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First Mention


The first mention of the N'Zeer comes from Hank Johnson.

This post appeared from Hank Johnson on Oct. 9, 2014.

I am no longer with Calvin, IQTech or the military.

I left that facility and am out on my own.

I have to be careful not to give out my location, so I’ll be delaying entries by a couple of days, should help keep me safe.

Suffice to say that I am in search of what I believe to be the only surviving manuscripts describing a mysterious force, possibly related to the Shapers in some way.

Nearly everything about them has been completely erased from mythology, history, literature… everything.

(The images is a page from one of the books I've been reading as I travel this path. It reminded me of the idea of erasing history. Things don't disappear entirely… the details are lost, but there's always a trace. Tiny threads I'm hoping I can use to try and put things back together.)

On Oct. 10th, Hank followed with this post; it was the first time the name N'Zeer was mentioned.

That mysterious force that’s been wiped clean from history and myth has a name: The N’zeer.

I believe that the eradication of all memories of the N’zeer was one of 13MAGNUS’s most important missions, but I’m not yet sure why.

I believe that learning more about them will unlock a revelation about the greater nature of the Universe, the Portals and the Shapers.

This is going to be a very dangerous journey, because I may be hunted by 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus alike.

All fear the revelation of this buried secret for their own reasons, but mankind needs to know the truth.

Along with the following image.

Hank Johnson left breadcrumbs, short messages, in the portal network to help him remember what he was tracking. Many of these breadcrumbs mention or deal with N'Zeer aspects. Only the breadcrumbs that directly mention N'Zeer are listed here - you can find additional breadcrumbs here

Who Were the N'Zeer

Recovered near British Museum, London - posted by Hank October 14, 2013


Who were the N'Zeer and why did someonbody go to so much effort to eliminate all reference to them across the globe?

It is my suspicion that this was one of the true missions of 13Magnus during their period of ascension and that the N'Zeer are somehow associated with the shadowy organization we call 'Anti-Magnus'

Hank's Research

In addition to the breadcrumbs, Hank mentioned the N'Zeer a number of times. This post contains a casual mention.

Working with Jahan in her grandfather's library - he finds this information.

Jahan helped me to interpret, or at least understand some of the ancient texts. She was surprised by my interest in them. I explained to her that many of them seem to be texts believed lost – connected to 13MAGNUS and maybe even the N’zeer. She laughed… amused, I think, by the idea that the library she spent so much of her childhood in would be ‘lost’ and that this dusty collection of her family’s texts could be part of a secret agenda that spans millennia. I didn’t really expect her to believe it, but I like it when she laughs.

It is becoming evident to me that 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus groups have existed, often unaware of each other across time and cultures. They trace back to ancient civilizations… the Egyptians, perhaps the Harappans or the Vedic period, and more.

The curious thing is the nearly mystical way the members are drawn to each other and continue an investigation… an agenda that I believe is unknown to them. Very odd dynamic. A collective-unconsciousness-like phenomenon? Some kind of shared elite awareness or instinct?

Relates what the breadcrumbs are talking about to a conflict between the Shapers and the N'Zeer, placing them as “enemies” fighting each other in this post.

This post links his work for Calvin to more about the N'Zeer.

Ever since I was a grad student and Zeke Calvin sent me on a quest for 13MAGNUS, I have felt the shadow… The negative space… The void… Pick your analogy.

For a long time now, a question has been brewing in my mind: What is it that the Shapers have been struggling against? It is only recently that I have learned the name of the antagonists – the N’zeer.

I have felt their cold, dark presence at times – in the Congo… Near San Saba… When I have been in the presence of Dark XM. It is a powerful substance. I wouldn’t quite call it evil, because I realize that I come to it from my own biases and I am a scientist, but it is definitely a cold, emotionally hollow, perhaps oppressive presence… a presence that fights with all I know of positive advancement, beauty, optimism…

I knew there was an ancient struggle, and I saw its shadows. The story of Isis and Osiris, the dark secret societies… The chaotic monsters unleashed, perhaps unwittingly by the Diodati Epiphany and at times by Lovecraft and Howard, though I do not think they intended to do so… The abominations.

I knew that nearly every trace of the N’zeer had been struck from history, but nothing can ever be fully eradicated. It can be written over, drown out, hidden in the shadows… Hidden behind codes, stories and perhaps glyphs….. But it can not be eradicated.

Now, for the first time, I believe I have beheld ancient depictions of the struggle between the Shapers and the N’zeer I dare not release them. Not now. I must study them. They are in Jahan’s library, kept by her family for centuries, maybe millennia. Texts. Artworks. Carvings. The N’zeer were vanquished once. It can be done again. I must learn how.

Hank believes the N'Zeer should not return. post

Hank finds all traces of the N'Zeer were blotted out.

Combing through documents, I’ve discovered some curious things.

It seems sometime in the distant past the N’zeer were defeated and nearly all trace of them was blotted from human history and culture.

It isn't clear to me if it was a simultaneous global eradication or extinguishment, but I cannot begin to imagine how that would be accomplished: How is an idea or energy removed from the world? When I contemplate it, I summon images of the defacement of monuments and a Fahrenheit 451 type destruction of literature on a mass scale almost unimaginable in the ancient world. That having been said, the ancient world did not have the proliferation of art and literature that we are used to. Such things were contained to specific places of power. So perhaps it was easier.

I see scant evidence of armed conflict. Rather, I see evidence of what I would almost call spiritual warfare. Though, I cannot rule out the possibility that this larger trans-dimensional war was the underlying cause of Earthly conflicts.

I wish I could share more. It is absolutely fascinating. But for now I can tell you this much. As with the Shapers, there is no clear visual depiction of the N’zeer, though there are depictions of various forms of monstrous human beings and other images that defy the normal, sometimes they are terrifying. I do not get the impression that the ancient chroniclers believed that these creatures roamed our plane, moreover I believe that they were their hallucinations of the Julian Jaynes variety which interrupted the thought stream and entered our culture through memory. But I must be aware that my own cultural bias would probably prevent me from considering the alternative.

Surely were there such bizarre creatures walking the earth we would have archaeological trace of them––unless of course those traces were eradicated by the same people who redacted the historical and literary traces of the N’zeer. But I will leave you with one other thought.

Perhaps the shell of our universe is more porous than we think.


Hank believes he is finding the truth.

I'm coming very, very close to the truth.

What I am seeing is, well, Enlightening. It is as if each new artifact opens a door to wondrous possibilities. Wondrous futures. Amazing possibilities. I see now possibilities within possibilities. We are so close.

I suspect that it is no accident that the N’zeer have emerged. It is as if we have opened up beacons of possibility, of evolution, of futures.

Yes, some will say that part of this is due to my my relationship with Jahan, but I see it as part of a piece. The more close one gets to the incandescence, the more likely they are to meet their counterpart, that thing that guides them. In fact, she is so perfect that I, myself, wonder if she is but an illusion. But I assure you, she is very real. And it bothers her not that I am a simulacrum… In fact, perhaps this is a necessary step to the true light.

Devra Bogdanovich and the N'Zeer

In an interview with Susanah Moyer, Moyer asks Devra about the N'Zeer. The transcript for the video can be found here

Moyer: Perhaps. What do you think the N'Zeer are?

Devra: I don't know and I don’t think it matters. I'll leave that to Hank Johnson. What matters is that my work to save free will continues.

Devra then posted a reply about her interview with another N'Zeer mention:

I must say that I have been surprised by some events lately. The posting of my termination letter from the University seems quite unprofessional. And, quite honestly, I did not expect the vitriol of the response to Susanna’s interview with me.

Am I not following the original Resistance path? The path of caution? The path of safety? Yes. I did some things that at one time I was stringently opposed to, but where is the outrage for all of the others who are wantonly exposing the world to XM, and, I fear, Dark XM for profit and perhaps other, more sinister reasons? Are not those members of the Resistance who actually desire to unleash the N’zeer even more culpable than I… I could argue that they are more culpable than even the Enlightened… The Enlightened are gullible, the Resistance risk turning Earth into a transdimensional battlefield.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and the N'zeer

He wishes to not block the beacons.

Hank Johnson has said that mankind should fear the N'Zeer. Many have asked where I stand.

It should be obvious that as a man of science, I stand on the side of knowledge. We have much to learn. If that knowledge comes from the Shapers or from the N'Zeer it does not matter to me. I want only to understand, to understand the universe and how it works, what our true capabilities are as a civilization.

It is science that will get us to our true potential and the N'Zeer are friends of science. They have great knowledge that they would share. Some fear it. I believe the Shapers, whatever they are, would seek to deny us access to it.

I owe Jarvis no allegiance. He tried to kill me more than once. No, I fight only for myself and for the purity of science and discovery. I shall expend all of my efforts that no last minute actions can block the beacons and keep us separated from the N’zeer.

A hint of what he is looking for from the N'Zeer in this post

To those who would try and stop me from reaching Barcelona, be forewarned that nearly every corporate and intelligence asset is trying to keep me alive.

They understand the potential here if we are to be able to unlock the knowledge of the N’zeer.

It is well that Hank Johnson spends his time in contemplation. And nothing should be made of the horrors Devra has unleashed. She does not understand the nature of Dark XM.

Imagine what will happen when my knowledge is applied to the subject.

In this post OLW mentions the potential of N'Zeer technology.

Many have now begun to speculate on whether my post about a dwelling near +Visur Technology's laboratories was a feint. I am on my way to Barcelona, having just completed the changes I was able to push through thanks to the increased XM activity recently. Is it not obvious to you all that as we approach the Darsana Point the military/industrial establishment fully realizes that more knowledge – knowledge gained from the N’zeer – can be translated into new and more powerful weapons? Thus, is it not easy to deduce that my market value has increased dramatically?

I am humoring a myriad of offers. Do not be fooled into thinking that I am grubbing for money. To hell with money. This is about research facilities. This is about validation. And yes. It is a bit about revenge. Can you blame me?

He then talks about them coming in this post

The beacons are lit and the N’zeer are coming. They come with a fury, bearing vengeance against all those who banished them millennia ago.

They will bring knowledge with them. Secrets of the universe. Long hidden truths.

This time, it will be they who triumph. Now we enter the Age of the N’zeer. The Age of Reason.

Misty Hannah and the N'Zeer

Misty mentions them in this post

When Hank Johnson mentioned the N'zeer, it triggered a vague phrase I heard a long time ago: “Occulta Voces”. Or something like that. I heard it whispered. Long ago. Don't remember where. Maybe as far back as Marfa. I don't know. What I do know is that a friend of mine studied Alchemy and the Alchemists… He always felt there was something missing. A voice so strong and profound that when it was eradicated it left what he called a 'the speaking silence.' He said that he knew there was a dark secret not because of what was being said, but what was not being said. I didn't pay a lot of attention, but one phrase stuck in my head: “Like a black hole or neptune or the dog not barking… “

Yuri Alaric Nagassa and the N'Zeer

Yuri mentions the N'Zeer and the Anazktec in this post

Work continues to decrypt THE BEACONS - Signal 01 and Signal 02 - Raw Data Capture.

Thus far, the consensus is that the #Darsana Signals may combine to reveal information about our place in time and space to the N'zeer. A map, a story, perhaps some combination of those tokens.

I do not know what the N'zeer are. I asked an Anazktec elder if she knew the word or the idea.

She studied me cautiously, then tapped her eye with her finger and pointed at me, then turned away, signaling the end of our conversation. I'm not sure what to make of the exchange. 

Ezekiel Calvin and the N'Zeer

A document was leaked December 17, 2014 of a conversation between Calvin and Azmati talking about the coming of the N'Zeer and the role of 13Magnus and Anti-Magnus. detailed dossier

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