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QR Codes

QR codes consist of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background.. When scanned with a QR code app it can give you a variety of things ranging from Videos to Random Numbers.

Tycho Poster 5

QR code found in poster 5. Enhanced and sewn together:

The result when scanned is:

gfbz lnf V gnug qavz av enrO - fgprssr ynvpvsraro qrgebcre rinu erparhysav ercnuF rug sb fgarvcvpre rug sb gfbz , gpns av , lanZ - frvyczv 'fhevi' zerg rug sb rfh ynvhdbyybp rug upvuj garybirynz lyzebsvah ro bg fgprssr fgv jbax gba bq rJ
Decoded version
We do not know its effects to be uniformly malevolent which the colloquial use of the term 'virus' implies - Many , in fact , most of the recipients of the Shaper influencer have reported beneficial effects - Bear in mind that I say most

What is the Niantic Project video

There is a QR code in What is the Niantic Project video at 0:15:

cleaned up: contains:

At the location of this QR code ( 35.096052,-117.940291 ), there is a DIFFERENT QR code on Google Maps:

cleaned up: too much missing.
Assuming that this QR code also contains a adress, this QR-code can be constructed:
This resolves to, which redirects to, which redirects to, which is the What is the Niantic Project video.

Extra Note in November 2014 a photo shared by Flint Dille hinted that in it they were physically placing a giant QR code there

Niantic Project. Afram . Drone

A QR code can be seen in the video Niantic Project. Afram . Drone at coordinates (30.302275, -104.02079) (Marfa, TX, which is Afram backwards) but unlike the map one you can read this one

When read this QR code gives you this number:


This is palindromic
73530283430283430273530293430223131302637302438302834302630313 31303620343820383420373620313132203439203537203438203438203537

Splitting it in half, and using the latter half, a lot of repeated occurences of “20” are noticed… So split the latter half into pairs:
31 30 36 20 34 38 20 38 34 20 37 36 20 31 31 32 20 34 39 20 35 37 20 34 38 20 34 38 20 35 37
Convert from Hex to ASCII Gives: 106 48 84 76 112 49 57 48 48 57
Convert again from Decimal to ASCII gives: j0TLp19009
Reverse it, since it was mirrored originally: 90091pLT0j
Visually, this looks like:

This is the first kureze audio file

The Niantic Investigation 1

A QR code can be seen in the video [The Niantic Investigation 1] around 1:44:

When read this QR code gives you a link to a bloody image 'Zurich' →