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A series of portal clues were releases during Via Lux that lead to portals where media was hacked with information about Devra's Vault. P.A. Chapeau's site was also hacked during this time and the titles and post overviews were rewritten.

Clue 1 and Media Recovered

September 10, 2016 - Investigate Ingress Post

I got this image via an anonymous email account. They said they had read Hank Johnson’s recent post and knew what Devra’s Vault was. Or… well… they had a theory. Either way, I’m not sure how to extract the theory from this bizarre image they included with the email.

Maybe you can help

September 11, 2016 - Investigate Ingress Post

Hank Johnson weighed in on one of the unsolved mysteries from the last few weeks — the source and meaning of the location or object known as Devra’s Vault. We know that she went to Wroclaw looking for it, but she’s been off the radar since. Hank shared some theories and concerns, and seems to have kicked off a chain of events. Last night I received a cryptic image that I believe leads to a Portal where a source claims to have planted information about the Vault.

I don’t know if this intel has been recovered yet… the best tip I’ve been able to get so far is that the bizarre clue bears some similarities to imagery once found in an Oliver Lynton-Wolfe poster by Tycho.

Clue 1

Hacked Investigate Ingress Site

Hacked Investigate Ingress Site

Clue 2

Hacked Investigate Ingress Site

Clue 3

Hacked Investigate Ingress Site

Clue 4

Hacked Investigate Ingress Site