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PAC supplies us with a myriad of documents with different sources and formats. Most of them are leaks from the Niantic Project, others have other sources .
Due to the large amount of media to make the info easier to navigate and faster to load the documents are divided now according to the format that they have

  • Chatlogs - Normally either a instant message between different characters or just transcripts of conversations.
  • Mails - Mail swaps between characters.
  • Scripts and Story Pages - Scripts and Stories
  • News - Newspaper clips, online news and all sort of news that can be related to the story.
  • Leaked - Any official documents that were leaked outside. Normally Niantic project related. This section is for documents that do not fit the other sections
  • Social Media posts - Any social media posts outside the Niantic Project and Investigation board
  • METIS ADA Brief - documents acquired through portal hacking with the word METIS in the header