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Ben Jackland

Buyers beware! Glitchy phone via online auction! (A glitchy phone...)


A man discusses a problem he got with a phone he ordered from eBay. When pointing the phone at a specific statue, it glitches out and shows very non-phone like things on the screen. A man in a suit is seen standing behind him. This further confirms the earlier theory about the phone needing to “see” the statue or monument to complete the ARG.

  • eBay sender is from Skokie, IL.
  • Phone is pointed at Mechanics Monument in San Francisco looking southeast: Lat-long 37.791271,-122.39922

Description for the video on YouTube

Uploaded by ben jackland on Oct 3, 2012
Hey... this is my first video, I don't normally do this kind of stuff, but I was so seriously ticked off at
this stupid phone I just had to vent....

Anyway the phone is acting weird. When I'm out on the street (I've noticed it happens a lot near statues) 
the phone starts glitching. I've captured the behavior, if you have any ideas on with is going on, your
advice would be really appreciated.... Thanks!

Hidden Info
The link from the board gives us a new passcode -

It's a prototype? Type N!


Ben was watching a video named We sing TMNT on another monitor. This video is definitely not part of the ARG as it's already four years old and swiched to private now.

Ben finds out that phone comes from a lady on a train on Geneva that lost the phone, and now he is receiving calls to someone called Devra.

At 30.302333, -104.020867 the location of the aerial footage (1:20), there is another QR code in Google Maps, but it isn't clear enough to use.

Glitchy 3, AKA, "break in at my apartment"


Niantic login screen shown briefly.

Edited to:

An urb drone can be seen at 1:21, moments before the video gets distorted and ends.

Text transcription of the quiet voice near the end of the video (thanks Nicolas de Palézieux):

“I think people heard some gun shots and then I saw a man and a woman lying on the ground. I took some pictures and — there were just men there…”

A message from Ben Jackland ( Ben Jackland - I talked to Jarvis )