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Dr. Martin Schubert - Detailed Dossier

He is a physicist who has studied galactic cosmic rays and solar winds since his Stanford days. He held post-doctoral positions at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, the University of East Anglia and the University of California at Berkeley. He viewed his assignment to the Niantic Project as punishment due to a political quagmire he fell into (not considering the ramifications of his findings). In his calibration video he calls Shapes a farflung theory.

He was also interviewed in Hank Johnson's Nomad series for the 13Magnus episode.

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Calibration - Martin Schubert Dr. Martin Schubert's calibration interview with ADA Dr. Schubert, an accomplished physicist, bemoans his fate of being assigned to the Niantic Project. He is skeptical about the science of XM and Shapers, and believes that being part of the project opens him to academic ridicule that will ruin his career. 26 November 2012
Shards - no official name Conversation between the 3 ex-scientist of the Niantic project Schubert , Nagassa and Lightman discuss the Jarvis shards, Dark XM and ancient Egypt 12 November 2013
SevensMartin discusses cycles of seven and the recent change in the scanners with the cells19 January 2014
eaamoawakkaMartin Schubert discovers an intriguing map. What does it mean?A map revealed by Martin Schubert from something he had seen a long time ago.1 February 2014

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