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Klue - Detailed Dossier


Klue watches a sequence of glyphs broadcast by ADA. At the end of the video she appears to have undergone some agitation or mental distress.

In LA Devra and Hank meet up , as requested by ADA. Thomas Greanias says he will be present and during the day makes a post about someone unexpected being there as well. Later Joe posted a picture of Klue and Thomas mentions that she did not look herself and mentions KlADA (hinting that Klue might be actually be ADA.

A chat between Devra, Hank and ADA was released regarding the Arecibo Document. ADA says she will meet with them in Santa Monica. A video recording Hank, Devra and Klue meeting was released by X on Oct. 16, 2013.

Confirmation that Klue and ADA have been linked in some way comes through a Nov 8, 2013 post made by X regarding a leaked NIA recording of a conversation between ADA and Klue that includes the comment by Klue, “I am still you and you are still me.”

X refers to Klue as a peripheral in a Nov. 11, 2013 post with a leaked chat between ADA and KLUE.


Reference Files and Posts

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
TranslationChat between ADA and KlueADA asks Klue about how well she fooled Hank and Devra/ Klue mentions needing to find Richard. 11 November 2013
13 Magnus San Francisco LiveA live transmission that happened during Reckoning day in San FranciscoKlue showed up at the end of the transmission , but with the voice of ADA confirming once in for all that the new entity known as KlADA existed and what it's plan were 14 December 2013
GlyphsA bulletin warning agents about the release of the glyph game.18 February 2014 talks about a recent news article about AIs and mentions the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs.19 October 2015

Additional Information

n an exchange between Klue and Carrie - Klue says she has never really met Carrie and Carrie responds she knows exactly who Klue is and is curious about the phrase Jarvis told her (aren't we all) - in a curious foreshadowing, Carrie mentions some of her research about communication directly impacting the brain (hmmmmm could ADA have been helping Carrie with her double blind experiment and Klue is the result) -

Klue is played by actress Katy Townsend.
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