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Enoch Dalby - Detailed Dossier

Reference files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Sole Repair Concert First appearance of Enoch The announcement that Enoch would be present at the 13Magnus anomaly 22 October 2013
ElegyElegy trackA music made in honour of Carrie Cambell21 October 2013
Epiphany NightEnoch's videoclip for the music Epiphany Night 14 November 2013
EpiphanyEpiphany trackA music made inspired by the Epiphany night22 November 2013
redemptionRedemption trackA music made inspired by the search of someone22 November 2013
RedemptionEnoch's videoclip for the music RedemptionIn this track you can hear a message from Jarvis. It has some reversed audio that the original track does not 22 November 2013
Warm in there chatlog between Misty and Enoch Enoch and Misty talk about weird visions they been having involving Carrie and Russian voices 23 November 2013
Translation Videoclip for the music Translation20 December 2013
DuplicityNew music from Enoch Dalby hides a darker secret.Enoch Dalby music Duplicity.2 February 2014
Sirenssirens - new track from enoch dalby Enoch Dalby music Sirens9 February 2014
ShapedEnoch Dalby releases the final track from his first album since the end of the #NianticProject.24 March 2014
Who is EnochLoeb reviews known info about Dalby as his shards are emerging in Zurich Who is Enoch Loeb g+ post Oct. 20 2015

Sole Repair Concert

On 22 of October Enoch Dalby announced on his G+ that he would give a concert in Seattle , on the 26th (the same day of the anomaly), at the Sole Repair Shop.

During the show Enoch wore a bird mask and was surrounded by smoke so no one could see his face.

During the show clips of ADA, and the The mission of 13Magnus clip were showed. In the 13 magnus one it could be heard “The mission of 13Magnus is to monitor the effects of *SHAPER* mind hacking.”. This is different from the original as in the original the word Shaper is not used.

Also during his show the lights that were being used were green , blue and red.

Below is a 6 minute clip of the music played that night recorded by Anthony Castanza that was also the author of the images and video above of the event.
Enoch at Seattle

Additional Information

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