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Glyph Hacking


With the introduction of v1.43 code was discovered in the Ingress Scanner Device that exposes Agents to a series of Shaper Glyphs, in the form of a game. This allows Portal Hacking results to be improved through use of the Glyph game (a.k.a you receive more items than when you perform a standard Hack if you successfully re-draw or “trace” the correct Glyphs in the correct sequence in the game). This was also announced in the document glyphs and a slight mention by Dr. Lynton-Wolfe here

For more info on the Glyphs please check here


There are 2 ways of starting the game.

  • It can start automatically after initiating a normal hack. There will be a HIGH BONUS ENABLED Glyph. If you successfully hack this sequence, your chance of getting bonus items will be higher than usual.
  • It can be self-initiated. To do so do a long press in the HACK portal button.

You can cancel the challenge, by touching the BYPASS during self-initiated Glyph hacks to skip the sequence and initiate a normal hack without any bonuses. You can also touch ABORT during HIGH BONUS ENABLED Glyph hacks to skip the sequence and receive 0 AP and 0 items.

After initiating the game you will be presented with a sequence of incoming Glyphs that you need to memorize.

You will then have to draw those same glyphs before the time runs out, to have a chance of getting a bonus for your Hack.

If you draw faster and are accurate with tracing the Glyphs, your chances of getting the bonus are increased.

NOTE - Completing a Glyph sequence successfully does not guarantee bonus items, it simply increases your chances of getting additional items.

After getting the bonus, they will be shown in your Hack results in yellow.

Glyph hacking is subject to the same cool down and burnout limitations of normal hacks.

Different levels stats

The higher the Portal level, the more Glyphs you will need to successfully trace to unlock bonuses. For example, you may only need to trace 2 Glyphs to achieve the maximum hacking bonus for a low level Portal, whereas you will need to trace more Glyphs in order to achieve the same bonus on a higher level Portal.
The full values are showed below

Portal LevelGlyphs (quantity)Time limit (seconds)
Level 1120
Level 2220
Level 3320
Level 4319
Level 5318
Level 6417
Level 7416
Level 8515


Currently there is one app called glypher , which helps you train your muscle memory.