo Tronci

Thank you for your help in recovering this intel from the Arch of Titus in Rome, Italy.



File name for sixth part - Chosen – Contains Sections eight and nine of the The Explorations of Obsidius


VIII. He had me released from the cage and told me he wanted to follow the energy further. I saw no risk in doing as I had already been sentenced to dand finr the Oracle eath in a most ghastly manner (the Germanic Tribes excelled in this, frankly making our methods of execution look tame in comparison). I led him deep into the forest and we found ourselves standing amidst some ancient ruins. They were incredible to behold. Alive in some way that I cannot explain. After some silence, Valadian told me that I would be spared and that he would have great use for me inf I would agree to honor the debt of my life when I returned to Roman lands. Having little choice, I agreed. I was now bound by oath.

IX. In truth, I was as fascinated by Valadian as he was by me, most notably because he possessed a Roman name though he was clearly a German. He told me to find my way to North Africa amidst the ruins of Carthage and find the Oracle of those parts who would direct me to one known as The Magnus. There was no way I could reject this. My journey would take me not only to Rome, but to Egypt and North Africa. However, when I reached Rome again, I reported to Titus to tell him of my adventures in Germania, and upon the mention of Valadian, Titus dismissed this guards and secretary and asked to speak to me alone.

Part X and XI

Found by agent - Amine ALIOUA and Ali Heinthallas Jan 30, 2016

Niantic Project X post

Portal Clue

A new piece of the Explorations of Obsidius has emerged from a Portal in Carthage, Tunisia.

It reveals that Obsidius was joined on his journey by a Numidian guide named Syphax, and that even in these ancient times, the concept of ‘Sensitives’ seemed to be in use among those in the know.

Surrounded by the haunting and awe-inspiring Roman ruins of the Antonine Baths, Agents Amine ALIOUA and Ali Heinthallas shared a video of the incredible adventure they undertook to bring us this intel.

Thank you, #ObsidianExplorers.gynbiyujttukylkdkrkkbpidgpus


File name for seventh piece - x-syphax – Contains Sections ten and eleven of the The Explorations of Obsidius


X. He told me to carry out the mission of Valadian and tell no-one of it and should meet the one known as Magnus, to send his regards. And then he, the son of the Now Emperor of Rome who would himself rule magnificently, if briefly, said something that would echo through the rest of my life: “For all of the blessings Jupiter has bestowed on me, I did not get yours. However, I did sense something and it was confirmed to me by Berenice on the one occasion when you were in her presence. Like you, she often traveled in disguise, for reasons we need not discuss here. What is more, she described you as 'Sensitiva'. Or that was the best translation to Latin that she could offer.” He gave me a letter of transit through the Empire ans assigned a loyal Numidian guide by the name of SYPHAX, as well as bestowing a generous number of Sesterii.

XI. When I arrived in North Africa, I realized that no one knew the exact location of the Oracle, and that the Oracle could only be found by uncovering the hallowed sanctuary where she dwelled. My guide was of no use, save to keep me out of dangerous lands and provide some local knowledge. I realized that I would have to find the Oracle myself. The task proved to be quite simple. I realized that it was yet another test of my special skills.

Part XII and XIII

Found by agent - Giancarmine Dev Feb 5, 2016

Location: Temple of Isis, Pompeii, Italy.

Niantic Project X post

Portal Clue

Thanks to the excellent work of today’s #ObsidianExplorer, Agent Giancarmine Dev, the latest page in the Explorations of Obsidius has been uncovered from a Portal at the Temple of Isis in Pompeii, Italy.

It details the first encounter between Obsidius and the Oracle, Cybella. The encounter seems to have created more questions than answers, with strange prophecies into the future (perhaps even the present day?) and cryptic clues about the one known as Magnus.

Strangest of all, it seems Cybella has now joined Obsidius on his journey, although her reasons are not yet known.


File name for eight piece - cybella – Contains Sections 12 and 13 of the The Explorations of Obsidius


Here is a transcript of the journal page.

XII. Upon my arrival there, the sinewy, virginal Oracle, Cybella, whose appearance was both enticing and oddly fearsome depending on angle and expression, had no doubts as to my authenticity and sent me to seek for one known as the Magnus so that the Magnus might seek me. This sounded odd to me, but Oracles were known to speak in riddles. For instance, when asked: “Is Magnus a name or a Title…” “Can it not be both? Can it not be neither?” “Who am I to search for if Magnus is neither a man nor a title?” “Do you not understand that you are searching for Magnus so that Magnus might search for you?”

XIII.The rest of the conversation was similarly cryptic and unhelpful. She lapsed into mutterings. A man on a rock with his arms spread — beneath him at the water, an anchor cut of stones. A blasphemous spike spinning a discus in the air, beside it an island held in balance. I have no idea what she meant, but I suspect that it was a prophesy into the future. Then, Cybella informed me that she was to accompany me on my journey. She said that she had some purpose though it had not yet been revealed to her. It occurred to me that travelling with a young woman of her beauty and mercurial nature would be dangerous. I tried to refuse, but Syphax, in a way that seemed contrary to his nature, informed me that it was ill-omened to refuse the request of an Oracle. I relented. I have come to believe Syphax has become my guide for reasons beyond his extraordinary skills with language. It is uncanny how he seems to intuitively speak the tongue of every foreigner that we meet.


Found by agent - Céline Zilverdauw and Mark Janssen Feb. 11, 2016

Niantic Project X post

Thanks to the excellent work of today’s #ObsidianExplorers, Agents Céline Zilverdauw and Mark Janssen, a new section of the Explorations of Obsidius has been uncovered from a Portal built to mark the site of an ancient Roman crossroads in Heerlen, Netherlands.

As Obsidius embarks on the next leg of his journey with Cybella and Syphax in tow, he talks about embracing the unknown, and allowing life to be an unfolding and unpredictable adventure. His travels lead him to Pompeii, where he is preparing to meet Pliny the Elder…

File name - Unknown – Contains Sections 14 - 16 of the The Explorations of Obsidius


XIV. Despite being in the presence of a prophetess, we left with no idea of what lay ahead of us. We had no prescribed destination. You might easily grasp why this did not, at the time, seem helpful to me, and left me with more questions than when I had first sought the Oracle. Much later, I finally understood the deeper purpose of this. I learned from this exercise to be comfortable with questing for the unknown. I shall compose an oration on this subject.

XV. Comfort with moving always into the unknown and uncharted is an essential characteristic all men of purpose must have, for in reality all life is unknown, for the future is always unknown. I have met those who can dimly perceive it later on the road, and most men attempt in their own feeble ways to control the future, but I find that such efforts lead to more confusion than simply treating each day as a newly minted coin, to be spent however one desires to in their heart.

XVI. Thus, with no prescribed direction, I relied on my own gift for knowing where to explore and we set off. My journey led me to Pompeii. Something about this place is ominous despite the incredible luxury of it. Cybella says that ominous things are coming from the līmina. She has become even more distracted and disturbed than normal. Syphax says that he fears she might flee. Her eyes are like that of a wild animal. My instinct tells me that I must stay. I have received a message from Gaius Plinius Secundus. I am to meet him tomorrow. He is a naturalist and a man of great import and prestige as master of the fleet.


Found by agents Feb. 16, 2016 - Agents: Marcin Słowik, Aleksandra Nechaeva, Dave Phelps and Akin Raze, Rob H.

Niantic Project X post

Thanks to multiple #ObsidianExplorers around the world, we’ve been able to recover a large number of pages from the Explorations of Obsidius. Excellent work, Agents.

File name - serpent sections 17-21, voice sections 20-21, arrow sections 23-28, shield sections 27-28, north sections 29-31, shield sections of the The Explorations of Obsidius


XVII. Pliny did not disappoint. We met at the house of Pomponianus. He was very patient with Cybella who was in a state of high agitation. Syphax tended to her while I spoke with the esteemed naturalist in the garden. He said we were setting off for Vesuvius tomorrow where we were to gain audience with the Magnus. I have a strong feeling that one journey is about to end and another is to begin.

XVIII. Cybella did an admirable job of containing her trepidation as we approached Vesuvius. The mountain has always had a sinister history. It is frequently associated with not only Hercules, but a red, flaming serpent. At one time, it was associated with a tribe of enormous bandits and Hercules was credited with having eliminated them. In one tale I heard he followed the serpent into its lair and come upon a cauldron of fire. I suspect it is more likely that the caves were cleaned out by wealthy aristocrats who have settled in the area and do not want to be harassed by bandits.

XIX. We entered a cave in the mountain through a hidden and guarded entrance and were led through a series of tunnels which appeared to be have been decorated over the centuries. Finally, we found ourselves in a deep chamber lit by sputtering torches as odd winds and bursts of steam kept the air both warm and humid. It was as close to a feeling of the underworld as I have ever come.

XX. Without warning, the lights of the Vesuvian chamber were extinguished and we were in pitch darkness. The steamy mist seemed to coil around us like a serpent. Cybella went into a chant and then broke out into a stream of sounds, words and images which I am attempting to reassemble in my mind, but Moneta has deserted me on that subject. Only a few of them remain hanging in memory. Epiphany. A ball of light. Darsana. Ultimus. Then I felt her falling. Syphax reached out and caught her, easing her lithe form to the warm, moist floor. Out of instinct I drew my sword and awaited an attack from the darkness.

XXI. In time, the walls echoed with a voice. It was a deep, stentorian voice which resonated with all of the attributes of careful oratorical training. I could not see the Speaker in the dark, nor know for sure where it was coming from for the effect of the rotunda-like room was to mask the location of its source. “Gaius Tullius Obsidius. You possess a unique ability at finding the līmina. The Portals. You are to travel the world. Go beyond the boundaries of the Empire, beyond the boundaries of all that we know, from Portal to Portal, and report all that you find, all that you see, all that you know. You shall walk to the ends of the earth and beyond, and when there is nothing left to be discovered, you are to return.”

XXII. With that, there was a great crashing sound, and then there was silence, save for the curious rumbling which had agitated Cybella so greatly. Syphax looked at me. “If you accept this journey, we will never return home,” he said. I thought to ask him why, but then I understood, for the world has no end. But I shall carry out my duty. We were escorted from Vesuvius by blindfold and taken to a nearby town to provision and begin our journey.

XXIII. My arrow pointed north. Let me explain this concept of the Arrow. Once, while on a distant journey to the east, I do not know exactly where I was, I visited at a caravansary by geomancers with a strange device they called a sīnán. It was made with lodestone, suspended so that it could turn freely. They were using it for fortune telling, but I noticed that it always seemed to point in the same direction. When I spoke with the practitioner of this through an interpreter, he evaded my questions until it became clear that I am somewhat of an expert in rocks and minerals and had knowledge that would be of value to him.

XXIV. He told me that his device was also good for searching for rare gems and orienting their houses in some ancient mystical practice. My suspicion is that it was actually responding to magnetic forces and tested this supposition much to his joy, for he could use magnets in his divining. He confided to me that he did not see this as deception, as the introduction of magic helped to open otherwise closed minds.

XXV. It is my belief that the world itself has a magnetism, though I do not share this with others for fear that they would think me mad. And, of course, it is always good to hold back a little knowledge.

XXVI. I tell this only because it is a physical analogy for my innate sense of direction, my ability to find the līmina, what the Vesuvian Speaker called the Portals. But I have always imagined my gift as being similar to the suspended lodestone which always point to the strongest magnet. The Portals function like magnets. Some, growing in strength from time to time, attract me. As I left Vesuvius, my arrow pointed north.

XXVII. As Vesuvius was to pass from vision, we turned one last time. There seemed to be an ominous plume above it. Cybella spoke: “We search for the siblings Ancile and Aegis and the two are one… Ancile is one and 13 for there are 12 copies, each one possessing some properties of the original but none possessing all.” Syphax asked who Ancile and Aegis were and where we could find them. I answered that they were not persons, but shields. Aegis is the shield of Zeus (though there are other interpretations) and Ancile was the shield given to Rome by Mars. Syphax maintained that the Romans had stolen their gods from Libya. I responded that they were mostly stolen from the Greeks. He responded that the Greeks had stolen from the Libyans also. Cybella silenced us. She said that we were awaited in Rome. I asked her how she could know this. She said that she heard it from the Portals. Syphax gave a look of disdain as was his wont. To me, it would be a test of her powers. In that moment, I felt a slight shift in my arrow. My destination was still north, but it seemed that a stop had been added to my journey.

XXVIII. We stood at the Pantheon of Marcus Agrippa surrounded by the twelve gods of the Roman Pantheon. Syphax did not miss the opportunity to mention that there were 12 Gods of Egypt, another idea stolen from Africa. And he did not miss the fact that the earring on Venus had originally belonged to Cleopatra and had been mounted on the statue. “Barbarians!” He muttered under his breath.

XXIX. Indeed there were 13 gods in the vast circular chamber for Titus himself had entered. He came without guard or royal adornment. Very dangerous for someone of his stature, even one as beloved of his people as Titus to travel alone, but alone he was — or nearly alone. Cloaked figures which I could only assume were bodyguards stood in the shadows.

XXX. He nodded to Syphax, and asked whether I had made contact with the Oracle. I gestured to Cybella and informed him that she had indeed come with me. He seemed both taken aback and bemused. He said that he wanted no details of our mission but assured me it was of greatest importance and may the gods shield us on our journey. He gestured to the statues and indeed the roof which took the form of an aspis.

XXXI. Our visit was cut short when one of the bodyguards gestured to Titus and he turned away giving us his blessings and the ominous suggestion that we not allow ourselves to be followed from this place for powerful forces stood against Magnus. After eluding any potential pursuers in the maze of streets in the Imperial capital, we continued our journey north.


Found by Agents: - Fabian TOOL59, Fabrice Potron and cedric delettre. March 15, 2016

PAC post

Portal Clue

Our #ObsidianExplorers in Reims, France, were able to recover this fascinating but troubling fragment from the Explorations of Obsidius. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one in the comments… there’s a lot to discuss…

Here’s a transcript of this fragment:


File name for piece - ash – Contains Sections 32 - 35 of the The Explorations of Obsidius


XXXII. Another mysterious event has occurred. At the most recent destination I was caught by a shiny glint in the moonlight. I bent over and picked up the object. It was made of the same sharp, glassy material that I identified in Aethiopia and informed Pliny of.

XXXIII. It was triangular and serrated on the sides. Very sharp. I cut my finger and bled a bit. And, there was a curious shape drawn upon it in some ink not known to me. At the time Pliny had said this substance should be named after me. I will call it Obsidian.

XXXIV. At some point, I will show it to Cybella, but now is not the time. She seems to be very much on edge now. Her visions grow more distinct and more terrifying. When she does choose to share them, they do little to put me at ease.

XXXV. Most recently, she spoke of two distant voices guiding her. One from across the līmina. Another from a great beyond. They were arguing, and their voices became a cacophony, then a flame. The flame consumed her, and then all of us and then indeed entire cities around us. Nothing was left in the end but ash and the echoes of their screaming voices. I fear for her, and for all of us.

Obsidius Letters to a Friend

Letter to Marcus I

Posted March 8 PAC post

A source sent this to me, claiming there were more like it out there. Apparently, somewhere along his journey, Obsidius began to send letters to a friend via a series of intermediaries. According to the source, these letters shed light on Obsidius’s relationship with Syphax and Cybella as they undertook their long journey for the Magnus.

Here’s a transcript of this letter:

Appendix I-I. Letter to ‘Marcus’ (Identify of Marcus debated).

Marcus. I hope this finds you well.hhhh68dd08iii08dd78gg87ii37d87iii96i77j57ggg97gg07eee48cc96gg87eee77gg87dd37hhhh87i96ee86hhh68dd37dd48ff

I write in some haste and am sending this letter on through Philomenus, who I met in passing at the market in Minnagra and will ask that he pass this message to you as its very nature is confidential and I am not comfortable sending it through usual channels. It is probably best that you be discreet with this information, but I want somebody to have it should my travels come to calamity.

I have set off on a long and indefinite journey at the request of powerful men and unfortunately, I cannot reveal the exact nature of it. In all honesty, some aspects of it remain a mystery to me. My companions are a guide by the name of Syphax and an Oracle known as Cybella along with a small retinue of attendants which changes often, for the secret nature of our journey necessitates that only the three of us must know where our path leads.

In any case, a shadow has come over my endeavor that I want to share with you. It seems that we have been followed by agents of unknown origin. The other night, Syphax, who possesses considerable gifts as a diplomat and translator (he speaks nearly every language and dialect we have encountered as if he were a native) excused himself to do some reconnaissance on who might be following us. Near the break of dawn he returned with some dark stains on his garment and said little other than he had scared them off. As we were in the countryside, I could not help but notice swirling carrion fowl in the sky in the distance. It occurs to me that he may be something more than a guide. And as he was not of my selection, it causes grave concerns in me as to what our actual mission might be.

Yes. I know you will accuse me of too active an imagination. And your suspicions might well have merit, but I wanted some record of this event to survive me should I come to an unexpected end. Will write more when time allows.



Posted March 9 PAC post

This is the second letter from Obsidius to his unknown friend, Marcus. The first emerged yesterday.

It seems one of his traveling companions may have been placed with him for a darker purpose.

Here’s a transcript of the letter:


I know not when I will be able to post this message or in whose hands I shall place it. Suffice to say that there have been yet more disturbing developments. We are in a tribal country, though I must not be more specific as to where. Let us say that while not risking open hostility against Rome, banditry and misadventure are common, and a local chieftain made it clear that we would not be allowed to explore the area controlled by his tribe.ya54grmee7npwt3

The event of concern happened two nights ago (but it will be many more before you receive this). Our ‘diplomat’ or ‘emissary,’ Syphax said that he wanted to make contact with the local tribal leader to attempt to negotiate access to a certain group of hills and it would be safer if Cybella and I stayed behind with most of the retinue. Syphax proceeded alone.

In his absence, Cybella stared into the distance, muttering. She rarely shares her visions or portents, but sitting alone, at night in a foreign and dangerous land with a distressed Oracle is a most unnerving experience. She spoke of shards of black stone marked with the language of thought. Chaos. Conflict. The names of strange and unknown persons or groups.

The following morning Syphax returned, as before, with tidings that we were to be granted audience with the new chieftain and suggested that we conduct our exploration in a most efficient manner as the tribe was likely to be suspicious and in an agitated state.

Indeed, when we arrived at the village, we found that they were in mourning for a slain chieftain and that the man who had supposedly killed him had been horribly executed. I can not prove this, but once more I have a lurking suspicion that I am travelling with an assassin.


Hank's Research on Obsidius

Hank talks about Obsidius

Agents informed me that a communication surfaced between one I suspect is Jarvis and the Acolyte involving a man known as Obsidius. I came upon that name when I was researching 13MAGNUS for Calvin way back when. He was mentioned in very obscure sources under the name Obsidius or Obsius (it's unclear why the name was 'fixed' in later editions). Other than Pliny the Elder's famous mention of him, little is known. I have to find my notes… I think they might be in one of the boxes in my storage facility in Tysons Corner. Hopefully I haven't lost them. The long and short of what I remember is that he was a Roman explorer and those were rare creatures indeed. It doesn't seem that the Romans took much stock in exploring for its own sake (perhaps because they were terrible sailors). Their usual tendency was to rely on local knowledge and intermediaries and rarely search farther than was necessary for military intelligence. My guess is that Obsidius probably started his career as an one of the Exploratores.

The Circle of Obsidius and the Acolyte

Find the Circle of Obsidius

Found by agent - Matteo Lo Valvo and Giosuè Tironi Jan 02, 2016

Niantic Project X post It seems the clue recovered yesterday led to Como, Italy (a city just north of Milan). At the Portal connected to the Cathedral there, Agent +Giosuè Tironi​ was able to recover this image.

I have no further information at this point on who or what Obsidius is, but it does seem that this is some kind of message to the Acolyte from +Roland Jarvis.



Transcript of Media

My Acolyte need me find the Circle of Obsidius