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Hank Johnson: The Secret Revealed - Part I


Azmati: (groans) //as closing up shop hears a creaking sound// Who is it? //more creaking//
Hank: //Voiceover as camera still focused on Azmati// Why'd you leave me in the cave Azmati? 
Azmati: Is it you Hank? You were dead. A dozen bullets riddled the chest. You were dead. 
Hank: I tried contacting you, but you didn't answer me.
Azmati: Yes, I, I got your messages. But Hank, I saw you die. Even now, I don't know what I am looking at.
Hank: I can't say I blame you. I think I was dead. 
Azmati: That usually only happens once.  
Hank: Yeah, I used to be of that opinion. I want to show you something. 
//Hank plays a video on his phone, it is the Nomad footage from him in the 13Magnus cave, voices can be //
//heard in the background of the video.//
Hank: You told me the story of that place before we went there, remember? 
Azmati: It's a children's story. My grandmother would tell us (uncertain)
Hank: Azmati you and I both know I was dead.
Azmati: There is a test.
Hank: Give it too me. Do it.
Azmati: //stabs Hank, Hank groans// I'm sorry Hank.




Hidden Information

Hidden Info
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groups of 6, rearrange columns: krm6h6 explor e4kzm7, pick out kw/prefix/suffix

Rows of 3. read down. reverse keyword

Reverse. Yan are the initials for Yuri

groups of 6. read each column bottom to top. 2hbc2srilankabhimanyae9k9x Clarke won the Sri Lankabhimanya award

Additional Information

Dec 06 2013- Hank summarizes his search for #13Magnus.

NOMAD:13Magnus Hank films an episode of NOMAD about discovery of the 13Magnus stronghold, but the episode ends abruptly shortly after he enters the cave.

Jan 04 2014- Hank surfaces briefly after his disappearance in Pakistan to post a brief introduction of who he is.

Hank Johnson's video-diary revealed! Hank discusses the aftermath his experiences in Pakistan.

Hank Johnson is dead

List of Hank Johnson videos