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Congratulations on stumbling down the rabbit hole. This wiki is created and maintained by fans and has no official tie to the Niantic Lab. That means there are many missing pieces just waiting to be filled in by an agent just like yourself.

What Do I Do First

That depends on what you are looking for. One recommendation is to walk through the main categories and links to get a feel for how information is stored. The investigation page offers a short list of the main categories.

You may also want to try a few searches to see how the search function works. Understand, the search tool is a very basic tool and offers only the basic page hits for information.

Along with using the wiki, you may want to join some of the story-oriented groups out there. The major threads are found on g+ or the Google Groups platform with additional reddit, facebook, tumblr and other groups available. You may want to follow Verity Seke (X) on g+ or Operation Essex on g+ to begin to get a feel for the storyline based researchers/agents.

You can also check this quick guide with links to some basic resources.

A brief word on the search feature for the wiki. It is a very basic engine. One item to note. The wiki uses drop down text for many sections (example below). When searching, any text in one of these sections will appear in the search results. However, when you go to the page and try to use a ctrl+find type feature to look for the word, it might not appear as you have to “open” the text section first.

Example of a drop down text section. Click to open the section
this text appears in a search of the wiki but not in a ctrl+find search of a page

How Is the Wiki Organized


The Start or home page is a quick jump point with a current video in the upper left and a short guide to major sections of the wiki. There are also some resources, communication sources and speculation pages to check.


This is the quick guide to the major categories and pages in the wiki.

  • New to the Wiki This page
  • Timeline a daily breakdown of discoveries related to the Niantic Project
  • Characters dossiers for characters within the ARG
  • Organizations and Projects The Organizations and Projects involved
  • 13Magnus - a page documenting the 13Magnus group
  • Operation Essex a g+ group dedicated to researching ideas and concepts found in the Niantic universe
  • Themes There are certain themes or repeating concepts throughout the Niantic Universe
  • Images a page cataloging many of the images that have been shared. Hidden info is also listed for many of these images on this page.
  • Tycho posters these images were painted by Tycho and contained many of the early hints related to Niantic
  • QR Codes discoveries related to QR codes found in the project
  • Videos page cataloging many of the images that have been shared. Hidden info is also listed for many of the videos on this page as well as transcripts when possible.
  • Audio page cataloging many of the audio files that have been shared. Hidden info is also listed for many of the files on this page as well as transcripts when possible.
  • Documents the documents are divided now according to the format that they have
    • Chatlogs - Normally either a instant message between different characters or just transcripts of conversations.
    • Mails - Mail swaps between characters.
    • Scripts - Scripts for stories that seem to happen in real life.
    • News - Newspaper clips, online news and all sort of news that can be related to the story.
    • Leaked - Any official documents that were leaked outside. Normally Niantic project related. This section is for documents that do not fit the other sections
  • Apps contains information about the Ingress and Field Trip Apps created by Niantic Labs
  • Ingress Anomaly Events Events are planned by the Ingress team and are normally called XM anomaly, and involve the 2 opposing factions fighting for dominance of a certain area for a couple of hours. The rules tend to change from event to event.




I Want to Help Edit the Wiki

Welcome and thank you for wanting to help. Documenting and archiving is a huge task and there can never be enough help. There are so many pieces to be documented, added, formatted and indexed, that more helping hands are always a plus.

Before just jumping in, you will want to do a few things:

  • Look through all of the wiki to make sure you have a handle on the structure
  • Check the Question About the Wiki page and see if someone has already mentioned what you want to alter. You can also leave a question there or a comment.
  • Check the Wiki Projects to see if there is something on there you would like to work on, or add a suggestion
  • Look over the files in the Media Manager before adding files as there may already be a copy of what you are adding
  • Add links to any person, place or thing that has a wiki page; the square brackets are your friends :)
  • Try to keep speculation and bias comments out of a wiki page, ideally a wiki is just to catalog and index, you can check out the speculation pages if you have that form of comment.
  • Before deciding to do a “major” overhaul or change to a page or category, talk to some of the others currently working on the wiki
  • Great formatting tips on using wrap syntax -
  • Use foot notes - footnote 1)
  • Use Tags - review the Tag Definitions page and Document Searching page to see the tagging and searching methods used. Tag syntax -
  • Use the templates when adding pages - templates

People to help and talk to about editing the wiki (feel free to add your name to this list if willing to help with the wiki editing)

What is the Niantic Project