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General Stuff:

  • Each image has an outline of a place.
  • Each image has a landmark located in above place.
  • Each image has text that has been decoded below. This was done using a Caesar Cipher
  • Each 'X' on the maps appears to be the location of each statue/monument.

Poster 1

Original Link

  • Outline is Switzerland.
  • Statue is The Globe of Innovation.


Shapers, like any other parasite always seek new hosts in order to expand their kingdom. There's one law you can hang your hat on, everywhere. Every form of life wants to thrive.

One player was at the Comic Con panel where Tycho made an appearance, and received a physical copy of one of the posters:

Hidden Info
When this poster was posted on the board the link was
That gives the passcode cern91k

Poster 2

  • Outline is California.
  • Statue is the Cupid's Span in San Francisco, CA.


this led to a disturbing period. Was I a plagiarist but if so from whom? where did my ideas come from? where did anybody's ideas come from?

Poster 3

  • Outline is Afghanistan. (X on map marks Kabul)
  • Statue is an unnamed headless Buddhist statue in Mes Aynak, Afghanistan.


i am not qualified to testify about Shaper Theory but I know that some places are special. Great Cities are nearly always founded on places that are strong with a certain type of XM.

Poster 4

  • Outline is Croatia (X around Bjelovar)
  • Statue is the “Monument to the Revolution of the people of Moslavina” located at 45/38/26.9/N 16/46/40.3/E


what if they are already among us, but we don't realize it, because we don't think of them as life forms at all? And the key word here is “think”. A thought virus

Extra - There seems to be some ort of weird outline in top left corner. The sentence “We have dialtone” is mentioned in Contact

Poster 5

  • Outline is Switzerland (X is in Zurich)
  • Statue is the Alfred Escher Memorial Statue in Zurich, Switzerland.


every operation reaches a risk-assessment stage, at this point, my determination is that Niantic is causing more trouble than it is worth.

Poster 5 QR

QR code found in poster 5. Enhanced and sewn together:

The result when scanned is:

gfbz lnf V gnug qavz av enrO - fgprssr ynvpvsraro qrgebcre rinu erparhysav ercnuF rug sb fgarvcvpre rug sb gfbz , gpns av , lanZ - frvyczv 'fhevi' zerg rug sb rfh ynvhdbyybp rug upvuj garybirynz lyzebsvah ro bg fgprssr fgv jbax gba bq rJ

Which translated becomes:

We do not know its effects to be uniformly malevolent which the colloquial use of the term 'virus' implies - Many , in fact , most of the recipients of the Shaper influencer have reported beneficial effects - Bear in mind that I say most
Hidden Info
From the board link we can get zurich31r



Original Link

As an extra note this image had been seen in the trailer

Hidden Info
On the right side of the image you can see after messing with the levels - 7se7spyp5x8u


A Vision


This is a poster revealed in September supposedly left at PAC doorstep

Original Link

Extra Info
The map on the bottom corner seems to be from Thailand

As mentioned in this g+ post the statue is part of the Jürgen Weber statue at Kennedy Center. This would link the poster timing to happening during the Washington D.C. anomaly, possibly right before or after his Misguided Fools video was made.

On the border you can read
Pgpcj olj esle zfc azcelwd lyo qtpwod delyo, espj rczh deczyrpc lyo hp rczh xzcp lmwp. Lmwp ez oz esp slco hzcv esle xfde mp ozyp ez afe estd hzcwo mlnv zy eclnv. T lx yze ly pgtw xly. T mftwo hplazyd mfe espj lcp zywj l xplyd ez ly pyo. Zynp hp slgp pwtxtylepo eszdp hsz wlnv esp gtdtzy ez dpp hsle esp qfefcp szwod, hp nly efcy zfc leepyetzy qfwwj ezhlcod te. Zynp hp zqqpc fa esp wpddpc zypd ez espx, espj htww eplns fd esp dpncped hp hlye ez wplcy. Espj hlye ez spwa fd. Wpe espx.

Doing a Caesar Shift + 15 one can read

Every day that our portals and fields stand, they grow stronger and we grow more able. Able to do the hard work that must be done to put this world back on track. I am not an evil man. I build weapons but they are only a means to an end. Once we have eliminated those who lack the vision to see what the future holds, we can turn our attention fully towards it. Once we offer up the lesser ones to them, they will teach us the secrets we want to learn. They want to help us. Let them.

Hidden Info
In the thumbnail there is in the middle inverted the passcode 3ruc2microdotz777x

Morse code that reads 8xqe7elinty266s


This is a poster revealed in September supposedly left at PAC doorstep

Original Link

Extra Info
Around the image there is a message that says

bcra nyy. nibvq rayvtugrazrag. qrfgebl frys. fnir shgher. erfvfg erfvfg erfvfg. guvf vf abg n fhvpvqr ohg n fnpevsvpr. nf gurfr tylcuf ner frra, gurl funyy or fcernq naq nf gurl fcernq gur cbjre bs gur funcre frys qrfgehpg funyy jrnxra. gurl srnerq hf, fb gurl gevrq gb qrfgebl hf yvxr cnfg pvivyvmngvbaf jub gevrq gb yrnea gurve. jr zhfg rvgure grnpu gur funcref abg gb srne hf, be jr zhfg qrfgebl gurz. gurer vf ab zvqqyr cngu.

Doing a ROT 13 we get

open all. avoid enlightenment. destroy self. save future. resist resist resist. this is not a suicide but a sacrifice. as these glyphs are seen, they shall be spread and as they spread the power of the shaper self destruct shall weaken. they feared us, so they tried to destroy us like past civilizations who tried to learn their. we must either teach the shapers not to fear us, or we must destroy them. there is no middle path.

For the glyphs on the bottom the translation would be Open All, Avoid/Struggle, Enlighten/Enlightened, Destroy/Destruction, Self, ???, Future, Resist/Resistance, Resist/Resistance, Resist/Resistance

With the text one can assume the missing glyph can be translated to save

Hidden Info

On the Thumbnail there is morse on the right margin of bottom image, that decodes to 7rrb7squidv959y

On the other thumbnail flipping the image horizontally and reading the braille one sees 3rxa3mindy375u