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Dr. Yuri Alaric Nagassa - Detailed Dossier

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Shards - no official name Conversation between the 3 ex-scientist of the Niantic project Schubert , Nagassa and Lightman discuss the Jarvis shards, Dark XM and ancient Egypt 12 November 2013
JormungandrA post by YuriYuri talks about Jörmungandr, Wunderwaffe and the Anazktec9 December 2013
Into the mountainsYuri tells a Anazktec story about death and life of a leader15 January 2014
I and You Glyphs More glyphs from Dr. Lightman18 January 2014
ForeverWhat is Ilya Pevtsov planning?29 January 2014
Nothing left to BuyVisur seeks to change the structure of human existence.An English translation of the conversation between Ilya and Nagassa8 February 2014
Songlines 1The wise men look to the past to understand the present. Part 1 of 2 Lightman and Nagassa analyzed Hank Johnson's thesis on 13Magnus regarding the allegorical nature of myths.16 February 2014
Songlines 2The second page of the conversationLightman and Nagassa conclude that Hank Johnson is following the path of Alexander the Great in his search for the Artifacts.17 February 2014

Additional Information

Dr. Edgar Allan Wright's Comments About Yuri

Dr. Wright posted to the operation_essex group on Nov. 13, 2013.

I find it quite interesting and somewhat nostalgic to see a dialogue between Lightman, Schubert and Nagassa. That is the kind of conversation that was held long ago. I can't remember which ones of them were there and which weren't. Lightman had to be there. Much younger, of course. And Nagassa… Always part feral… Part advanced intellect. Interesting mix. He'd be like Pan or a minotaur or something. Feral is not the right word. Uncontacted. Yes. Uncontacted.

He followed up in the comments on his post with this

Edgar Allan Wright 8:21 AM

He did not study with the Anaztec or the Nazteka, he was born with them. His father was a Soviet Scientist. Working on Astro Espionage. They build an observatory high in the Andes either to spy on U.S. satellites or to gain astrological insight (there are different stories on this), and Yuri was raised there.

I imagine that it would be like having your father be a lighthouse keeper.

Anyway, there was an un-contacted tribe nearby. Yuri played with the children of the tribe, and learned from them. Here's what is interesting; they are believed to be the last of a dying tribe that was killed with the Shaper self-destruct code – a cycle that began with the Cahokians. My suspicion is that Lightman's skill at interpreting Glyphs came from Yuri.

Quantum Entanglement

On the 19th of February Yuri posted this

"In the standard explanation, two entangled particles are sent to the labs of physicists named Alice and Bob.
When Alice performs a measurement on her entangled particle, the fate of Bob’s particle is sealed. So if Alice 
tells Bob the result of her measurement, he instantly knows what the result would be of measuring his particle. 
He doesn’t need to bother doing the actual measurement."

A thought experiment:
What if we are observing the order of events wrong? What if Alice's observation was determined by Bob's 


Sending an email to Yuri at you get the following auto-reply

Currently unavailable

Have been recruited to participate in a prestigious public think tank, and I'll be away for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience.