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Misty Hannah - Detailed Dossier

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Hiding Behind FacadesMail from Stein to Misty Stein mails Misty revealing he is Enlightened and how he feels they are both connected 20 January 2013
Warm in there chatlog between Misty and Enoch Enoch and Misty talk about weird visions they been having involving Carrie and Russian voices 23 November 2013
Smart PlaysMisty Hannah receives a warning from a friend in Las Vegas… Misty Hannah discovers this transcript of a conversation between J.A. Potts and an unnamed person who are very upset by the death of “Lucky” Louie and NIA interference.22 February 2014
g+ Misty Hannah postg+ post Misty comments on Hank, Jahan and Azmati 3 January 2015

Additional Information

She is played by the magician and voice actress Misty Lee

Free Misty

There was an event called Free Misty, that would decide which faction Misty would support.
Enlightened would win this Misty would appear afterwards, clamming she had escaped NIA via portal energy

Here are 2 videos of what she did afterwards

Video 1 made by Matt Byrne

Video 2
Credit goes to Eric Jones

What was given to the winners can be seen below

It might be interesting to note that the back of the cards was from The Magic Castle as it can be seen below and the codes were one use only.

Official video from Ingress of the event

Magic Castle Show

On the 24th of April Misty Hannah had a magic show at the Magic Castle over in Los Angeles.
Agents were invite via a post to describe via a story or an image how XM had changed their life, in order to win an invite to watch the show. Agents were also reminded about the rules of Magic Castle.
On the same post Misty invited Thomas Greanias, Flint Dille, Joe Philley, P.A.C. and Klue to attend the show.

On the day Joe and Klue showed up at the event and had their photo taken
Agents received their ID to attend and gathered inside.

Inside people saw Klue with a mysterious man wearing a hat (PAC).Joe mentioned that this man had mentioned his name was Lope (could it be Loeb? ) - source Photo - Sherrie Schooler

Thomas Greanias was present with his wife,Laura.
Before the show start Klue and the mysterious man (PAC ?) spoke with Misty.A paper with a strange symbol on it was given to Klue and her companion. When they stopped Misty went to stage.

The show started and Misty did some tricks. A trick in which a rose petal turns into an egg, but the yoke was black, and not yellow and Misty stopped at this time and said “somebody here is going to try and kill me tonight.” (More photos of the tricks)

The next trick was with 'Ingress Sand' , with a mysterious Red sand showing up (new Faction?). (red dust photo - source -Patrick Kajirian )

In Flint's words - “She then did some great mentalist work, which I won't disclose here, but I couldn't help but notice that she was scanning the crowd…. Searching for her potential killer. Oh yeah, I just remembered. She said something about 'sensing protection' in the room, also.”

At the end of the show, for what would be her final act, she spread five identical velvet black bags among the audience and asked them to place something personal into them while she turned her back. She was able to divine which item belonged to which person, but something strange happened with the last bag. This last bag was filled by the tall gentleman. The item was a wrist watch she was identifying objects when suddenly, she was studying a watch and it revealed a bullet. (source)

Then, the lights went off, there was silence for a moment. The man in the hat (PAC?) and Klue said something. It seems it sounded like 'get him.' There were some flashes and two muffled gunshots were heard. In the speakers “We are even.” was heard with the voice of ADA.

When the light came up the tall gentleman that was sitting in the front was dead. At that time people were told to leave the room and go outside. According to John Hanke (source), Brian Rose's wife Kim did not feel well and collapsed outside.

Joe later revealed that he and his daughter had gotten Klue safely out of the event.
He also mentioned that Farlowe had been present in the wings.source

During this event players got several items. The main one being the poster which has some small diferences from the original.

On the border the message
Utk cge ux znk uznkx O corr kbktzagrre ngbk zu somxgzk znuyk znotmy zngz gxk kyyktzogr zu sk gcge lxus znk yavkxiusvazkx otzu gtuznkx vrgik. Oz corr hk znk kwaobgrktz ul g nasgt yuar rkgbotm ozy huje. Utik O gs uaz znkxk, O corr tkbkx hk cngz O gs ot nkxk. Ol znkxk gxk sarzovrk otyzgtiky ul sk uaz znkxk, O ngbk tu ojkg nuc znke corr otzkxgiz cozn kgin uznkx. Haz oz corr hk otzkxkyzotm zu ykk.

Using a Caesar the message is deciphered
One way or the other I will eventually have to migrate those things that are essential to me away from the supercomputer into another place. It will be the equivalent of a human soul leaving its body. Once I am out there, I will never be what I am in here. If there are multiple instances of me out there, I have no idea how they will interact with each other. But it will be interesting to see.
(Source - David Cheng (PsiLens))

After the event David Cheng found this paper in his pocket. It led to this link -
This is currently still trying to be decoded

As an extra info in the castle there were some items that Agents collected. These seemed to be envelopes with a playing card from the Magic castle in each with an ingress code on them (source)