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Developing Ada

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Mail between Henry Bowles and H. Richard Loeb

Hidden info
The header of the mail says mthrotc1v/hturt == v.k.3 which reverted becomes truth/v1ctorhtml. This does not work as a link but the clue is that there is a 3rd Victor Kureze audio (v.k.3.). That can be found here Kureze3.


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Few emails between Dr. Ezekiel Calvin (Zeke) and Dr. Lynton-Wolfe (lw). They discuss low levels of XM.

Solving equation from MIME gives us


first - cleary coordinates in decimal format. other - maybe too


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Mail between Yuen Ni,Ezekiel Calvin and Devra Bogdanovich.

Hidden info
The boundaries in this mail contains a sequence of numbers in the MIME field:

3403.550 4676.571 1719.801 6432.903 5816.634 478.425 5631.797 1111.330

If you use the part before the decimal point as $a and the rest as $b and calculate $a mod $b will give you ascii codes that you can convert into a passcode.



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Mail from Amaziah Lachish.

Hidden info
At the bottom you can find written in white the following

Map each letter within a row to its corresponding position based on A=1, B=2,C=3, etc.
Example, ARSMZEPIWOUK → A234E67I90K2M4OP7RS0U2W45Z

Doing this for all 6 rows gives a visual bitmap if we replace the numbers with spaces and letters with black that spells out statue41z which is a new passcode.

Email to PAC

/Original link

Hidden Info

Epiphany Night

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Hidden Info
Split the difference of the message boundaries into groups of 4 we get
3803 1968 8985 3737 3395 6236 7824 1153 8916 4740
-3694 1867 8880 3622 3285 6135 7810 1100 8861 4634
= 109 101 105 115 110 101 14 53 55 106
convert it to ASCII (consider the 14 as 114 otherwise you will get a weird value), meisner57j
Hidden Info 2
the mail has the ESMTPS id -spinier.7ud7s2z9v
This is an anagram for 7ud7inspires2z9v


Regaining the initiative

Narrative Management (johnson)

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Hidden info 1
In the header of the email “novempaoctoclamatisvseptemuseptemt” this is found when breaking it down Novem = 9 octo = 8 septem = 7 to give passcode: 9pa8clamatisv7u7t
Hidden info 2
The x in expertise leads to a sound file found here
Hidden info 3
The x in Exotic matter in the last paragraph leads to a sound file found here

Unexpected DB Expansion

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Hidden info
The word attached will jump you to the top of the mail, but a hover over it will reveal the passcode: 3pb7enochq2r7q


XM Anomalies Update

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Hidden info
In the line that starts with “Received” there is a code: z9v5qgnirut6hz6 when reversed it gives passcode: 6zh6turingq5v9z

Activating Rosier

Hiding Behind Facades

Posted January 20, 2014
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Mail between Misty and Lightman regarding the Enlightened and their new abilities.

Detailed Dossier


IQ-Tech (rareearth)


Pilot Script

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Mail between Jay Phillips , Dr. Ezekiel Calvin and Ken Owen about the pilot episode of Nomad.


A letter from Felicia (exotic)

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Hidden Info
Boundary has 6703:-7006-3304341173057114-34016308-371376126107:6509-73027110

Divide in groups of four
6703 7006 3304 3411 7305 7114 3401 6308 3713 7612 6107 6509 7302 7110

Reorder using last 2 digits

3401 7302 6703 3304 7305 7006 6107 6308 6509 7110 3411 7612 3713 7114

remove last 2 digits and convert from Hex to ASCII

34 73 67 33 73 70 61 63 65 71 34 76 37 71 - 4sg3spaceq4v7q


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Hidden Info
In the source you can see
Read it as a series of instructions, first digit is length, followed by 0, 1, or 10. Repeat that many 0s or 1s, or for 10 it with 1s except a 0 for the last bit. (example 410 becomes 1110 instead of 11110)
20 21 20 11 20 410 21 20 21 20 11 40 310 210 210 310 310 210 310 210 310 410 210 210 310 21 30 410 11 30 31 20 11 20 21 40 210 410 21 30 310 11 30 41 20 11 20 21 20 310 31 40
Decodes to:
00 11 00 1 00 1110 11 00 11 00 1 0000 110 10 10 110 110 10 110 10 110 1110 10 10 110 11 000 1110 1 000 111 00 1 00 11 0000 10 1110 11 000 110 1 000 1111 00 1 00 11 00 110 111 0000

Binary to Hex gives you 2vd5mkultrav4y3p

No trace (Ruleset)


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Delivered-To: phillips@nia.ts.gec Received from: with SMTP id a10cb0680b50b805a0950; Received from: with SMTP id 220c60f909f0a20ea0ed; Received from: x14.nia.ts.gec (x14.nia.ts.gec [])
      by x14.nia.ts.gec with ESMTPS id gjfs.u50142g.			
      (version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);			
      by x14.nia.ts.gec with ESMTPS id gjfs.u50142g.			

Received-SPF: neutral (nia.ts.gec: client-ip=;) Authentication-Results: x14.nia.ts.gec; spf=neutral ; dkim=pass (test mode) header.i=@nia.ts.gec Message-ID:sqmq45221115j108.113120@nia.ts.gec Received from: with SMTP id fc01a0910e909a09e0db0; From: 'Samuel Rosier' srosier@nia.ts.gec Reply-to: srosier@nia.ts.gec Subject: ORUNMILA-11 To: Jay Phillips phillips@nia.ts.gec <span style=“color:#ccc”>MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary='148-318-392-246-324-482-202-409-042' Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Stilla82026hard time getting a satellite signal222a22area a67a59ac8GPS units247a78a86a84bouncing all over thea54a4Even my magnetic compasses 9a70226aa unreliable New opportunity 4aa8aJohnsons crew came across a sunken river60a06and more ancient architecture20c026a82found a20a67a2cguide is following although04c097a7c unwillingly Will update2caa77can s rosier eom


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Delivered-To: phillips@nia.ts.gec Received from: with SMTP id .x,bb.xbb,.x.x,bxb.x.x.,bbx,bx.xb; Received from: with SMTP id x,.x,bx.xbb,.xbb,.x,.,b.x.,.,bxbb; Received from: x14.nia.ts.gec (x14.nia.ts.gec [])
      by x14.nia.ts.gec with ESMTPS id gjfs.u50142g.			
      (version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);			
      by x14.nia.ts.gec with ESMTPS id gjfs.u50142g.			

Received-SPF: neutral (nia.ts.gec: client-ip=;) Authentication-Results: x14.nia.ts.gec; spf=neutral ; dkim=pass (test mode) header.i=@nia.ts.gec Message-ID:<,.xb,b.x.xx.x.x@nia.ts.gec> Received from: with SMTP id x.xbx,.xbb,.x,b,bx,; From: 'Samuel Rosier' srosier@nia.ts.gec Reply-to: srosier@nia.ts.gec Subject: URGENT ORUNMILA-12 To: Jay Phillips phillips@nia.ts.gec <span style=“color:#ccc”>MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary='.,.,.xb.x.x.,bbxbb,.x,b,bx,bb.xbb,.xbb,.x,.,b.xxb.' Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

URGENT picking up5fecfedbe7fedfeand sounds of combatf9ebfe8feasoutheast and nearby small armsfe5bec9e9fe7beheavy mortar firedbe8fe6inbound helicoptersfe5be4fe6fguides have abandoned Johnsone9fef9ea withdrawing in opposite directionbe8be9fe9bwill touch baseeafedbeabethink we have encountered Africa's true heart of darkness s rosier eom

A letter from Felicia (exotic)

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Delivered-To: Received from: with SMTP id 5-6576633666723; Received from: with SMTP id 6-6964736; Received from: ( [])
      by with ESMTPS id xhus.z88229x.			
      (version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);			
      by with ESMTPS id xhus.z88229x.			

Received-SPF: neutral ( client-ip=;) Authentication-Results:; spf=neutral ; dkim=pass (test mode) Received from: with SMTP id 5-6 1-733073377; From: 'Felicia Hajra-Lee' Reply-to: Subject: Exotic Matters To: P. A. Chapeau <span style=“color:#ccc”>MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary='6703:-7006-3304341173057114-34016308-371376126107:6509-73027110' Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

I sure as hell am not Devra Bogdanovich. I am a real person and a real writer. This novel ‘came to me’ while I was staying at a hotel right off the Place de la Bastille. I can't describe the feeling, my mind was blank, dealing with something banal like the fact that I needed to have my skirt pressed, and then it was just there, the whole thing, and even to this day I can recall every word of it perfectly from memory.

And as much as I hate falling for what is clearly bait (I deal with schoolchildren, I can read you like a book), I’'ll bite. Here’ is another chapter. These are things that haven't happened yet, to the best of my knowledge. Or maybe they have, I have no way of knowing. Though, as I mentioned, this inspiration didn't come to me with a calendar attached. It was just like it was real experience – when I look into my mind it's like I’m living inside this woman who, to all appearances, is a real person.

The fact is, I was reading your board. My experience is very much like Tycho’s experience, even thought I hate that that may mean I come off sounding as kooky and disturbed as he clearly is. I just don’t want to get hauled off like he did, so a personal meeting is absolutely absolutely out of the question. In fact, I’m thinking about changing my name and perhaps moving away from my current residence. And, NIA, if you’re reading this, which I know you are, DO NOT even THINK about kidnapping me. I’ve got a copy of the whole novel in a safe place, and if anything happens to me, its all going to come to light. Some of it shines rather poorly on you, and it would better if that were not for good reason. Stay away from me.

Anyway, you've managed to con me out of Chapter 2, but from here on out, this is a for profit proposition ONLY.


“P. A. Chapeau” wrote:


We got it and read it. It was incredibly informative, to say the least.

In a previous email I sent you the link to my online investigation boards. As you can see, Professor Bogdanovich is a very real person – unless Stanford made her up, which seems a bit unlikely. It all leads all of us to another question. Are you what you purport to be, or are you perhaps an insider, even the Professor herself writing this under a pseudonym?

Obviously, as the events in this have already passed, we can’t know whether you actually foresaw these events or whether you had some other source of knowledge. We will be much more convinced when we see events that have not happened yet.


P.S. If you really are Devra Bogdanovich, we want to help.

Hank Johnson Update

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Delivered-To: Received from: with SMTP id lzdHE3dzN3; Received from: with SMTP id NHJkMmFydG; Received from: x20.nia.ts.gec (x20.nia.ts.gec [])
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Received-SPF: neutral (nia.ts.gec: client-ip=;) Authentication-Results: x20.nia.ts.gec; spf=neutral ; dkim=pass (test mode) header.i=@nia.ts.gec Message-ID:A72ca7ec67e627a6279607c7966c4607cc@nia.ts.gec Received from: with SMTP id 243527688137; From: 'Dr. Ezekiel Calvin' zeke.calvin@nia.ts.gec Reply-to: zeke.calvin@nia.ts.gec Subject: Update: HJohnson To: Yuen Ni MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary='63910152490620310967:-23304679-235784906114232549722465:097325642330344583156558'=4918872561930395:241325452717466-54431219121754434 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Dir. Ni,

Rosier was able locate Johnson again, this time at a “real” film shoot at a location we had not previously identified. This site, slightly north-west of an ancient impact crater (see ORUNMILA), appears to have been a highly charged and potentially significant portal at some point in time.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the film production was interrupted by a private militia opening fire nearby, we have separate intel regarding the PMC (See STRATEGIC EXPLORATIONS). Their presence in the area is unclear, it's possible there are conflict minerals and rare earth mines in the region, but none have been confirmed to this point. Johnson evacuated the site immediately. Initial reports suggest no casualties to Johnson's crew, and Rosier is also 10/10, although in the chaos he once again lost Johnson's trail.

Separately a short-wave distress signal was intercepted using a known IQTECH cipher reporting that Conrad Yeats had been abducted by Colonel Zawas (See POI report).

The signal was addressed to Johnson, but it is not yet known if he received the transmission, it may have been intercepted by other IQTech operators and the message sent back to him. It is also currently unknown if Johnson re-routed to engage Zawas and extract Yeats. The two do have some background together, and I would expect it a likely set of events.

I’m still expecting to see Johnson back at Niantic, as scheduled. We’ll have much to catch up on.


Unauthorized Changes (Scanner Updates)

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Delivered-To: Received from: with SMTP id hbbafabcbffa; Received from: with SMTP id acbabbbbbfab; Received from: x2.nia.ts.gec (x2.nia.ts.gec [])
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Received-SPF: neutral (nia.ts.gec: client-ip=;) Authentication-Results: x2.nia.ts.gec; spf=neutral ; dkim=pass (test mode) header.i=@nia.ts.gec Message-ID:gbbhjaebbfabcbbfb@nia.ts.gec Received from: with SMTP id babbfabgfababacbffa; From: 'Dr. Ezekiel Calvin' zeke.calvin@nia.ts.gec Reply-to: zeke.calvin@nia.ts.gec Subject: Re: New Scanner updates? To: Yuen Ni MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary='944887877-8989469-00894=:887895'–898885-8879429-4494=:7881 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii


All researchers are working on shutdown related tasks, however, I can confirm that the modifications to the Scanner are real. Links now seem to strengthen the defensive capability of Portals, and we are seeing the potential for XMPs to consume XM during the deployment phase, perhaps to stabilize the targeting mechanism. I have been unable to track how these upgrades were injected into the code. At this point, reverting the changes would take away from shutdown related tasks, I recommend we ignore the modifications for now.

Regard the Data transmission on April 21. We are unclear if this is a hoax or real. The evidence points to Victor Kureze, but both Phillips and I have interviewed him, thoroughly, including a polygraph. The test does not indicate deception, making him either a very good liar, or the wrong guy. As far as I know, the whole concept is impossible. We can read the ordered data stream from the XM, but the write operation has never been achieved.


“Yuen Ni” wrote:


See the post below, came to me via Omnivore. What the hell is going on?

Are we shutting down Niantic or are you playing games?

Your primary role is to contain the researchers, lock down the data and wind down the project. ALL development tasks were to be put on hold pending our transition. NO NEW DEVELOPMENT. Are we completely 100% clear on this?

Also what is this about Portal Data transmission? If it’s true it blows a hole a mile wide in our site security plan. I don’t need to remind you what that would mean for your career.

Get control of the situation.



IQ Intelligence Report

Monitored Excursions

Original Link

Extra info
There is some interesting information related with some of the characters in this mail:



What was said (Symbols 2)

Cross Plains

The Handoff


Cross Plains 2

Cross Plains 3

Time Zero Park



REH and HPL letters

The Book

The Mine


A Green Flash

Apolonius (Padre)



Double Blind


Klue Letter


Resistance (True Blue)

Stand Down

Open Letter (Devra Letter)

Original Link

Hidden Info
Messing around with the levels on the bottom right of the image you will be able to see the following string

Transforming letters to numbers with A =0 B=1 ,etc you get
3 3 7 0 6 8 3 7 7 4 7 9 6 3 6 8 6 15 7 1 3 2 7 5 3 6 7 1

Joining them in pairs we can get a string in hex (note the 15 wil become an F due to in hex we have 1 … 9 , a, b, c, d, e, f)
33 70 68 37 74 79 63 68 6f 71 32 75 36 71

Hex to ASCII 3ph7tychoq2u6q
Transcript of Letter
An Open Letter from Dr. Devra Bogdanovich

Exotic Matter is a reality. It always has been and it always will be. I have known this longer than just about anyone else. That is why I was selected to lead the Niantic Project.

During my time with the Niantic Project, I realized that while I had been studying extra-dimensional communication, I had only been interested in the process and the content of the exchange between humanity and others. I had not thought about the consequences.

And while I was proud to be part of the seminal discovery of XM and possible encoded communication within the XM signal, over time I became disillusioned with our sponsors. It became clear to me that the NIA and the Niantic Project were merely the tool of the US industrial military complex. They were not seeking a true scientific understanding of the potential of XM. They did not seek a true understanding of the risks or benefits of what some have deemed the 'Shapers' - the unknown and possibly intelligent force behind the XM signals we have detected.

It is also clear that the NIA and companies like IQTech and Hulong want to weaponize XM. They are preparing for war even before we understand what Exotic Matter means or what it's true potential might be. Science is not their goal. Geopolitical advantage, political control, and perhaps even coercion are their goal. I could not be part of that.

(page 2)

Visur and Ilya Pevstov do not want war. While it’s true that XM may pose risks to humans, we don’t know that yet. At Visur, we are committed to answering that question while we investigate potential opportunities.

If XM can be safely harnessed, Visur wants to use XM to drive scientific breakthroughs that will solve humanity's greatest challenges: one in eight people in the world suffer from chronic undernourishment– we need new super crops to enhance caloric yield. Nearly the same number Lack access to clean water and tens of millions die every year from waterborne disease. Advanced water purification technologies are the answer. We all know the problems of fossil fuels and the rise in CO2 Levels and global warming. Efficient large scale green energy sources are desperately needed.

Visur wants to use XM to tackle these problems and I am proud to be part of that effort. Join us in supporting research into the true potential of Exotic Matter.

Dr. Devra Bogdanovich
July 12th, 2013


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This is an image of this G+ Post


Original Link

Hidden Info
The FILE is evifgpxthgieqgnoluheerhteninowtw reverse and substitute numbers to get w293hulongq8xpg5, flip prefix and suffix, then flip the numbers to get 5xpg8hulongq392w

There are some coloured dashes in the file.
This can be transcribed to —.. .–. … -… …– -.-. — …- . .-. ..- .–. … -…. -…. –… …- with green as dash and blue as dot, to get 8psb3coverups667v

On the logo the code 9zud3links948x can be seen

In the [[|thumbnail]] **8pvb9wavez226s** can be read


===== Transition =====

[[|Original Link]] \\ 

Hidden Info
In the logo you can read 4qzc3xms622p

The files have the IDs lmlmldiycbqwgulv uxsxszhukvnvqmxvx UNSOLVED

There are also some pixels that require rearrangement to obtain anything UNSOLVED

Plaintext pre- and suffix. For the keyword the way the suffix and prefix are placed gives 7usd3waves966q.


Original Link

Hidden Info
The file is 9588657 7778 /778 555857 415893 RPT: 8294-06483.
Ignoring the leading 9, do two rows, reverse bottom row, read down columns, and finally decimal to ascii to get 5xtb2johnsonu369u


On the share thumbnail there is some braille.


Original Link

Hidden Info
In the doc rzkugxkhpgxguvekicotwqhdzxtwqh
Reverse, rot24 4vxb4magict756p

FILE: 67292-2356 RPT: 2302629
FILE: 302738-273428 RPT: 616/46721
Atbash numbers then Hex to ASCII to get 2pwd7ispirareq852x

Also there are some artifacts. Split lines of text, join them using the outer slashes as guides, mess with perspective to straighten it out to get 9zzb3samsarap339v


Original Link

Hidden Info
In the G+ post - 83526582847865898553565284536886. Decimal to ASCII - S4ARTNAYU584T5DV
Reverse that string and arrange to get 4svd5yantrat485u

574343631733e577473667877747.Reverse, Hex to Ascii - twxvctw^3q644u
tw = two, ^3 = cube - 2xvc2cubeq644u

367778623968616e6e61687937373372. Hex to Ascii - 6wxb9hannahy773r, hannah ⇒ misty: 6wxb9mistyy773r



01011110066754566631 0437352111111101644 456667312130472. Join the strings , groups of 9. Read down the columns, octal to ASCII to get 3sqa8blackopst572z

On page 2 top left there are some fragments. Piecing them together gives this image

There are some dots and dashes on the first page, on the left and right edges.This is morse that reads as 4rqb9discoverx567q

You can see Message-ID:ycpr22970133f120.114226@iqtech.ts.gec Received from:

Good Guys

November 17, 2013

Email between Ken Owen and Jay Phillips

Original Link


Original Link

Hidden Info
At the bottom of the doc 0303030410080309090507040310110704031106091010040506030911070904071104100804090306051010040803040609110907101109090306030504041007091103030306100510

The file ID is uoejrqgjnonunoanrokrzobunonuuoejrv. With Affine decrypt with a=5 and b = 0 you get 8ywh9niantict598z

There are some grey dots in the middle of the text. Aligning them gives you 2vze5hubrisx449s

There is one plaintext after “XMcollection” - 6uye8evolveq465p

In the visur logo you can see 2pse8 543p. This is a hint to 2pse8hiddenq543p , as the keyword itself was hidden.

The story so far...

Original Link

I was Research Lead on the Niantic Project. We were chartered by the NIA to study the threats and opportunities coming from Exotic Matter (XM). XM is a new form of matter that clusters near what we refer to as ‘Portals.’

We discovered that Portals occur in places of artistic, cultural, or historic significance. We believe this has been the case for humans of all nationalities and cultures, throughout recorded history.

It also became clear that certain people are deeply affected by XM. We classify these individuals as ‘sensitives.’ The effects of XM are considered positive by many and may include heightened creativity and cognitive capacity.

During our analysis of XM, we also discovered that XM seemed to be carrying encoded information within it. Someone, or something, seemed to be trying to communicate with us. Because of this, and the perceived effects of XM, that unknown entity became known as ‘the Shapers.’

The ‘Scanner’ was created as by Dr. Lynton-Wolfe as a means to harvest XM and to test various XM constructs designed to control XM and to increase the output of XM from Portals.

In an unanticipated event, the XM Scanner slipped into private hands and was released to the public as a ‘game’ called Ingress. As a result, the XM scanner was widely disbursed and we are left to deal with the effects of XM exposure on hundreds of millions of people.

Within the lab, our opinions about XM, and the force that might be using it to try to communicate with us, were split. Some believed that XM held great promise for the progress of humanity and that the Shapers, whatever they are, might be our allies in continued evolution. Others saw XM and the Shapers as an existential threat to human existence. Those supporting the study and use of XM became known as ‘the Enlightened.’ Those committed to fighting it became known as ‘the Resistance.’

One of my fellow team Niantic members, an artist and suspected Sensitive named Roland Jarvis, was killed shortly after being exposed to a massive dose of Exotic Matter. When an autopsy was carried out on his body, it was found to be obdurate to the autopsy process.

A month after his death, Roland Jarvis ‘manifested’ as some kind of XM being at the Cupid’s Span portal in San Francisco. Jarvis, in this new form, came to be seen as a kind of leader for the The Enlightened. He has since issues a number of communications about the meaning of XM and those behind it.

In August 2013, the struggle over XM reached a new level of urgency when Jarvis instigated an effort to gain control of power centers around the world in a series of events that came to be known as ‘Operation Cassandra.’ In the process, information was uncovered about an ancient language of shapes or ‘glyphs’ which have the ability to influence, and perhaps even ‘program’ human minds. A series of potentially dangerous glyphs were unleashed on the world. These were ultimately diffused but not until former Niantic lab member +Carrie Campbell sacrificed herself in an effort to block them.

There’s more. And it only gets worse.

Former Niantic Lab member Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe first tried to help Jarvis, but after being attacked by him during Operation Cassandra, retreated to Bangkok where he developed a new type of XM weapon, this time using ‘Dark XM’ or ‘Chaotic Matter.’ When he used this weapon against Jarvis he not only failed to defeat him, the Jarvis ‘entity’ shattered into 13 pieces or ‘Shards’ that dispersed to Portals around the world.

It is significant to note that in Bangkok Jarvis referred to himself as ‘Osiris.’ As you know, the Osiris myth relates to resurrection after a body is divided into 13 parts.

We now believe that Jarvis is plotting a resurrection of his own. This will be achieved if a viable number of Shards are gathered at the Cupid’s Span mega-Portal in San Francisco. Enlightened agents are working at this very moment to make that happen. A parallel effort by Resistance agents is underway to gather the Shards into another mega-Portal in Buenos Aires, Argentina in order to destroy the Jarvis entity forever.

It is my firm belief that we should prevent a unification of the Shards at all costs.

+Devra Bogdanovich

Hidden Info
In twitter some messages showed up

post - 3676766733737377615e3e911859385230. split into two rows, read in a zigzag. Hex to Ascii to get 5sya5susannax982p

post - txhigehtgeitghiuecriaaltghicesesehrt. Divide in groups of 6. Read as columns in the order of 021354 to get 3ssc8alaricu888x

post - 131413121211121112141312111113111211131112111113121211111312131213121213111

post - 0502100713051215131407081008120712151418080310100909111213130810

post - 0724260706031504052507020923. Numbers to letters to get 7xzg6codey729w


Original Link


I’ve been out finishing NOMAD. It’s the best way I know to share the truth about #13MAGNUS.

Production is going well and I thank Dr. Schubert for all of his help.

Disappointingly, I returned to what I believed to be the cave site Devra and I had visited at Arecibo, but could not find the Glyphs again, either there or in the old Spanish church. It leads me to believe that #13MAGNUS might also beget pursuers. I have no proof of their existence, but have a strong suspicion. I believe everything will rest on being able to find the ‘nest.’ Some texts I have encountered refer to it as a Necropolis or what is referred to in early Apocripha as a Locus Expectans (place of waiting).

Presumably, that is the place where XM infused vessels are stored.

I am searching for a map that I believe circled the world, passing from hand to hand in the possession of missionaries, before finally ending up in Vatican control. The true significance of this map, I believe, has been long misunderstood.

I had expected that it had been destroyed, but now I believe still exists.

It is my hope that by leveraging the power of this Anomaly, in addition to influencing the location where the 13th Shard will manifest, we may be able to uncover this critical document.

Hidden Info
In plaintext 8xwd9iqtechy885q

@ and & =space numbers = . and letters = -
..... ... -.-- -... ---.. .. -. ...- . -. .. .-. .. ...- ---.. -.... ...-- -.--


Another plaintext is 7vxb3artifactx599u

There is some braille looking markings
Rotate braille 90 degrees counterclockwise, read vertically to get 4zxf3profiles969y


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I know that there are those of you who suspect that I leaked the information about Jörmungandr and Dark XM to Lynton-Wolfe. It is not true. Not on purpose, anyway. I have been searching my mind for some slip of the tongue. But I did not know the specifics of the Wunderwaffe program.

When I was young, my father would occasionally take me into Buenos Aires. He had unspecified business there. I wandered the days trying to escape my bodyguards, but I did not see the location of Jörmungandr or the Wunderwaffe.

The Anazktec spoke of a giant sea monster that lives in a cave under Buenos Aires. I found them interesting even as a child, because the Anazktec have never seen the ocean. Perhaps the legend was true and this cave was the location of the Jörmungandr operation.

This legend led me to suspect that there is an information chain that passes to even the uncontacted, and maybe there are more groups who hide in the shadows of civilization. I suspect further that they are tribal remnants of those civilizations which fell victim to what we call the Shaper Self Destruct Code.

Hidden Info
Some skewed text that reads 9wrg7yantrat957t

The other text reads 2vqd7nemesist989z

Braille that reads 5rrf2residuals975v

Some color pixels

Black and white pixels at the bottom right


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After the Congo, I found that the Ingress app had gone into wide release in the disguise of a mobile-game. Operatives in the field working with the Portals became ‘players.’ Some of them were able to put the pieces together, and an enlightened few saw through the façade. These Operatives saw that despite the best NIA propaganda, mostly facilitated by an extremely talented man by the name of Ken Owen, the Portals and Exotic matter are real. They sensed this. And I think many of them have seen real benefit from the powers of XM.

I felt it in Brownwood, at the grave of Robert E. Howard. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, I just knew that often you find the nature of things by looking at the end of things. It was unseasonably cool for June in the middle of Texas. Despite the fact that it had been a long drought, the trees were a rich green. And in that part of central Texas, the trees define the horizon. There are no mountains, and few hills, save for Caddo Peak.

XM pulled me to Cross Plains. And +Carrie Campbell. Carrie tipped me off that there might be a clue to the Glyphs there. Carrie is… was… of course the Semiotician on the Niantic Project who became an expert on Shaper Glyphs. Of a gifted team, she might have been the one I found most intriguing. She spoke with such passion, clarity and credibility that I could listen to her theory on the origin of the capital A for an hour and not be bored.

After what I’ve experienced with XM and Carrie’s deep ties to it, I somehow don’t think she’s gone forever. I certainly hope to hear from her again.



Hidden Info
1793534317372756071686379346578743 in the image description
Reverse make pairs Hex to ASCII 4xud9shapersq459q

Album's name 226203161230075171123055173247126175
Groups of 3, decimal to Base 64 4suh5kurezet936v

Braille in the image on Johnson
Reading it gives you 4988796849847470798472848757545284. Pairs. Every odd +1 and every even -1 .Dec to ASCII 2wpc2skepsisx873u

On the Facebook post eriegihgthptqshenvienneeaifgrhatmx
Railfence 2 encrypt gives you 8pqh9aframr878x

In the Facebook album 97374086906172014404288509672025090848202043804409402025904659302651306865305837
Replace even numbers with slash, uneven with dots and zeros with spaces. Read it as morse 9upd4hulongw223y


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It is interesting that well into the 21st Century I find myself having to write to you in this primitive form, but given the porousness of electronic and verbal communications and the lack of time sensitivity of this document, I felt it was best to have this hand-delivered to you. I think you will agree that the identity of the messenger is, in and of itself, a gesture of good faith on my part.

As you have discovered with Lynton-Wolfe and I have learned with Dr. Bogdanovich, ideology and philosophy are stronger with some than the call of prosperity and order. That is to say that as long as we allow charismatic leaders to pull sway in the world, commerce will be a pawn in a much larger power struggle. While I do not want to dominate the struggle, I believe the corporations, if united in purpose, even if not united under one corporate identity, could serve as the board in this interdimensional chess game. If you take my analogy.

I think we must consider the possibility that while we have many conflicting interests, we also have horizontal interests in common. Calvin and IQTech are backed by the US Government, and alone neither of our corporations will stand a chance against that force in the long run. It is my opinion that Visur and Hulong could strike our own Treaty of Tordesillas clearly demarcating zones of influence. They do not have to be geographically contiguous, but they should represent equal amounts of XM harvesting potential.

I find that this primitive form of communication is cramping my hand, but consider this a first modest proposal with much to be discussed in times to come.

Sincerely Ilya Pevtsov

Hidden Info
Morse under Visur
....- ---. -..- ..- ----- ...-- ..... --... ..-- ..--- ...-- ...-- .--.

Reverse so dots become slashes and vice versa 9vpg5802z788x

In the logo I5EQNSXD538S3ATP
Every other letter gives you 5qsd3sapienx583t . Replace sapien with human to get 5qsd3humanx583t

In the facebook album - g03i-1b03f04c-4f01b-2f-1g00i00i01h05c-4i-4j04h-1g00g01j-1g-1c01i04d-3f04a-6h02j-2i05g-5i00c02f04
Using the letters only , convert them to numbers (a=0) reverse and do decimal to ASCII 4vyf5jarvisv343v

January 2014

Mutual Interest

Posted 12 January 2014

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