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Henry Richard Loeb (AKA P. A. Chapeau) - Detailed Dossier

H. Richard Loeb is first introduced under a pseudonym, P. A. Chapeau, which happens to be a french equivalent for tinfoil hat. P. A. is investigating a government program known as the Niantic Project. He starts an investigation board to document research into what this project is investigating. At first the posts are neutral, non-personal and provide more and more information regarding the Niantic Project.

As part of the investigation, H. Richard Loeb is introduced as one of the Niantic Project researchers, a computer professional hired by Henry Bowles to work on Bowles' project, creating a sentient algorithm named ADA.

P.A. Chapeau continues to provide information, his posts becoming more personal and involved as time passes. It is also shown P.A. Chapeau is drawn to Klue. We first “see” P.A. Chapeau when he attends the Magic Castle event.

Susanna Moyer reveals that P. A. Chapeau is H. Richard Loeb.

In July, with the disappearance of Klue and the building Glyph arc, PAC states he is resistance and begins to include pleas to the resistance to stand against the influence of Jarvis.

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Tuning ADA Conversation about the (in)existence of NIA Henry Bowles talks with Richard about the NIA and gives him instructions before he starts working for them 03 Nov 2012
Developing ADA Entering work with Bowles for the NIA Henry Bowles asks Calvin to allow him to recruit Richard to help create ADA 14 Nov 2012
Our Secret Relationship with ADA, NIA The person that we know as P.A. Chapeau seems to have been initially known by both ADA and the NIA by another name (now know to be Richard). 13 Feb 2013
PAC leaves PAC leaves the investigation PAC announces he is leaving the investigation after what has happened to Carrie and Klue, following the advice of Misty. 01 Oct 2013
ProcessingChat between Richard and ADAADA asks Loeb about the human concept of beauty as she wants to understand it better to pass the turing test. She later diverges to processing ability of humans 13 December 2013
ChapeauChat between ADA and Calvin about who P.A. Chapeau is. Mentions Pandora Project and Whydah Project and ESP DATE
Who is EnochLoeb reviews known info about Dalby as his shards are emerging in Zurich Who is Enoch Loeb g+ post Oct. 20 2015

Additional Information


Many are introduced to P.A. Chapeau through his Blogger Account. The User Profile has an image and introduction text

If you found this blog chances are you realized something wasn't adding up. Somewhere down the path of lies you’ve been fed since birth you blinked and were left with the nagging feeling you had been tricked. Your instincts were right. Things aren't adding up. The world isn’t what you believed it to be. Many of us have lost faith in our institutions. Even Science, the unshakable God of impartiality, has long since been corrupted by the dark forces, its numbers twisted and manipulated until no-one knew what their true meanings were. We are flies trapped in a digitized web of lies but who are the arachnids? They are everyone and no one. They are the voices telling you not to worry. They are your mother trying to lull you back to sleep after you encountered the boogeyman. But somewhere deep inside you know that what you saw in that millisecond when you blinked is real. And it's that knowledge that brought you here. Now you can either close your eyes and go back to sleep or put on your tinfoil hat and dig deep into the world of conspiracies. Paranoia is a good thing. It keeps you alive.


P.A. Chapeau has an account on Wikipedia which includes a link to P.A.'s blog and the following text: APX Labs. Niantic. 805 3NIA OPS.

Google +

Henri Richard Loeb's G+ posts

On the 3rd of July he changed his profile photo to this one

He announced he was leaving the investigation for some time on the 1st of October and at the moment his location is unknown