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What is Exotic Matter

The materials on this page contain only direct quotes and references from Niantic and Ingress official sources. Speculation, theories and exposition can be found elsewhere. Please add only direct facts/quotes from official sources (citing the resource).

Exotic Matter - A transdimensional substance discovered as a byproduct of the Higgs Boson research at CERN. In theory, XM is both matter and energy, and simultaneously exists in multiple dimensions. Exact knowledge of the nature of XM is currently classified. (WotD for November 15 - )

XM (Exotic Matter) - A rare and powerful form of tri-polar energy leaking into our universe from another dimension. This energy forms the basis for all Shaper technology. XM is needed to power your Scanner. If XM falls below critical levels, your Scanner will be disabled. You can collect XM (represented by glowing orbs on the Scanner Map) by moving through those areas. The XM will be automatically harvested by your Scanner. (from ingress manual - vocabulary briefing)

XM - Transdimensional ordered data of unknown origin or purpose. (from Ingress Comic, Issue #1)

Exotic Matter Glossary

Niantic Investigation Board Word of the Day and Thought of the Day References

  • QUANTUM MECHANICS - The discovery that particles are discrete packets of energy with wave-like properties led to the branch of physics dealing with atomic and sub-atomic systems which is today called quantum mechanics. (WotD Nov 16)
  • SENSITIVE ARCHAEOLOGY - Locating ancient sites by studying exotic matter cluster dispersal. Very weird stuff. (WotD Nov 20)
  • NUMINOUS PLACES - Places on the Earth previously associated with divine or creative inspiration. Mystical Places. Most famous numinous places have been mapped to Exotic Matter anomalies. (WotD Nov 21)
  • QUANTUM TELEPATHY - Where do ideas come from? Inspiration. Some are beginning to argue that Exotic Matter might explain ephemeral mental states such as artistic inspiration, ESP, sudden scientific breakthroughs. (WotD Nov 22)
  • KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY - Photography that allegely showed `auras' around people's bodies. Some theorize that Exotic Matter visualization has its roots in Kirlian Photography. (WotD Dec 4)
  • DEJA VU - That eerie sense that you have lived this before. One plausible explanation based on current research is that Deja Vu may be an XM induced glimpse into an alternate reality. (WotD Jan 3)
  • BARYOGENESIS - refers to the as yet unresolved process in physics that results in our universe appearing to contain much more matter than anti-matter. (WotD Feb 21)
  • COLD DARK MATTER - A form of matter that interacts very weakly with light waves, currently estimated to be 5 times as numerous in our universe than “normal” matter. Has not yet been directly detected, but is required to explain many phenomena seen in astrophysics. (WotD Mar 6)
  • BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATE - A special state of matter entered by gasses when cooled to slightly above absolute zero, where the individual quantum states of each atom collapse into each other and the system of atoms forms a single, coherent quantum system. (WotD Mar 13)
  • HYPERTHREADING - An as of yet unexplained dualization/transportation of one's XM essence to another position in spacetime. Niantic researchers have hypothesized that an extreme hyper-sensitive may be able to extend XM hyperthreading to their physical form, existing in two positions simultaneously. This remains unproven, and largely in the realm of pseudo-science. (WotD Mar 14)

  • TotD Nov 18 - Today I received an email that seems to me was written some months ago, although the dates have been redacted. One of more interesting lines: “The XM is also engineering itself.” I continue to be intrigued by the outpouring of creativity that these last few days have brought forth. Is creativity and genius intrinsic to us as humans, or does the XM enable it? If it's the XM, are there side effects? These are difficult question, and they have divided people into factions.
  • TotD Dec 25 - XM is Everything…
  • TotD Jan 7 - 'Let us say that Exotic Matter has been the hidden factor in human history. A bold statement from Hank Johnson. I've yet to see the evidence, but it is a massive and far-reaching idea to contemplate.
  • TotD Feb 5- A human scream, metal personal effects and ancient resonators. If what Hank Johnson theorizes is true, then ancient civilizations were influenced by XM just as we suspect that the world today is. What's more, they understood how to interact with portals and use them to their advantage. The remarkable thing about human intuitiveness and ingenuity is that despite the crudeness of technology or the lack of powerful resources, our ability to uncover fundamental truths about the universe is something that's always been with us.
  • TotD Mar 21 - A very recent Operation Juice Club document leaked and came my way. It seems Misty is continuing to improve her hyperthreading skillset, and seeks to use their network of research nodes on 03/27 to transport her XM entity across the Los Angeles area.
  • TotD Apr 21 - A leaked email thread confirms the news revealed in yesterday's Ingress Report: It seems links now contribute to portal defense, and XMPs are to begin consuming XM in order to obtain more accurate targeting. The changes to the scanner seem to have been unauthorized… a post from Curter Zokiev takes credit for the changes. Fingers within Niantic are pointing at Dr. Victor Kureze, but he has denied the allegations, according to the leaked emails.

Ingress Manual/Game XM References

last updated May 21, 2013

  • Exotic Matter (XM) meter: XM allows you to take actions in Ingress (e.g. hacking a Portal or creating a Link). Walk around to gather XM. (from ingress manual - scanner overview)
  • Capturing a Portal - You capture Portals by deploying Resonators on the Portal. Resonators tune and amplify the naturally occurring XM at the Portal site, causing the Portal to grow in power. (from ingress manual - scanner overview)
  • Portal - Portals manifest themselves usually as public art such as statues and monuments, unique architecture, outdoor murals, historic buildings, and unique local businesses. Portals are places where human creativity and ingenuity is expressed and Exotic Matter (XM) emanates. In your Scanner, Portals will appear as either green (Enlightened), blue (Resistance) or gray (neutral). Interact with Portals by claiming them for your faction, linking them together to form Control Fields and Hacking to obtain items. You can fire an XMP to damage a Resonator and reduce its XM health. When all eight resonators have their XM health reduced to the Critical level, then the Link will fail.
  • Portal Decay - Resonators are powered by XM. Resonators start with a full charge, but the XM store is consumed at a rate of approximately 10% per day. Attacks on Resonators by XMPs also reduce their XM charge. Resonators will self-destruct when the XM charge reaches 0. If all Resonators deployed on a Portal go to zero, the Portal will revert to Neutral status. (from ingress manual - scanner overview)
  • Power Cube - Power Cubes contain XM and are obtained through HACKING. Using a Power Cube will transfer all of its XM energy to your Scanner XM health bar. They are one-time use, and any energy that is left over after your XM health bar is full will be lost.
  • Primary Store - Recharging Resonators consumes XM from your primary store. You can replenish your XM by walking around and collecting more XM. (from ingress manual - scanner overview)
  • Recharging - Resonators must be periodically Recharged to maintain their power and control a Portal. If Resonators lose too much XM, then they will be at risk of easy destruction during enemy attacks. If all the Resonators on a Portal drop in XM health to the Critical level, then Links from the Resonators’ Portal will fail. Recharging a Resonator involves transferring XM from your Player reserve to the Resonator(s) on a Portal. Recharging Resonators consumes XM from your primary store.
  • Resonator - A high energy particle accelerator that is used to control the XM energy emitted by Portals. Deploying a Resonator on a Portal allows you to claim the Portal for your Faction.
  • Scanner - The core technology for your phone, the Scanner can detect Portals and interact with Exotic Matter (XM) and XM constructs such as Resonators and XMPs.

XM Studies and Research

XM Sat Surveys and Dr. Victor Kureze Research

His initial XM research may have begun with Corporate Cover Lab A662 see here for details. This XM study is also referenced in the Kureze Audio

from Kureze Audio 2 and Audio 3

At first, we thought our particle accelerator was malfunctioning, or that there had been some electronic   
anomaly on our monitors; but in due course, we realized that we were seeing a non-random flow of information 
coming from the sub-atomic particles we were studying.

We ran several tests, and concluded that there was no other explanation, other than the we had connected with 
at least one other dimension. We realized that we had crossed a threshold in which global security could be 
at risk. So, we contacted Calvin, and he brought the NIA.

(from Niantic Investigation board site Nov. 2) - and

When Devra joined the project, there was no published knowledge of  concentrations of any observable levels
anywhere on the planet. Such a sensor would have taken months to build and launch. Possibly years. And yet it
existed. Devra had seen the mapping of XM projected onto a globe. There were tens of thousands, perhaps
hundreds of thousands of sites. (from novel "An Exotic Matter" page 8)

Dr. Victor Kureze produced a study that referenced these Sat Surveys. Original link

XMStudy.Presentation.Excerpt by Dr. Kureze

Here now are the results of that study and as you can see not only are we seeing XMatter activity nearly everywhere on the planet but the larger, much more significant aspect of this I think is, if you'll notice the Sahara Desert, Antarctica, Central Australia, the oceans. 
What we're seeing is that even at this relatively low-resolution XM Activity on the planet seems to correlate to human population presence.

Proposed XM Study (Niantic Project) by Dr. Ezekiel Calvin

Initial Released document (Nov. 7, 2012)

document text
For Immediate Delivery
FROM:Ni Yuen
RE: Proposed Shaper Study

Dr. Calvin,

The board convened this AM to discuss your funding and personnel request.

Your preliminary evidence re: global Exotic Matter anomalies has been internally peer reviewed and validated. There is unanimous agreement that further investigation should be prioritized.

Your proposal to study the possible relationship between these anomalies and artistic and/or scientific breakthroughs is promising. however, your funding request exceeds the desired allocation for a single tier investigation.

I find it hard to justify the value of such research to the National Intelligence Agency. unless we were also studying the presumed effect and mind control of your hypothesized Shaper Mind Virus.

The ethical concerns with infecting the research team have been noted, but as you yourself have hypothesized that most of these sensitives have already been influenced by the virus (if it exists), it seems we would be doing little damage to them.

Should the mind virus prove to be harmful, the sooner we begin researching it, the sooner we will be able to control its infection vector ability to the NIA; and remedy.

So, to be plain, if you agree to the virus study, I will agree to all of the other parts of the proposed Z project, and your budget and personnel request will be approved based on a two-tier investigation.

Please make your decision by EOD tomorrow. Omnivore has assigned this project codename Niantic.

Director Yuen Ni


Ordered Data Studies

A number of studies have referenced ordered data

Calvin Lowell Fort Mead Ordered Data Chat

original document released Nov. 15, 2012

document text
Need Text

Torsion/Tortion Fields

This concept was first introduced in the OSS document. Dr. Andresen is interviewed about an encounter (potentially with what is described here and here ). He mentions encountering a natural tortion (torsion) field in the area. He describes it as a contruct to allow FTL (faster than light) communication and paranormal phenomena possible. He is pressed if it was a field, and the doctor simple replies I believe it was.

This project/work is indirectly referenced in this audio as potentially being worked on 10 years before the Germany project.

They are mentioned again as being a focus of study for the Committee For the Development of New Science.


What is known about the hardware and software used to study, harvest, interact with XM.

Die Glocke

See this post for a good summary of research.

It was mentioned in this document

It may be linked to the Dreizehn Große and Torsion fields.

Ni "harvesting" mention

In a chat between Calvin and Ni released Nov. 15 Ni mentions

"XM harvesting tech arrived on a public site and is now being downloaded by thousands"
full chat text
Yuen: Perhaps, Dr. Calvin… You could explain how our XM harvesting tech arrived on a public site and is now being downloaded by thousands??? More each minute.
This is a DISASTROUS compromise of your operation.
Sent at 07:41 AM on Thursday
This chat is off the record
Zeke: We ALL knew we were taking a risk when we created the App
and distributed it to the researchers and operatives.
Yuen: Yyou have suspects?
Zeke: lots. I have ruled nobody out.
It could be any researcher…
it could be the Glitchy Guy.
Yuen: The glitchy Guy?
Zeke: There is a video on youtube of a guy who purchased the phone Devra lost on the train.
We tracked it and retrieved it, but not before there was some…
Yuen: I am aware of that situation.
Zeke: Yes. My best guess right now is that he is the source
of the app being outed,
I'm pretty sure it's him.
Yuen: But you are not sure. So it could be anyone, even you?
Zeke: I am certain it is not me.
I haven't ruled you out.
Yuen: Your sarcasm is not appreciated.
Zeke: It isn't sarcasm. Yuen: Shut down the servers supporting the app
Coordinate with Ken
and get the app off the store.
Take every site that mentions it down.
Zeke: We could request that it be taken out of the store
and shut down the servers.
but that could generate controversy and attention.
and this operation would largely come to a standstill.
Yuen: so what do you recommend we do?
Zeke: For now.
Yuen: that doenst seem like a course of action.
Zeke: It is difficult to set a course in uncharted waters.
Yuen: are you mocking me???
Zeke: no. I'm exercising caution. We must make our next move very, very carefully.

Shaper Relationships

Shaper Mind Virus - Dr. Calvin (an NIA Research Analyst) proposed a Shaper study to the NIA dealing with links between XM, human ability and the effects of his hypothesized Shaper Mind Virus. He hypothesized in his study that those called, sensitives may have been influenced by this virus Nov 7

Shapers - Name ascribed to the patterns found to be emerging in Exotic Matter which some believe to be indications of an intelligence of unknown origin. (WotD for November 19 - )

A code name assigned by ADA or the NIA for the transdimensional intelligence that may be infiltrating our dimension through XM Portals. At present, we have no visualization for Shapers. We only seem to see them when manifested in their human identities (i.e., we see the scientist, not the idea virus inside). (from Ingress Manual - vocabulary briefing)

Dr. Ezekiel Calvin (an NIA Research Analyst) is assigned to Niantic to “assess the reality and viability of acquiring technology, both biological and theoretical from Shaper portals”

Shaper Septicycle - First mentioned in this document, a letter from Visur as a septicycle. This document, a letter from Hulong in response to the Visur letter, uses the term Shaper Septicycle.

I will do you the favor of sharing confirmed intel that IQTech has researched and is in the process of
implementing technology to enable them to track Agent operations at a regional level tracked against 
the Shaper Septicycle.

XM References

start with Nov 18