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Susanna Moyer - Detailed Dossier

Exerpt from #WWoIngress

The woman known as Susanna Moyer is the lead investigative journalist and face of the Ingress Report, which purports to be a “source of unbiased news in the world of Ingress”. The Ingress report has aired weekly since its launch in late March, 2013. Moyer is occasionally assisted by Sarita Hayes.

Information from leaked interviews has Moyer claiming to be the daughter of Nigel and Erica Moyer and the ex-girlfriend of Archie Belgrave, possibly Archit Bhargava of Niantic Labs.

Through the Ingress Report, Susanna has covered multiple anomalies and has become part of the action once or twice. P.A. Chapeau and Klue believed that she was a target in Operation Bowspring but took her away before any effect could be verified. She was gradually revealed to have a much deeper connection to the world of XM than she initially let on.

Pre-Niantic Life

Susanna Moyer is the daughter of Nigel and Erica Moyer and the sister of Peter Moyer. Nigel Moyer is the one of the first known researcher in exotic matter, who worked with Yuri Alaric Nagassa, Ezekiel Calvin and Edgar Allan Wright. Susanna's brother, Peter appears to have been deathly ill sometime during her father's research. Nigel Moyer dosed Susanna, Peter and his wife, Erica, with XM with the hopes of curing Peter. Susanna's intelligence increased and Peter became healthy enough to play outside again but the exposure seemed to unhinge their mother. One day, Erica Moyer experienced mental break and drove herself, Susanna and Peter into a lake in attempt to escape the whispers in her head.

Susanna was able to escape but her mother and brother were presumably killed. Susanna did not know the cause of the accident but knew something had gone wrong. She was later recruited to work for the NIA where she learned of XM and figured out the cause of her own abilities and her mother's mental break.

Early Ingress Report

With either the support or acknowledgement of NIA, Susanna left to start the Ingress Report, an allegedly unbiased source of news covering the background of XM.

In her early reports, she withheld her connection with the NIA, past relationships with existing members of the NIA and her father's history with XM.

When there was an attempt recruit her to the Enlightened at Operation: Bowstring, P.A. Chapeau and Klue appeared and convinced Susanna to leave the area before the completion of the anomaly. Ben Jackland would align himself with the Enlightened instead in a disconnected manner that caused some to believe that he had be mind hacked.

Operation Cassandra

Subsequent coverage began to take more critical tone with Enlightened motivations and Roland Jarvis, in particular. Susanna's continued skepticism resulted in a backlash where some of her viewers began to accuse the Ingress Report of bias. This heavily critical tone would reach a peak during Operation: Cassandra During this anomaly, the Ingress Report would become subject to a number of interruptions from an unknown source accusing Moyer of lying and inserting video feeds that purport to be from Roland Jarvis. The feed interruptions would cause Susanna to take the Ingress Report on the run, hoping to avoid her unknown pursuers and feed hacks. On a few occasions, Susanna's associate, Sarita Hayes, took over the report when her unknown pursuers got too close. Susanna began to began to speak adamantly against Roland Jarvis's plans during the Cassandra and begged the Resistance to stop the Enlightened's plans.

Her stance during this period would severely damage her credibility among her Enlightened viewers.


The interruptions in the Ingress Report would continue after the completion of Cassandra. Video clips of that showed Susanna Moyer being interviewed and possibly prepped by Ken Owen of the NIA were inserted into the Report. While initially denying the clips entirely, Susanna eventually admitted that she did work for the NIA but insisted that the Ingress Report was independent of their influence.

13Magnus became an uncomfortable series of reunions for Susanna as it revealed her rocky relationship with her father and her association with the assassin, 855, who she introduced to Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. A leaked clip would show her helping Lynton-Wolfe get to Buenos Aires for the purpose of getting rid of Roland Jarvis. She was later surprised to find that the trip to Buenos Aires was part of an elaborate ploy when Lynton-Wolfe appeared at Cupid's Span instead. The tension between them was only exacerbated when her questions about the history and nature of XM were answered with the urging to ask her father.

At the culmination of 13Magnus, Susanna was extremely skeptical of the identity of the man who claimed to be the resurrected Roland Jarvis. Her questions on how a resurrection was possible were only met by a similar insistence that she ask her father.


Currently, Susanna Moyer is on the run from the NIA and J.A. Potts after apparently dispatching the assassin, “Lucky” Louie, at #DICE 2014. She was last seen under the protection of ADA and was traveling with her camera man, Karl.

Interruptions in the Report have continued. A recent insertion has shown her running, insisting that people would never understand if they knew the truth. A distort voice responds that she should lie.


April 24th, the Ingress Report (would be 55 but was called unknown signal) was broadcast and contained multiple video clips including Susanna discussing some of her research in London to find her father. The clips were put together as a single video by an agent. A transcript follows:


Susanna Moyer with an update. I've been looking for my father in all the likely places, with no leads other
than a single word, Interitus. A former colleague of his said that Interitus was a term that came up while he 
was working on the ECHELON projects. I'll continue looking for him as the London anomaly occurs. I expect to 
see some of you there. Update. it appears Interitus was a term that came up before ECHELON. It emerged during 
ENIGMA, It was a code that was never cracked. The curious thing is that even after the War when secrets were 
revealed, nobody, not even the German code masters, knew what it meant.


Reference files

Susanna Moyer's G+ Posts

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Ingress Report 01 First Report made by Susanna Moyer Short description of the goal of the Report 28 March 2013
Ingress Report 9Special edition report on Operation Bowspring Susanna Moyer becomes part of the story when she is allegedly targeted but escapes during Jarvis's resurrection as an XM entity 23 May 2013
Ingress Report 33 At the end of the report there is a short clip In the ending footage one can see what looks like Susanna Moyer being trained to answer questions before the Ingress Report was created. She refers to the person off screen as Mr Owen 7 November 2013
Susanna Moyer Interrogation LEAKED A short leaked clip The video appears Susanna Moyer being trained by Mr Owen to feed unbiased information to the public in which he states that the Ingress report is a tool for gathering global information. 21 November 2013
Moyer Off Grid Claudia and Illya talking about Moyer A compromised intelligence report from +Visur Technology suggests that the XM Corporation, and one must assume its competitors, have been keeping an eye on the enigmatic host of the Ingress Report. Nov 27 2013
Ingress Report 36 The report gets hacked and there is a footage of OLW and Susanna You can see Oliver messaging someone while planing the moves of the shards with agents. He gets approached by a woman that disappears when Susanna Moyer shows up. Susanna gives him the contact of 855 that was behind him and they both leave 28 November 2013
Die GlockeSusanna and Moyer chat after he has reached buenos Aires This chat refers to an old nazi study called die Glocke and how it was probably carried on during years after the war. There is sugestion of 13Magnus being involved and also Nigel Moyer 3 December 2013
Dreizehn Chat between Nigel and his daughter Susanna Susanna and Nigel speak after a long time with no apparent contact. Susanna discovers that her father worked with XM in the past and might be related to 13Magnus 4 December 2013
Ingress Report 37 The report ends with Moyer shocked After a normal report there is a sound of something crashing and Susanna screams out for help from ADA 5 December 2013
13Magnus - Phoenix LiveLive broadcast made with several agentsDuring the broadcast Hank was interviewed and some question were made to and by Susanna7 December 2013
Ingress Report 38 Report about the last shard Apart from discussing the shard there is an announcement about more live streams and the fact they are chased by NIA 12 December 2013
13 Magnus San Francisco LiveA live transmission that happened during Reckoning day in San FranciscoSusanna interviewed OLW and Jarvis and was quite shaken after meeting the last one 14 December 2013
Ingress Report 39Report about the end of the anomalies of 13MagnusSusanna does a recap of what happened in the last day of 13Magnus , specially on San Francisco 19 December 2013
Ingress year one part 1Susanna does a recap of the first year of IngressSubjects like the 2 factions, members of the Niantic project and shapers are covered in this video 26 December 2013
Ingress year one part 2Susanna does a recap of the first year of IngressThis time the anomalies, Glyphs, corporations and the current state of things are covered in this video 02 January 2014
Managing VictoriesChat between Owen and Susanna about Jarvis apparent victory and domain over OLW6 January 2014
Ingress Report 40A report where Susanna confirms she was NIA in the past and reviews some of the latest intel9 January 2014
Ingress report 41Report focused on the regional scoring and Dr.Brandt research16 January 2014
Report 42 23 January 2014
Susanna Moyer's past - Part I of IILeaked audio recording reveals Susanna Moyer's past. Part I of II26 January 2014
Susanna Moyer's past - Part II of IIPart II of the audio recording revealing Susanna Moyer's past27 January 2014
Report 43EP43 - Elite V Agents Revealed30 January 2014
Golden WatchSusanna's pursuers track her to Las Vegas.31 January 2014
Report 44#Recursion Cities Revealed6 February 2014
Report 45 EP45 - Recharger Medal Launches13 February 2014
Then LieWho is the voice urging Susanna Moyer to lie at the end of the last #IngressReport?The anonymous hacker returns sneaking a short clip of Susanna Moyer asking an unidentified person for advice.15 February 2014
Report 46#Recursion Begins INGRESS REPORT - EP4620 February 2014
Smart PlaysMisty Hannah receives a warning from a friend in Las Vegas… Misty Hannah discovers this transcript of a conversation between J.A. Potts and an unnamed person who are very upset by the death of “Lucky” Louie and NIA interference.22 February 2014
Report 47 Glyphs Emerge on Scanner Devices #IngressReport - EP4727 February 2014
Report 48#Recursion Nashville INGRESS REPORT - EP48 6 March 2014
Report 49#Recursion Austin INGRESS REPORT - EP49Susanna talks about Austin and shows part of a video from Jarvis14 March 2014
Report 55/unknown#Recursion Austin INGRESS REPORT - Unknown Signal (EP55)Susanna is in London searching for her father24 April 2014

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Susanna Moyer G+ posts

Susanna is played by actress Ione Butler