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Professor talks about Portals?


A professor in a university lecture hall is seen teaching a brief segment about portals with a student filming him on a camera phone. After a few slides showcasing portals in natures, heat signatures, and various images, the lights go out and the professor is carried out by men in suits. The university in the clip is the University of California, Berkeley based on the sphere sculpture in the slides.

0:40 - “You can even see them thru some modern cellphone cameras”

Jarvis Appearance

Jarvis Appearance 1

titled roland jarvis is not dead: cool lightshow at cupids span


It has the following description :

I was out walking the pier with my daught'er this morning, managed to catch this surprise lightsho'w at the Cupids Span!

Amazing w'hat they are doing with laser''s and holograms th'ese days… It's too bad there was no announcement or anything… Not much of a crowd around…

Also, I think the signals were messing with my 'phone, my phone d'ied and when I downloaded the video on my ?com'puter at 'home there w'as the secret message from someo'ne named Jarvis attached m'y'steriously at the end…

'No idea how they did that. 'Very strange and powerful 'technology, an e'xample of the light shows of tomorrow?

I've been researching on the internet and found no mention of who the artist was who put on the light show…

There is some Roland Jarvis character related to some kind of weird conspiracy site, I doubt they are connected.

Also please excuse the typos, my keyboard is acting weird and I can't get rid of them… time for a new keyboard I guess!

Hidden Info
If you pick up the letters after the out of place ' you obtain ewhsepiphanysnvtx. Using the usual passcode structure and changing letters to numbers using the first letter we get another passcode - 8wh7epiphanys9v3x

Jarvis Appearance 2

titled crazy roland jarvis hologram at cupids span today!


It has the following description :

most bizarre thing happened at the office today!

check and see for yourself!

i don't know how to describe it… but probably the only time in my life i was _lucky_ to be at work on the weekend!

Jarvis Appearance 3

titled who is roland jarvis? crazy art thing at cupid span?


It has the following description :

for whatever reason went to cupid span this morning.
really surprising thing happened!
frankly i would not have believed i saw it, but
there were other folks were there and they saw it too.
aura was emerging from the statue, i could see it on my phone.
v. strange!
some other people walked by but they did not see it,
zapped my phone! i had to reboot
5 times before i could get it running and get the video
whatever, not a great art show if it causes so many phone problems!
Hidden Info
If you read the first letters in each line you obtain frftavsz5w. Using the usual passcode structure we can add the word aura (present in the text as the letter a) and change the letters to numbers using the first letter we get another passcode - 4rf3aurav6z5w

Jarvis Appearance 4

titled jarvis art show at cupid span


It has the following description :

was walking on embarcadero with my buddies after a late breakfast. i think we were lucky enough to catch this pretty amazing cell-phone only light show. was just randomly taking a pic of the cupid span thingy when boom….,
now there's like a hologram and sound and crazy 3d stuff,,.,

freaking awesom! best video ever,.,.

here's what happened…..

first, my phone was totally normal,.
then, the crazy art show started happening, i could hear the whole thing through my phone speakers, but nothing was really happening irl..
so, first there was all the green and purple light effects..,
then, the crazy green message with all the radio disturbance…..
then, and this is the lame part, my phone totally died,.,,

i had to bring it home and turn it off and on again to get it working again..,,,

overall, best morning evar..,

Hidden Info
Putting all the dots and comers in order you can create a morse code
…., ,,., ,.,. ….. ,. .. .., ….. ,.,, ..,,, .., (just change any , to -)
And voila new passcode - 4qc5niu5y2u