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Welcome to the Niantic Project


Shows several people pointing their cell phones at various statues that do weird things.

Time 06s: Double L Excentric Gyratory, San Francisco, CA
Time 11s: Lotta's Fountain, San Francisco, CA
Time 14s: Ben Jackland pointing the phone at The Mechanics Monument, San Francisco, CA - (statue by Douglas Tilden) located in Market/Battery Plaza near Market and Bush St. (view is facing southeast). Phone can be found in Buyers beware! Glitchy phone via online auction!
Time 20s: A barcode near Marfa TX - extract from It's a prototype? Type N!
Time 27s: Zurich written with blood?
Time 29s: Tycho's arrested(?) dated 2012-07-13 19:07

What is the Niantic Project

Source: link was sent to several ARG networks. Unlisted video of


Important images

Off speaker in the first 20s:

I was six years old, in California desert, an XF-103 stuck out of a crack in desert floor, frozen in space and time. I am __Roland Jarvis__ and I am not dead.
Hidden information
There is a QR code in this video at 0:15:

cleaned up: contains:

At the location of this QR code ( 35.096052,-117.940291 ), there is a DIFFERENT QR code on Google Maps:

cleaned up: too much missing.
Assuming that this QR code also contains a adress, this QR-code can be constructed:
This resolves to, which is the What is the Niantic Project video.

Hidden Info
The link on the board is giving us the passcodeniantic16a

The Trail Starts Here...

Video 1

Video 2
Original link
There's more to the world than you can truly see. You've sensed it, but you cannot tell. Something is very wrong. Strange occurrences, visions affecting us. Are we being watched? I am a truthseeker with many questions. The most important is what is the Niantic Project?

The Trail Starts Here
Hidden Info
The second video was posted on the board with the link
This gave us the passcode secrets75k

Both these videos are used as a promo for the ARG and seem to contain scenes that will occur during the ARG.

It's time to Move

Extra info
In the audio several voices are heard. In the table below there is an attempt to ID each voice and in what it's source is if available
Audio clip Person speaking Original File Transcript
--What was the net effect of the Niantic project?
Victor KurezeKureze 3We had crossed a threeshold where global security could at risk
--Decrypting the data was the mistake
Antonin HollisHollis Audio Diary 2this is not psychosis or some other cognitive break, but an actual take-over of the mind
Carrie CampbellCarrie Campbell CalibrationMuch of the public sculptures seen in our cities is based on design seeded in the human mind
Hank JohnsonHank Johnson CalibrationCertain places have an energy that not only attracts people, but attracts events
Ezekiel Calvin ?-The mission of 13 Magnus is to monitor the effects of mind hacking.Obviousily this will made with the highest of security to make sure the ideas not contaminate or threaten humanity
--This all leads to Niantic
--I know that many tools will be needed to fight this battle
Hank Johnson?-You just have to know where to look and know what you are seeing
--Portals emit exotic matter into our world and that matter has certain effects on our world
Stein LightmanLightman Talk 1I started noticing there were energies fields anomalies on earth all around me
Antonin HollisHollis Audio Diary 3a few of them exhibit properties that are as yet unexplained.
--I know there are others out there
Devra Bogdanovich?-What if they are already among us but we don't realize it?
--I must be prepare to work with them or fight them. They are coming
Stein Lightman?-Something is wrong out there in the world. This doesn't feel like a scientific study
--The one hope lies in understanding what happened at Niantic
Hank JohnsonThe PursuitNot all mysteries are solvable, but the joy comes in the pursuit

The Niantic Investigation

Part 1 - Comiccon

Hidden Info
At 1:45 there is a QR Code that leads to which in turn redirects to

Leads to, which redirects to There you can find the image Zurich.

There is a number - the same one on the Investigation board that is a NIA person of interest number - 805 3NIA OPS

Part 2 - Comiccon

Hidden Info
It contains a QR code that leads to trans drawing. There's a hidden passcode (portal22q) on lower right side.

There is a link to Tycho's Tumblr account -

Part 3 - Abductions

HIdden Info
It contains a QR code at 2:47 that bring to This in reality is a link called that looking at the end of it you get another passcode epiphany13y

The image in that page is the Spomenik

Part 4 - Conspiracy

Hidden Info
It contains a QR code at 1:55 that bring to This in reality is a link called that looking at the end of it you get another passcode conspiracy84a (the link is missing the s…typo or on purpose)

The chatlog on that page is called Monitor Lynton-Wolfe

Part 5 - Klue - Murder

Extra Info
“2 will die” is mentioned by Klue as looks like 2-3-7-1-1 and “die” is “the” in German. Google search on the reversed numbers reveals that the 11732nd verse of the Bible is, “Now from the time that Amaziah did turn away from following Jehovah they made a conspiracy against him in Jerusalem; and he fled to Lachish: but they sent after him to Lachish, and slew him there.” (2 Kings 14:19).
This could be a mention to Amaziah Lachish.
Hidden Info
The video description contains
Reversing the first and last digraphs (two-character pairs) in each line:
z49b = 4zb9
stogh = tsohg (then reversed = ghost)
6qxp8 = q6x8p
we end up with 4zb9ghostq6x8p.

A previous version of the video description had this
investiess (rearranges to “sensitives”)

Part 6 - Klue - Epiphany

Hidden Info

In the image there are some weird characters. This is actually an asemic writing that can be found here.

The download link seems to be down but you can get the font from here.

In the end those were 3 passcodes 4zc8nemesist9x8x 9pd5resonatew3t2t 5qc2pandorax6w9u

Part 7 - Klue - The Jarvis Resurrection

Interesting info
The book seen in the back is the Sticky Wisdom.

The drink seen in the back is real. It is the Hint water

H. Richard Loeb

After a few months PAC revealed himself as being H. Richard Loeb

A Message to Klue


Project Whydah


Carrie Campbell, Chicago

Extra Info
A series of Glyphs is seen along the film

The translation is Seek / Search - Seek / Search - Answer - Seek / Search - Difficult - Answer - Deteriorate / Erode - Self - Destroy/Destruction
Hidden Info
Flip horizontally and convert from shorthand Braille. 2rxg3deceptionw435s

Inverted on the floor there is 7xxf4mkultrax385s

On the top left corner morse code shows up that when translated says 9uqb4orderedp327y

On the thumbnail playing a bit with the levels gets you 8uyd7artistw523r