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First Major announcement of Ingress Anime -

Ingress Public Mar 8, 2018 Agents, We can now report Fuji TV is the official partner of the upcoming Ingress anime.

In addition, we’ve received intel suggesting Agents will have the opportunity to witness exclusive content from the anime and Ingress Prime at the Fukuoka XM Festival after party on Saturday, April 7th.

But the fun doesn’t end there; agents who participate in the XM Festival or any of the MAGNUS events will be awarded an in-game exclusive medal. Agents, it’s time to move.

Media from Cassandra Prime Event

ranslation of Jack's Media -

Translation of Sarah's Media -

Translation of Makoto's Media -

Originally shared by Enlightened Today An article regarding the real-time story has been published on the Ingress Anime website.

The real-time story, newly written by Souki Tsukishima, will progress alongside the timeline of the anime itself. It will follow in the footsteps of the main characters until the beginning of anime: Makoto, Sarah, and Jack.

Portions of the characters story are located in portals at various places. There are 12 stories per each character (36 stories in total).

Agents are encouraged to cooperate with their faction to collect the pieces to complete the stories.

When gathered correctly, a passcode will be revealed. Unlocked stories will be released on the official website soon. The faction that first unlocks the stories will be rewarded.

Release of the stories and the rule updates will be via the Ingress Anime official twitter account:

The competition has already begun. Help the Enlightened win the battle!

P. S. Thanks to all the Agents who helped us to translate the article from Japanese!

Jack's stories (Google translation is almost correct) (from post on Ingress Anime Telegram group) ①:『闘争』“Struggle” ②:『懐疑』“skepticism” ③:『信義』“faithfulness” or “honestly” ④:『追憶』“Remembrance” ⑤:『転機』“turning point” ⑥:『使命』“Mission” ⑦:『兵器』“Weapons” ⑧:『敵襲』“Enemy attack” ⑨:『作戦』“Operation” ⑩:『兵器』“Weapons” ⑪:『暗黒』“Darkness” ⑫:『前哨』“Outpost”

Sarah's stories ①:『サラの遺言』 Sarah's last message ②:『彼女の見てきた世界』 The world she had watched ③:『視界が開けた時』 When the visibility breaks ④:『変わりゆく世界』 A changing world ⑤:『新たな道標』 The new signpost ⑥:『劉天華という男』 The man named Liu Tianhua ⑦:『損なわれた人々』 The people who had wounded ⑧:『再生する魂』 The soul to reproduce ⑨:『湧き上がる疑念』 Doubt to spring up ⑩:『闇への入口』 The entrance to darkness ⑪:『邪悪の中で』 In the evil ⑫:『そして彼女は戦場に』 And then she goes to battlefield

①:『翠川誠の憂鬱』 Midorikawa Makoto's melancholy (Below, I omit all “Makoto's~”) ②:『翠川誠の転身』 Transformation (or Turning) ③:『翠川誠の追憶』 Reminiscence ④:『翠川誠の事件』 Incidents ⑤:『翠川誠の邂逅』 Encounter ⑥:『翠川誠の飛行』 Flight (or Flying) ⑦:『翠川誠の捜査』 Investigation ⑧:『翠川誠の能力』 Ability ⑨:『翠川誠の巡礼』 Pilgrimage ⑩:『翠川誠の疾走』 Sprint ⑪:『翠川誠の対決』 Confrontation ⑫:『翠川誠の宿命』 Fate