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Hubert Farlowe - Detailed Dossier

Hubert Farlowe was first introduced in the document called Burned Agent. On December 8, 2012, Agent N554ZA, Hubert Farlowe, has his NIA clearance cancelled due to extraction of codes from a secure warehouse facility (these codes are later found to be linked to Zipcar facilities and gave inventory items in Ingress). He is described as a caucasian male with sandy Hair, 44 years of age, 5' 11“, 180lb.

He has a g+ account which contains the following information:

  • “Places lived” on his G+ About section include: Stevensville,MT; Tysons Corners,VA; McLean VA; Falls Church,VA; Arlington,VA; Zurich, Switzerland; Paris,France
  • his avatar picture is the image from the Burned Agent document
  • Bragging rights - I have one of the finest collection of Civil war era maps
  • Employment - National Intelligence Agency - Former Agent, 1999 - 2012
  • Other names: 815
  • his background image is of the North Dakota “Safeguard Program” pyramid


He is mentioned in the Tycho Comics, and both of Felicia Hajra-Lee's books. He was one of the NIA cleaners sent to kill Roland Jarvis and Devra Bogdanovich in Zurich. As he is examining the bodies, a green glow surrounds him and leaves him disoriented. He is sent by Jay Phillips to find Devra and finish the job. Hubert tracks Devra to Zagreb. He encounters Devra and Agent 855, a hired assassin, to the Martel Caves. He is shot by 855 during a gunfight and left in the cave. He managed to survive and is referred to as an 'XM construct', possibly similar to Roland Jarvis or Hank Johnson. In the Exotic Matters Blog, he is on a mission to rescue Dr. Devra Bogdanovich from Hulong Transglobal and Antoine Smith.

April 2014 Journey

Starting in April, 2014, Hubert began posting locations as well as commenting on a number of posts regarding a journey. A series of non-canon blog posts about his journey were created by an agent: 1 | 2 | 3.

A map with his stops can be found here

April 3

Hubert posts a google map with the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport marked and the following comment:

Back on US soil...And so it starts

in the post comments we find:

JoJo Stratton
+Hubert Farlowe does this have something to do with  #Interitus  

Hubert Farlowe
+JoJo Stratton I saw Tycho's comic and really not happy

Yik Sheng Lee
+Hubert Farlowe, why did you feel you need to protect +Devra Bogdanovich after intersecting with Jarvis? Do 
you have a cycle period like +Hank Johnson? Do you now understand your nature better?
Hubert Farlowe
+Yik Sheng Lee its what I do...protect people.I have no cycle period as I'm not a similacrum,I just have 
blank spots and end up in strange places.I do understand myself better now and have made peace with most of 
my past.I just need to finsh my job so I can reast.
David Timothy
+Hubert Farlowe if I can ask, what is your job right now?
Hubert Farlowe
+David Timothy I have found things I need answers to
Yik Sheng Lee
+Hubert Farlowe , but your initial order was to kill +Devra Bogdanovich. What made you change your mind? You 
did die at Martel's Chamber right? What are you now?

Hubert Farlowe
+Yik Sheng Lee my initial orders were to watch and protect the Niantic project....what Phillips and I were 
doing is still something I'm working on

JoJo Stratton
+Hubert Farlowe wait, what you were doing is something you ware working on... do you mean working on as in 
continuing to physically do something or working on as in processing it to understand the morality behind 
your old job?

Hubert Farlowe
+JoJo Stratton sort of the why things happen and chain of events they cause.

Hubert then posted about the release of the “New” Tycho Comic including:

Seems I'm back just in time... Now about this comic of Tycho's.... Im really not happy with some of it.

+JoJo Stratton well I was just doing my job I'm not a cold blooded killer
Devra Bogdanovich
Hubert.  It is good to hear that you are back. Just be careful.  Let sleeping dogs lie.  I would like to see
you as soon as I can get out of this bunker.  Take care Hubert. You owe me nothing.

JoJo Stratton
+Hubert Farlowe many of us believe that and have seen that over the last year and more as we talk with you.
Some people have jobs that no one else will take.  But life is life, some will always focus on a small part
of the larger picture going to come for you, be careful

Hubert Farlowe
+JoJo Stratton Thanks I just seems so unfair as I've worked so hard and given so much...still getting big
gaps in my in my past but it sure helps me get around.

Yik Sheng Lee
+Hubert Farlowe , why did you feel the need to protect +Devra Bogdanovich after Zurich and after you died?

Hubert Farlowe
+Yik Sheng Lee Its what I do.

JoJo Stratton
+Hubert Farlowe worried about the gaps?  Is it you can not recall things?  Are you experiencing, well, a
fading of yourself?  This is very worrying : (  and yeah, people judge unfairly a lot, but, if you know 
yourself, then at least there is one not so unfairly judging... or is that the issue... are you your worst 
critic? :(

Hubert Farlowe
+JoJo Stratton sort of I just feel bad about the lady that gave her life for the Doc
Yik Sheng Lee
+Hubert Farlowe , what made you change your order from killing her to protecting her after intersecting with
Jarvis at Zurich? Your orders was to terminate her right though that was a falsified order from ADA?

JoJo Stratton
+Hubert Farlowe yeah :/  there is something pulling our strings hubert - but I know you're working to cut
those... maybe there is a way to find out more about Katalena and somehow repay what she gave?

Hubert Farlowe
There is another side of the story I just won't get into in right now....But I'm sure I'm not a 
Simulacrum......people read the comic read between the lines.
Hubert Farlowe
+Devra Bogdanovich Sorry Doc that's not how I work....Philley has some info hes hunting down and has send 
word that he could use a hand.This could be what we're looking for on the "sage' idea we talked about the 
time we met.

Mustafa Said
+Hubert Farlowe I remember Philley posting some sort of lead he discovered before he went off the grid. Any
Hubert Farlowe
+Mustafa Said hes working on something an old guy told him in Laramie he said.He also found something with
 his drones and now he's gone "black" so people won't interfere with his work.
David Timothy
+Hubert Farlowe how big are those black periods in you mind? Days? Months? Years?

Hubert Farlowe
+David Timothy sometimes mins sometimes days

Ian Friedrich
+Hubert Farlowe how did you come back to this country? Was it by airplane? Do you remember? If you do not, 
that could be very significant...

Hubert Farlowe
+Ian Friedrich I remember coming out off the plane in Atlanta.

+Mustafa Said
 +Hubert Farlowe.Was that during the 13MAGNUS event there? 

Hubert Farlowe
+Mustafa Said 20 Some hours ago

Hubert Farlowe
+Yik Sheng Lee I think so still not sure how it works

—- He then makes another post about Tycho's Comic with the following words:

I'd love some feedback on how Tycho is showing me before I go find this guy and question him....and I still 
want to know how hes doing it.

the comments to the post have a mention of a journey

Jose Ramirez
You come off as a sharp man to me. Quickly figuring out that the last job you took didn't add up. It's too 
bad that all the questions were asked after it was too late, but that's the nature of the job. You made the 
most of it by saving+Devra Bogdanovich though, so it wasn't a total loss.

Daniel Beaudoin
+Hubert Farlowe You've undoubtedly seen XM do some pretty amazing things.  +Tycho C. being intertwined with 
it is no exception.  Question him, but ask the right questions.  Find out if he has seen you anywhere 
else...places you haven't been to yet...

Hubert Farlowe
+Jose Ramirez The Doc safe for now that does free up my time to hunt down a few leads I have.

A post from Devra Bogdanovich about the results of recursion featured a comment from Hubert made on the 3rd:

On the Ground and headed to Site "F"."

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
File name filler text filler text Date

Additional Information

G+ posts

Map check ins

Farlowe has begun to do some check ins. The following maps try to follow those check ins and create a possible path of his travels.

A quick legend for the map is
plane - airport
diamond - government related locations
circles - civilian locations which are not airports
stars - weird locations that do not make sense in the path (example Cahokia mounds)

map 1 map 2

There is also this map that contains all the checks at the same time