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Most NIA Projects are named after shipwrecks

(for example Sep 27, 2013 in comments to this post Lochlyn Christante Mentions:

One other thing.  Not sure if #13Magnus  is NIA or not, but NIA projects are 
all names after shipwrecks. The 13 confuses me, but I recognized this -


Date First Mentioned: Nov. 2012

The first concept of shipwrecks was introduced with the name of the Niantic Project.


Date First Mentioned:

First introduced as a previous project related to the Niantic Project

P.A. Chapeau Video about Project Whydah

This Video gives a short overview of the project

Whydah research by Lukas Lentz
Discussion - Jul 12, 2013

+JoJo Stratton you asked for it. EVERYTHING I COULD FIND ON PROJECT WHYDAH: Put on your seatbelts kiddies lets ride this rabbit hole out. Its a bumpy one.

95% of this post I found at on our friend +Johnathan Chung 's Alexandrea Library(for access to this holy site please click here → . It may not be everything because, and it brings a tear to my eye, as im sure it does yours. It stops at April. Tons of intel on the subject here and a little recap of what I think it all means at the end. Word of the Day: Niantic, Project Whydah

NIANTIC Word of unknown significance. A project controlled by the NIA. Last known project, Project Whydah. Mission unknown.

Ideas Related to Whydah

Possible meangings: Whydah Gally was the only pirate shipwreck ever found. It was originally a slave ship for the Atlantic slave trade. Captured by pirate “Black Sam” Bellamy and used in Golden Age of Piracy. Capsized in 1717 off present day Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

National Geographic exhibit:

Real Pirates exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago:

We also find the Slave theory

DEVRA was involved in Project Whydah

Here we find that Mysti was recruited in Project Whydah based on her paranormal phenomina. And Does anyone know who, Dr. Steve Kershner is? I cant remember ill have to see if I can find more on him. (ok im back) this is the only document I can find him in. And another one talking about Misty and her involvement in Project Whydah

+Edgar Allan Wright’s post and comments: From another thread. I think it is important that I also post this here: With the Cahokia incident, I feel that I am now obliged to tell some of the things I know. Misty Hannah is no stranger to the NIA. As a young girl, she demonstrated some, let us say, paranormal abilities that interested Project Wydah (sp) that preceded the Niantic Project. There desire to suppress her might have deeper implications than it would immediately appear. Q: “Are they perhaps trying to use her as some sort of psychic weapon?” Misty Hannah has always been a psychic weapon. Unfortunately the victim has usually been herself. I have no idea what her capabilities would be if heightened by exotic matter. In one classified study (we're way beyond honoring secrecy now) she very compellingly demonstrated astral projection. Yes. I was, let's say, attached to the Whydah project. +flint dille’s comment: The Misty Hannah idea is great. I've been wondering where all the leaks from Niantic were coming from. Maybe some of them have been psy leaks. How are they going to track her down.

Here is misty talking about her abilities and the introduction of a government agent to show her talents. Then recruited to Project Whydah.

¬In conclusion, my personal belief, and its mine so its probably wrong, is that project Whydah was a gov project that was the Precursor to Niantic. It was here that “Sensitive’s/Patients ” were tested. I believe that the main goal was to be able to get inside of these people’s heads and control their brain from within them. Aka Mind Control. (this part is extreme speculation with no backing.) I believe that the patients were introduced to a fake boogie man that were called shapers. Something that would create emotion and passion within the sensitive’s.

Here Calvin is really part of the NIA and not there for Niantic. We should have known that he was not who he claimed from the beginning but we must have forgotten about this. Not only that, but this is the NIA not IQ Tec Also note that Both NI and Calvin are part of the NIA and Know about this plot. You wouldnt suppose everything we have read is just another ruse to oh I dont know Work together at different companies ala (Interlocking Directorate)

And HERE is a big one. This document is the NIA talking to Calvin about his “Shaper Mind Virus” key word is HIS. I believe that Calving created this “Mind Virus” to either manipulate the sensitive’s “Who are already infected” or to destroy their abilities Xmen style. But I still lean to the former. This I predict was created via Project Whydah. And after that step was completed, they moved on to phase two “The Niantic Project.

Marie Celeste

Date First Mentioned: Nov. 2012

Mentioned in this document


Date First Mentioned:

(Sep 27, 2013 in comments to this post Lochlyn Christante Mentions:

One other thing. Not sure if #13Magnus is NIA or not, but NIA projects are all names after shipwrecks.

The 13 confuses me, but I recognized this -