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Ilya Pevtsov - Detailed Dossier

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Moyer Off Grid Claudia and Illya talking about Moyer A compromised intelligence report from +Visur Technology suggests that the XM Corporation, and one must assume its competitors, have been keeping an eye on the enigmatic host of the Ingress Report. 27 November 2013
ChooseChat between Devra and Ilya Ilya offers the possibility of Devra returning to Visur after her abrupt and unannounced departure 7 December 2013
FluctuationsReport sent to Ilya A report describing that the portals are giving out much more XM items until the end of the year27 December 2013
TordesillasA letter from Ilya to Catherine proposing an alliance between Visur and Hulong to stand a chance against IQtech5 January 2014
ForeverWhat is Ilya Pevtsov planning?29 January 2014
Nothing left to BuyVisur seeks to change the structure of human existence.An English translation of the conversation between Ilya and Nagassa8 February 2014

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