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Obsidius - Detailed Dossier

A Roman Exploratore who traveled with Cybella.

Bio and Notable Events

Obsidius was first mentioned in a communication between Jarvis and the Acolyte.

Hank Johnson then shared this information:

I came upon that name when I was researching 13MAGNUS for Calvin way back when. He was mentioned in very obscure   
sources under the name Obsidius or Obsius (it’s unclear why the name was ‘fixed’ in later editions). Other than   
Pliny the Elder’s famous mention of him, little is known. The long and short of what I remember is that he was a 
Roman explorer and those were rare creatures indeed.  It doesn't seem that the Romans took much stock in 
exploring for its own sake (perhaps because they were terrible sailors). Their usual tendency was to rely on 
local knowledge and intermediaries and rarely search farther than was necessary for military intelligence. My 
guess is that Obsidius probably started his career as an one of the Exploratores.

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