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Dr. Ezekiel Calvin - Detailed Dossier

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Eureka Dr.Lynton-Wolfe's discovery Dr. Lynton-Wolfe discovers how to contain XM and plans to build a power cube25 November 2012
Unstable Dr Wolfe mental analysis Sends the report to Lorazon 6 October 2013
Bowie PapersChat between Devra and Calvin Calvin contacts Devra to give her support on her vaccination plan and to discuss about Hank's actions and 13Magnus 29 November 2013
Ezekiel Calvin - the shapersCalvin talks about his ideas on shapersCalvin speaks his vision and ideas on the shapers, mainly from a worried point of view28 December 2013
The shapers - part 2 Calvin talks about his ideas on shapers29 December 2013
Be goodConversation between Owen and CalvinOwen and Calvin discuss what path to follow after the events of 13Magnus, discussing people like Susanna Moyer, Phillips and Lorazon 31 December 2013
SeparationChat between Owen and CalvinThey decide their action about the regional-conflict-analysis and that NIA and IQ-tech should release it before Visur and Hulong can use it13 January 2014
Horse TradingADA and Calvin make a deal… She's looking for something.20 January 2014
Pest ControlInsubordination at IQTech. A coup in the making?Calvin confronts Lorazon on the assassination hit ordered on Hank Johnson.5 February 2014
Carrot and StickCalvin and Owen seek to calm the waters.Calvin and Owen team up once again to prevent the assassinations of Susanna and Hank.7 February 2014
UnnaturalDevra and Calvin discuss Jarvis, OLW and more… Devra and Calvin talk about new agents to be unleashed, Hank, Bowles and Loeb.19 February 2014

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