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November 2012

Tuning ADA

Posted 3 November 2012

Tuning ADA was found on Day 3, on PA Chapeau's Board

Original Link

Detailed Dossier

Retrieve The Phone

Posted on on 7 November 2014

Original Link

The chat, between Yuen and Ken, is of Yuen questioning Ken about a potential leak via “The Niantic Project” website. Ken blames the source on the lost cellphone of Dr. Bogdanovich, and says that they have tracked the phone to San Francisco, and are preparing to reclaim it.

Detailed Dossier

Viral Study

The link to this Chatlog was found using the lightened text in the Shaper Study Proposal, released on Day 7 on the board

The chat, between Zeke and Yuen, seems to be Zeke giving an assessment on the threats and benefits of the “Shaper Study Proposal”, what will later become the Niantic Project.
Yuen Ni - NIA Dir. Operations, Ezekiel Calvin referred to as Zeke - NIA staff, Dr. Devra Bogdanovich - NIA staff


Original Link

Locked file . you required the password of Sousveillance, which was referenced in PA Chapeau's Word of the Day

Yuen: So here’s where we are. We don’t know who the mole is. How they are disseminating information to the outside world. whether they are influenced by the shapers or whether they are ultimately acting in our interests? Sent at 3:01 PM on Wednesday This chat is off the record

Zeke: We should *not* assume that it is one of the researchers. I think we should look inside the NIA itself.

Yuen: That investigation is underway. In the meantime, we must regain the initiative. Influence the flow of information, even if we can’t control it

Zeke: You have something in mind?

Yuen: Spring our own leaks. Not disinformation. Barium. Antonin Let’s put things into the system and see where they spread to. Who’s interested? Who’s influenced?

Zeke: Do you want me to run this?

Yuen: no. How well do you know bowles?

Zeke: Not well, but he's was cleared as thoroughly as all the others. I hav eno personal information.

Yuen: Neither do I. I think I’ll give the task to him. 3vh1v It will be interesting to see what he does with it?

Zeke: You suspect he is the leak?

Yuen: Until we know who it is, I suspect everybody.

Hidden Info
There is hidden text using a white font in Yuen's 3rd and 5th message:
3rd message, line 3: Antonin
5th message, line 2: 3vh1v

Yuen Ni - NIA Dir. Operations, Ezekiel Calvin referred to as Zeke - NIA staff.

OSS document

Found on the Board on Day 11

Hidden Info
some letters are in wrong orientations and spell out officer html . This leads to the 1943 Leningrad audio file


Leaked Technology


Chat between Yuen and Zeke about Roland Jarvis.

Original Link

To discover how to get to this chat check below

On the day 16 looking at the Top Banner you can see a small imprint on the left side (improved version).
This is morse — .— .. ..- .— -..- → OJEUJX → doing a rot25 unscrable we get NIHTIW → reverse it WITHIN .

Checking in the exif info of the image we get fEfZK. Transforming into a we obtain the chatlog.

Hidden Info
In the line “I think he is colluding with the shapers.” the letters 86l are hidden after shapers, thus giving us shapers86l


Chat between Zeke and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe obtained from hacking a portal

Original link

Ordered Data

This is another password protected document if you want to solve it do not open spoiler window. Orginal Document

The password is exotic
Hidden Info
F’ in Fort Mead has 4 dots surrounding it.
‘t’ on line 6 has 1 dot beneath it.
‘8’ has 2 dots to the left of it.
‘t’ on line 11 has 3 dots surrounding it.
‘D’ on line 18 has 5 dots surrounding it.
Re-ordered 1-5 gives t8tFD →

Project Pandora

Original Link

Similar to the one found from hacking portals Pandora

Hidden Info
On the top of the document you can see the numbers 55 46 76 25 82 23 and 78 30 20 35 84

55 46 76 25 82 23 78 30 20 35 84
adding each consecutive pair (like 55+46 46+76) we get 101 122 101 107 105 101 108 50 55 119
Converting from decimal to ASCII we get a new passcode - ezekiel27w

Unredacted version
An unredacted version was shown in this video
here is a screenshot of the document (thanks Paul Gettle))

Deja Vu

Original link

Hidden Info
Messing around with the exposure levels you can obtain a document similar to this

On the top corner a series of numbers are revealed 280148456082

If these numbers get converted to binary this is obtained


If we highlight the number one we can obtain another visual puzzle by making a bitmap


Another way of showing it to make it easier to see

So the end result is another passcode - wave84u

Monitor Lynton-Wolfe

Chat between Zeke and ADA obtained from the The Niantic Investigation 4 - Conspiracy

Original link

Hidden Info
there is a series of numbers hidden at the bottom


Reordering them from left to right and top to bottom you get


Assigning prime numbers 1 and the non prime 0 we get
00111001 01110011 01100011 00110101 01100001 01100110 01110010 01100001 01101101 01110000 00111000 01110101 00110101 01111010

Converting this from binary to ASCII we get another passcode - 9sc5aframp8u5z

Hidden Info 2
The link to it from the board gives a passcode conspiracy84a.
Note the link it self had a typo.

December 2012

The Niantic Calamity


Original Link

Hidden Info
Redacted portion of 2nd caller block contains braille.

Flip the braille horizontally, then decode to get the passcode 9ue6sculpturep9p3x.

Hidden Info 2
From the google+ post, we get

We hear from the witness at Zurich HB.

Confusion? An argument?

Were the murders a tightly coordinated assassination or a horrible mistake?


From the facebook post we get

We hear from the witness at Zurich HB.

Confusion? An argument?

Were the murders in front of the Statue a tightly coordinated assassination or a horrible mistake?

And from Twitter

More details from the witness at Zurich HB. Confusion? Arguments? What happened there? #nianticproject #ingress 3yh6

Putting all together and reversing the google plus one we get 3yh6statuet6s2p.

A Detection Algorithm (byron)

Original Link

Hidden Info
Using the several info in the doc.
Base64 decode N3RiNA is 7tb4.
73 32 79 33 74 is ASCII hex values for s2y3t.
Augusta is Ada Lovelace’s born name.

All together we get 7tb4augustas2y3t.



XM Anomalies

Australia and New Zealand (Dreamtime)



Parting Words (Viator)

Chat between Hank Johnson and ADA
The word Viator is Italian fro traveler

Viator 1

January 2013

Parting Words 2

Viator 2

Original Link

Hidden Info
The word einstein has diferent colors on the E

Checking the Hex values we get - 697672 656969 697176 736969 7a0000
Translating to ASCII we get ivreiiiqvsiiz
Using the roman numbers and using the word einstein we get the passcode - 4re3einsteinq5s2z
Hidden Info 2
On the same page this can be found after messing with the levels

242 121 | 233 217 217 | 233 241 241 | 242 121 | 122 218 | 233 241 186 | 122 218 | 233 233 121 | 233 241 242 | 122 122 | 233 233 122 | 242 121 | 233 233 242 | 242 121 | 233 233 234

Using a logic of the format of numbers and letters in ASCII we can replace the numbers like this
(This table might help to understand

121 = 4
122 = 9
186 = 8
217 = 2
218 = 7
233 = 1
234 = 6
241 = 0
242 = 5

Then converting from decimal to ASCII we get the passcode - 6zd6alaricw6s6t

Hidden Info 3
On the top right corner you can see LENLETEZEAAOX N(04) N(01) N(02)

Adding the numbers we obtain 7. The clue to do a Caesar of -7 to obtain

replacing the letters for number like this
E = Eight
SX = Six
TH = Three
We get the passcode - 8xg8xmx6t3q

Viator 3

Original Link

Hidden Info
On the top right corner we have 767061766971696976 N(76) N(69) N(7a)
This is Hex for 76706176697169697676697a
Translated to ASCII we get vpaviqiivviz
Using the roman numbers we get 5pa6 q2v6z
For the middle word just look at the left edges of the doc and you see this
That can be translated from Morse to space and time respectively
Thus the new passcode is - 5pa6spacetimeq2v6z
Hidden Info2
In the word NIANTIC on the top there are some colored pixels
Gettting their Hex value and converting it to ASCII and then applying a ROT 3 we obtain - p8q9x4by3
Reverse it and apply the word niantic in the middle for the passcode 3yb4nianticx9q8p

Viator 4

Original Link

Hidden Info
Header has 357763347937 R2V
Translating 357763347937 from Hex to ASCII we get 5wc4y7
mm wm wwm mwm m mmm mmm mm www wm in the image is morse for ingression
all together we get 5wc4ingressiony7v2r
Hidden Info 2
Messing around with levels you will see some dots at the bottom.
Just stack them and reverse them to get 2zc9mysticw5s6p

Viator 5

Original Link

Hidden Info


Original Link

Chat between Calvin and Lynton-Wolfe
Also was a warning for an update on game dynamics about duration of items after being dropped.

Hidden info
in the source code we can find some odd CSS values
.hid a {font-family:serif; font-size:120px; letter-spacing:50px; margin:115px 50px 120px 101px; padding:108px 99px 105px 116px; text-decoration:none; color:#116114; line-height:97px; }
.hid a:hover {text-decoration:none; line-height:112px; color:#100111; letter-spacing:103px;}
.hid a:visited {text-decoration:none; line-height:55px; color:#104112; letter-spacing:56px}

extracting all the numbers we get - 120 50 115 50 120 101 108 99 105 116 116 114 97 112 100 111 103 55 104 112 56

If convert from decimal to ASCII we get - x2s2xelcittrapdog7hp8

reverse it - 8ph7godpartticlex2s2x and then replace godparticle with Higgs to obtain a new passcode - 8ph7higgsx2s2x


Original Link

Chatlog between Dr. Victor Kureze , Dr Yuri Alaric Nagassa and Dr. Martin Schubert

Hidden Info
on the top right of the doc we can see FO(0)

The letters are short for the name of numbers and the numbers convert to the first letter of the name of the number (except in 100) : FO = four / 0=zero=z / 100 = c in roman / N = nine / 7 = seven = s / TH = three / SE = seven / 2 = two = t
4zc9 EONR s3z7t
And EONR is the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) , so we got a new passcode - 4zc9cerns3z7t
Hidden Info 2
In the name of Dr. Nagassa we can see some colored pixels (in the . in Dr. / the g of nagassa / in , after nagassa / in the r of yuri and the r of nagassa)
The hex values of those dots is - 166535 033272 307238 617a00 427535
If we reorder them by smaller to bigger number we get 033272 166535 307238 427535 617a00
transforming this from Hex to Ascii gives us a wrong format - 2re50r8Bu5az�
SO some transforming has to be done to the original hex. In this case removing the first octet in each group (the 2 first characters), the 00 at the end (causer of the error at the end )
3272 6535 7238 7535 7a
This translates to 2re5r8u5z . just add the word nagassa (the name were the pixels are situated) and we get a new passcode - 2re5nagassar8u5z


DOD Debrief

Johnson DOD 1

Johnson DOD 2


The Arms Maker



Original Link
Chat between Lynton-Wolfe and Calvin about new portals.

Lynton-Wolfe: Excellent day. 17,111 new sensitive-identified portals online.
Sent at 09:17 AM on Friday
This chat is off the record
Calvin: and we have no idea what the release of this much more XM is going to do.
Lynton-Wolfe: Help my research, at the least.
Calvin: and anybody else out there who's studying it.
Lynton-Wolfe: Devra's group
How fast could they possibly spin up?
Calvin: And others.
don't underestimate her.
Others have and it hasn't gone so well for them.

This Gift

January 28, 2013
Original Link

Misty has a vision of fire while being held in the CERN lockdown.

Detailed Dossier


January 29, 2013
Original Link
Chat between NI and Kureze

Detailed Dossier

In Hell

January 29, 2013
Original Link

Chat between ADA and Phillips about tracking down Hank after his alignment with the Enlightened.

Detailed Dossier

Feb 2013

Faulleout (A Crisis to Manage)

February 3, 2013
Original link

Chat between Ni and ADA related to the zipcar plate codes

Detailed Dossier


February 18, 2013

Original Link

Carrie talks to Enoch about her worries about safety following Jarvis's message from beyond the grave.

Detailed Dossier

March 2013

Shifting Alignments

3 Anomalies

March 5, 2013

Original Link

Lynton-Wolfe explains the nature of Misty's disappearing act to Calvin.

Detailed Dossier


March 7, 2013
Original Link

Phillips and Calvin discuss Lynton-Wolfe's plan to drop supplies to the Free Misty anomaly in Austin.

Detailed Dossier

Misty Anomaly

March 6, 2013
Original Link

Calvin and Lynton-Wolfe discuss the details of the Misty Anomaly.

Detailed Dossier

Portal Discovery

March 13, 2013
Original Link

Lynton-Wolfe and Calvin compare the expected Anomaly in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to the Austin anomaly.

Detailed Dossier

Susanna Moyer

March 25, 2013
Original Link

Chat done on a phone between PAC and a new character Susanna Moyer.

Detailed Dossier


What They Know

April 2013

The Dispersal

Vanished (Everything Changed)

April 3, 2013

Original Link

Director Ni and the remaining members of the Niantic Project react to the aftermath of Misty's escape from CERN

Detailed Dossier


April 5, 2013

Original Link

Misty and ADA plan a disappearing act.

Detailed Dossier

A Tough Place

April 6, 2013

Original Link

ADA and Bowles talk about escaping termination.

Detailed Dossier


April 9, 2013

Original Link

Jay Phillips questions Oliver Lynton-Wolfe about power cubes appearing on agent scanners.

Detailed Dossier


April 13, 2013

Original Link

A hit order on Klue and PA Chapeau sends ADA, Ken Owen and Ezekiel Calvin scrambling to prevent the assassination.

Detailed Dossier —-

The Right Thing

April 14, 2013

Original Link

ADA and Bowles talk again about their mutual survival in the face of deletion and Jay Phillips' endgame.

Detailed Dossier


April 15, 2013

Original Link

Director Ni and Jay Phillips regroup and acknowledge ADA, Calvin and Owen's roles in blocking efforts to tie up loose ends.

Detailed Dossier

May 2013

The Equation Changes

Personal Nature

The grid

May 10, 2013
Original Link

Devra and ADA discuss the ubiquitous nature of the grid and Devra's options for the future.

Detailed Dossier

June 2013

A Coded Threat



June 25, 2013

Original Link

Hulong sends announces the Time Zero Event

Detailed Dossier

July 2013

My Enemy's Enemy

Get Out

July 1, 2013

Original Link

The NIA track Klue and PAC to Mirror Lake, Oregon.

Detailed Dossier


July 7, 2013

Original Link

Leaked conversations from the Hulong, Visur and IqTech on Hank Johnson's unique loyalty situation

Detailed Dossier

Off the Reservation

July 15, 2013

Original Link

Lorazon talks to Devitt planning to strike CERN to retrieve Schubert, Lightman and Nagassa.

Detailed Dossier


July 16, 2013

Original Link

Learning of IQTech's plan to liberate the trapped scientists in CERN, Hulong decides to make its move as well.

Detailed Dossier


July 17, 2013

Original Link

Ni contacts Calvin about a leaked plans to liberate Nagassa, Lightman and Schubert from CERN.

Detailed Dossier

A Better Idea

July 19, 2013

Original Link

Hank seeks Calvin's help in getting H. Richard Loeb to trust him.

Detailed Dossier


July 26, 2013

Original Link

Hank Johnson contacts Devra Bogdanvich for help in finding something.

Detailed Dossier


July 27, 2013

Original Link

Hank Johnson talks to his courier, Boadicea, about Carrie Campbell's strange behavior.

Detailed Dossier


July 30, 2013

Original Link

ADA reconnects with PAC

Detailed Dossier

August 2013

The Janus Revelation

The Stakes

August 2, 2013

Original Link

Two separate conversations but one topic. PA Chapeau talks to ADA while Klue talks to Misty and what is at stake and what may have been lost.

Detailed Dossier


August 3, 2013

Original Link

Yuri Alaric Nagassa tells Stein Lightman a dark Anazktec parable.

Detailed Dossier


August 5, 2013

Original Link

Detail Dossier


IQtech Portals / Visur Offer




The Door

Self Destruct

August 23, 2013

Original Link

Hank Johnson contacts Carrie Campbell about Jarvis's attempts to contact her and his motives regarding a glyph sequence that could cause a civilization to self-destruct.

Detailed Dossier

Traitor (alive)

August 29, 2013

Original Link

Ezekiel Calvin and Lorazon look into their options for dealing with the errant Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.

Detailed Dossier


August 31, 2013

Original Link

Yuri Alaric Nagassa contacts Stein Lightman with the fears of the Anaztec about the fabled self-destruct sequence and their history with that sequence.

Detailed Dossier

September 2013

Teeth of the Hydra


September 4, 2013

Original Link

Phillips and Owen talk about their suppression plan for disguising Ingress as a game.

Detailed Dossier

The Hunt

September 16, 2013

Original Link

Detailed Dossier


September 18, 2013

Original Link

ADA seeks out

Detailed Dossier


20 September 2013

Original Link

Detailed Dossier


22 September 2013

Original Link

ADA attempts to comfort H. Richard Loeb after hearing about Klue's glyph induced coma.

Detailed Dossier


25 September 2013

Original Link

Detailed Dossier

October 2013

Santa Monica

8 October 2013

Santa Monica Original Link

ADA contacts Johnson and Blogdanovich about a secret document hidden in Santa Monica, California.

Detailed Dossier


9 October 2013

Evolving Original Link

Lynton-Wolfe and Smith have a disturbing conversation about the effects of Smith's Dark XM sickness.

Detailed Dossier


10 October 2013

Icarus Original Link

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and Jarvis have a contentious reunion after their falling out after the Cassandra event in Washington D.C.

Detailed Dossier


22 October 2013

Escaped Original Link

Omnivore picks up a transcript of Ni and Smith of Hulong discussing Oliver Lynton-Wolfe's escape.

Detailed Dossier

New Boss

October 30, 2013

Original Link

Owen and Phillips discuss Phillips's fall from grace and new leadership in the NIA.

Detailed Dossier

November 2013

Dark XM Trap

November 5, 2013

Original Link

Ilya and Devra discuss the sharding of Jarvis at Bangkok, Thailand.

Detailed Dossier


November 8, 2013

Original Link

ADA and KLADA discuss the recent change of circumstances.

Detailed Dossier


November 11, 2013

Original Link

ADA talks to KLADA about her first appearance in Los Angeles for 13Magnus.

Detailed Dossier


November 15, 2013


Matt Peterson of Motorola Labs and Antoine Smith discuss the RedX phones.

Detailed Dossier


November 16, 2013

Original Link

Lightman, Schubert, and Nagassa discuss the meaning and historical significance of 13magnus.

Detailed Dossier


November 19, 2013

Original Link

Hulong captures a IQtech conversation between Calvin and Lorazon about the Jarvis shards

Detailed Dossier

Warm in There

November 23, 2013

Original Link

Detailed Dossier


November 27, 2013

Original Link

Claudia loses track of Susanna Moyer and reports in to Ilya Pevtsov.

Detailed Dossier

Bowie Papers

November 30, 2013

Original Link

Discussion between Devra and Calvin about Bowie papers in Rome.

Detailed Dossier

December 2013

Die Glocke

December 4, 2013 Original Link

Lynton-Wolfe and Susanna Moyer discuss the discovery and potential use of the lost World War II era weapon, Die Glocke.

Detailed Dossier


December 5, 2013

Original Link

Hulong monitors an awkward reunion between Susanna Moyer and her father,Nigel Moyer

Detailed Dossier


December 7, 2013

Original Link Dec. 7, 2013

A tense discussion between Devra Bogdanavich and Ilya Pevtsov on her options for the future.

Detailed Dossier


Posted on 14 December 2012

Original Link

An old archived chat between ADA and H. Richard Loeb on the nature of attraction.

Detailed Dossier

Love in all the wrong places

Posted December 2013

Original Link

Detailed Dossier

Be Good

Posted 31 December 2013

Original Link

Detailed Dossier

January 2014

Brandt 001

1 January 2014

Original Link

Dr. Brandt issues a report on a transcript involving Katalena, who was killed with Jarvis in Zurich.

Detailed Dossier

Managing Victory

January 6, 2014

Original Link Moyer and Owen discuss the Lynton-Wolfe's submissive behavior after Jarvis's resurrection.

Detailed Dossier


Original Link

ADA blackmails a crooked banker into financing her deal with Katalena.


Posted 13 January 2014

Original Link

Detailed dossier

Horse Trading

Posted 20 January 2014

Original Link

Detailed dossier


Posted 21 January 2014

Original Link

Detailed dossier

The Cure

Posted 22 January 2014

Original Link

Detailed Dossier


Posted 28 January 2014

Original Link

Susanna Moyer, Klue and ADA discuss Klue/ADA's upcoming appearance at #DICE2014.
Detailed Dossier


Posted 29 January 2014
Original Link

Ilya Pevtsov and Yuri Alaric Nagassa discuss the medicinal applications of patterning in Cyrillic.

Detailed Dossier

Golden Watch

January 31, 2014

Original Link

Two redacted names discuss Susanna Moyer's trip to Las Vegas, finding her and finishing the job.

Detailed Dossier

February 2014



February 4, 2014
Original link

Isabel Devitt contacts her boss, Avril Lorazon, about the hit put out on Hank Johnson.

Detailed Dossier

Pest Control

February 5, 2014
Original Link

Calvin confronts Lorazon on the assassination hit ordered on Hank Johnson.

Detailed Dossier

Carrot and Stick

February 7, 2014
Original Link

Calvin and Owen team up once again to prevent the assassinations of Susanna and Hank.

Detailed Dossier

Nothing Left to Buy

February 8, 2014
Original Link

An English translation of the conversation between Ilya and Nagassa.

Detailed Dossier


February 11, 2014
Original link

This transcript shows a person with a redacted name asking Ken Owen for help with clean up at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Detailed Dossier


February 12, 2014
Original link

Lorazon asks Lightman why Mazz, an associate of Hank Johnson, was spotted at an archaeological site in Miami.

Detailed Dossier


February 16, 2014
Original link

Lightman and Nagassa analyzed Hank Johnson's thesis on 13Magnus regarding the allegorical nature of myths.

Detailed Dossier


February 17, 2014
Original link

Lightman and Nagassa conclude that Hank Johnson is following the path of Alexander the Great to find the artifacts.

Detailed Dossier


February 19, 2014
Original link

Devra and Calvin talk about new agents to be unleashed, Hank, Bowles and Loeb.

Detailed Dossier

Smart Plays

February 22, 2014
Original link

Misty Hannah discovers a transcript between an upset associate of “Lucky” Louie and an unknown person.

Detailed Dossier


February 23, 2014
original link

Phillips confronts Owens about his “Hide in the Spotlight” approach to Tycho's new publications.

Detailed Dossier

The Plague

February 25, 2014
Original Link

Brandt tips Lorazon off about Loeb's re-emergence revealing their joint plans.

Detailed Dossier

April 2014

Train of Thought

Posted April 9, 2014

Original Link

Omnivore has the ability to read the minds of agents using phones modified by the NIA

Detailed Dossier

May 2014

Wear Gloves

Posted May 16, 2014

Original Link

Calvin talks to an agent, Bobby, about taking care of Devra's work

Detailed Dossier

August 2014

A Dead Man

Posted August 1, 2014

Original Link

Calvin talks to Lorazon about Roland Jarvis being sick.

Detailed Dossier

December 2014


Posted December 17, 2014

Original Link

Calvin talks to Azmati aboutthe N'Zeer and 13Magnus.

Detailed Dossier

October 2015

Off the Grid

Posted October 18, 2015

Original Link

Glas and Pevtsov talk about Jahan pushing Smith away.

Detailed Dossier\\