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Dr. Edgar Allan Wright - Detailed Dossier

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Vulnerable Mention of Dr. Wright's Hypothesis Mention to his hypothesis of people leaving pieces of themselves in important places to them 01/29/2013
G+post Knowledge of Misty Hannah and Project Whydah Dr. Wright talks about Misty and her involvement in the past with project Whydah. 01/29/2013
The grid Current reaction of devra to Dr Wright Devra at the mention of Dr. Wright's name gets very upset 05/10/2013
Dr. Wright MemoryFlint's thoughts on EAW memoryMentions maybe EAW memory was redacted and maybe others as wellDec. 29, 2013

Additional Information

Behind the Scanner Interview

Dr. Edgar Wright appeared on an episode of Behind the Scanner and answered questions about the recent investigation.

Behind the Scanner episode 52

Dr. Wright's piece begins around 25:00

EAW - Hi Daphne, it's good to be here. Now forgive me for the state in which I'm forced to appear, but I think we all know that… I… have to maintain a… somewhat secret identity and uh, uh so my voice and image have been altered, I hope this will not be distracting for you

DAPHNE - No, absolutely, um, I think we're all just glad to have you here, know that you're… safe, at least for now.

EAW - I believe myself to be safe. I did hear some unusual noises earlier, but I believe that I was like <hand gestures>. If I suddenly disappear, let me apologize in advance.

DAPHNE - Absolutely. Well Dr Wright, let's hit the ground running! What do you think of the disappearance of the Niantic Project members now that two of them are in the portal network?

EAW - Obviously brings many significant questions. Seems, at least by some theories, that the Shonin Stone caused a recursion, and that in and of itself becomes very problematic, because if it caused a recursion, is there an implication that… that the researchers of the Niantic Project were simulacra in the first place? I don't think so, but of course I don't know. That's a worthy subject of investigation. I think that it's possible they were exposed to extremely high doses of exotic matter on epiphany night or during the project, and that's why they may have been selected. I don't know, we'll have to wait and see, but <unintelligible> is the most curious situation……

…I seem to have lost your audio….

…It's not unexpected that people would be messing with our… communications…

ANDREW - So Dr. Wright, uh, dave atlasops m wants to know, 'What kind of threat do you believe the shapers or n'zeer cause to humanity?'

EAW - Well… yeah, there's the shapers and there the N'zeer… and… I can't speak to exactly what the threat of the N'zeer might be, i think that we all know that we have mixed feeling about the Shapers themselves, hence the origin of the Enlightened and the Resistance. As far as the N'zeer… I don't know, and in part I'm agnostic on the topic because I do not consider myself either Enlighted or Resistance, in fact I might not be a sensitive. What I am is somebody who has undergone what is most probably a hack of the human brain from some unknown source.

<begins looking off-camera>

I'm sorry, I seem to be having audio problems <slightly garbled>

ANDREW - Ok, so, Dr. Wright, Drew Dondero had a question, 'What is the true purpose for Operation Essex?'

EAW - Ahem… with Operation Essex, we have assembled the most elite set of investigators in the Ingress world, and… it has been largely self-assembling, but we've <unintelligible> through them, and the purpose is to discover the truth, and the truth about it all, because all of the truth is linked together. The truth of… of whatever is going on in the transdimensional portals, the truth of what the NIA may or may not be hiding, what the corporations are doing. We are.. trying to get to the bottom of all of that. And quite frankly, I have my own personal motive, and that motive is to… reassemble my own thoughts and brain.

ANDREW - I totally understand Dr. Wright, after all the <unintelligible> things you've been through. Um, now Thomas Artega wants your opinion of the Truthseeker Program, and what do you know, if you know anything, about it's origins?

EAW - ahem… Well, I know really frankly what many of you know, and that is it's believed Truthseeker, or the Truthseeker Program, uh, was originally Verity Seke, which was a program created by Richard Loeb, also known as PA Chapeau, and it was created for a very different purpose. At least that's his story. What do I really believe? I believe Truthseeker was probably created by the NIA, or some other similar organization as a… psychological analysis / relationship analysis program which may, at one point have been released to the pubic as a… data (dating?) relationship analysis program. That part of what Chapeau has told us might be true. But it's unclear to me, I don't know anything, I only have my instincts. It would be very interesting to get Mr. Chapeau onto the show and ask him that question directly, cause he has not been what I would describe as forthcoming on the subject.

ANDREW - Now Dr. Wright, I have a question that's really being <unintelligible> me for the last couple weeks, or I could say even months since this video was released… awhile ago, Klue mentioned that the Niantic Project members were so busy with their experiments, that they didn't realize that they themselves were the experiment. Who do you think manipulated that, maybe Calvin?

EAW - Calvin would certainly be the most obvious suspect, and obviously, as I dealt with Calvin on Waratah and Wydah, I certainly saw a great deal of behaviour from him that, let me say, was… very much oriented to get a result in an experiment with what, at times, I would consider to be a reckless disregard for the well-being of his researchers. That having been said, I… cannot prove it's Calvin, and there are many other… forces at work here, not to mention <unintelligible> and the NIA. And, so, it may have been them, but I do believe that the Niantic researchers were misled as to the level of risk they were being exposed to.

ANDREW - Now Dr. Wright, we all know that Hank Johnson has been traveling around the world and doing a lot of work… <unintelligible> wants to know what your opinion on Hank Johnson's work is.

EAW - Well… there are two ways to view Dr. Johnson. Dr Johnson himself has done some extraordinary work. But honestly, his early work on 13Magnus, a paper which I happened to get a glance at on an ocassion, was fundamental work on the subject, and I think… probably not for good… it the work that Calvin based much of his reconstruction of Antimagnus on. That's just a suspicion, but I think it's well-founded. Hank Johnson has the other side of his personality where he is a bit of a… glory hog and media hound, but I'll leave that to Hank Johnson; his work has been excellent. The thing I would like to take a serious look at from Hank Johnson are the breadcrumbs that were dropped, that he dropped for himself, before his recursion, because those breadcrumbs might hold the key to what is to come. The curious thing is, I don't believe that Hank Johnson himself ever harvested all of them.

ANDREW - Now, Daniel Van Os has a really interesting question for you. He wants to know if you could please share some thoughts about one of your dearest friends, Devra Bogdonovich.

EAW - <unintelligible>… I'm a gentleman, and I would like to keep my comments on Dr. Bogdonovich to… those subjects which are a matter of the public record. And there are quite a bit of that. But Devra was a student of mine. As best I recall, I met her as a graduate student, though there have been… allegations otherwise. Devra Bogdonovich is a tireless researcher, who was born to search for “dialtone”, it's something deep in her soul, that she has wanted to communicate, with at first, alien beings or extra-terrestrial being at SETI… at Arecibo, and then later with transdimensional beings. She has a passion for this, and that cannot be denied. And one must never underestimate Dr. Bogdonovich, obviously like <unintelligible> I have been worried about her; who wouldn't be? She's acted in a… erratic, and I guess I would have to say a reckless way.

DAPHNE - Now, Edgar… if I may call you Edgar… Mr. Sean Parde observed that recently Roland Jarvis' self-proclaimed “Acolyte” said that the portal at the compound gives her all that she needs. Now, he'd like to know if there' more to discover concerning the Niantic Project besides xm, dark xm, the shapers, and the n'zeer

EAW - The Acolyte is a curious being, is she now… she apparently was some kind of a disciple of Roland Jarvis, and was involved in the “Society for the Prevention of Curelty to Artificial Intelligences, or whatever that… shady organization was known as. But I will tell you on a personal note, there is something about her that's very familiar. And that's part of the… for lack of better term… sharded… memory I have that I just cannot place, I feel that I have known her before, I don't know if she's a student.. or how I knew her, but I feel I've known her, and I look forward to seeing more of her. What I don't know is what she meant about the portal. Obviously, as the… new leader of the Enlightned, she… might be feeling that.. the Enlightened need a boost <unintelligible>. But that is just speculation.

ANDREW - So Dr. Wright, my friend Mike Wissinger is concerned about your memory. He asks if you have recovered anymore memories, and specifically, anything related to “Juice Club” and its relation to either the Institute of Nondemarcated Research or the Waratah Symposium.

EAW - Well, I'll tell you the truth, um… my memory is like a… puzzle half-assembled on a table, a jigsaw puzzle. And some of the pieces are connected in broad outlines but put together, some are salvaged memories, some are memories that I've… glued together from what we'll call “objective sources” or “agreed-upon sources”. Uh, it is a problem, and its not just a problem with the memory like you forget things, it is that… some things… some times things are… wrongly filed together, if that makes sense to you. And.. so, specifically, the Juice Club, I was very young when the Juice Club experiments were carried out. What I recall, and this may be an artificial memory, is that… I was more a… like an intern in the Juice Club projects and on the periphery. Whereas Waratah and Wydah, obviously I, I participated in, and I have fleeting memories of the early experiemnts, that I've begun to put together, and some of them I bet… would you like to hear what some of them might be?

ANDREW - Absolutely, yeah.

EAW - Yeah, yeah. Well, it seems to me that they were doing a lot of experimentation on things like counter-clarvoyance, um, mind reading, other feats of mental magic, that's where they started. What they were trying to do was use… what in the day we called “extrasensory perception” as a tool of intelligence and counter-intelligence, intelligence gathering. And, you know, Waratah and Whydah were connected to one-another. Um, you know, as time went on, the experiments became more focused, like remote viewing, and even remote… object… manipulation, and much of this may sound bizarre to you, and I see why, but at the time we took it very seriously because we had opponents who were doing the same thing. What is important to note for the current investigation, is that many of the theories that we had then, now take on a whole new significance in the light of the discovery of exotic matter. I think that's all I can tell you, I… I'm quite sure I could be arrested if I were to go into any greater detail, I hope that sat(isfies you? audio cut out)

ANDREW - Dr. Wright, do you believe that, in fact, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe made the test Power Cube he was working with, explode <unintelligible> Epiphany Night?

EAW - What I believe, and I think it is inarguable, is that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.. and.. Dr. Calvin and the NIA, acted in an extremely reckless manner. Was it deliberate sabotage, or self-sabotage of the experiment? I don't know enough to know that, I think that were we ever able to re-enter the Niantic facility, which is a very important thing to do one day, we may be able to find out more about that. But that's an excellent question, and it's something we ought to look into, because it is becoming more and more clear to me that what has appeared to be an evolving situation for the past two years, is now looking more and more like there was a grand design behind what Calvin, and Antimagnus, and Jahan… and more recently ADA, I think were always part of that plan. Bear in mind, this is just my theory, but I think it's very supported.

DAPHNE - Alright Doctor, Andrew had mentioned the Waratah Symposium. Daniel Bedouin had wondered if you could summarize for us, the purpose of Project Wydah and its predecessor, the Waratah Symposium. How did they lead to what became the Niantic Project?

EAW - Well, there were many very similar people involved in those projects, and there was continuity I think, as a matter of fact, in that most of the Niantic Project members, at one point or another were involved in the symposium. As I said, my memories are… shattered, and I think I confuse and blur the two projects together, and obviously… for sheer ethical reasons, I… I couldn't go into a lot of specifics, but, what I think I would tell you is that I view Waratah and Wydah as being… and Niantic… as part of a continuum of ever-more-ambitious… projects that were exploring, say… I would not use the word “occult”, but hidden aspects of… the universe… and… I believe the discovery of xm changed everything. And we've only begun to understand the possibilities at the fringes of what… we considered… ten years ago… tense(?)… is synchronous… is that a satisfying answer to your question?

DAPHNE - Absolutely, thank you, appreciate that.

JORGE - Dr. Wright, our friend and Essex Researcher, Yik Sheng Lee, has a most important question for you. He wants to know…

EAW - (interrupting)ast researchers their minutes, I'm happy to answer any questions.

JORGE - Great… he wants to know what the origin of Magnus and Antimagnus, and were they originally all Magnus? And if so, what broke them up?

EAW - Well… I couldn't speculate on exactly what the origin of the terms were, and when they were first used historically. But what I can tell you, is that we have good reason to believe that the… 13Magnus mythology goes back to ancient Egypt; the story of Isis and Osiris and Set. You'll notice there were 13 gods, primary gods, in Egyptian mythology. And it seems like that story is a metaphor for what might have happened along <unintelligible>. And that there was a quest to reassemble certain objects or… find certain objects that… once had powers that no longer… they possess, or that imitations had been created. Uh, Antimagnus is a, is a very different proposition. I think if you were to look at this historical origin of Antimagnus, I would look in, in the Babylonian culture. I would look at… the epic of Gilgamesh, and the story of Anana and Enki, as a place where maybe… they understood that there was another… group present, and they wanted to, to… counter that group. Now whether they were in direct contact with the N'Zeer at that point, or whether 13Magnus was in direct contact with the Shapers, I, I can only speculate.

ANDREW - Dr. Wright, of all the things you've uncovered about the Niantic Project, James Webley is interested in what the thing that's… in what's the thing that surprised you the most, and which thing that concerns you, uh, which is the thing that concerns you the most?

EAW - There's a lot that concerns me. I think the thing that we need to be concerned about imminently and urgently, is the new fusion between… transdimensional… for lack of a better term… beings… concepts… data… ordered data… and our own technology… that to me is the… potentially the key to the <unintelligible>… and I think we have to watch very closely, now with recent developments with ADA, and recent developments perhaps with Omnivore, and the other cybernetic entities, because once you cross the line from transdimensional to… artificial intelligence and, and to intelligence itself, you are, we are stepping, I believe, into extremely dangerous territory.

ANDREW - That… definiately sounds concerning… absolutely…

EAW - …yes, I would say it was also quite surprising to me, some of the recent developments, and… I think we have to keep a very close eye on Shonin, and we keep a very close eye on Washington DC, because it seems like a number of elements are coming together… for that particular anomaly.

ANDREW - Interesting, can you… expand upon that? What sort of… elements are you refering to?

EAW - We do see forces in motion. We see…you know, Hank Johnson received a mysterious document from Nigel Moyer, passed to Susanna Moyer, she's going to be in Washington. We see that glyphs… the Lightman Shards, excuse me, the Lightman Shards converging. We see that that's now the location where IQtech or the NIA are centered. We remember Washington DC was the place where… the… horrific and ghastly encounter between Roland Jarvis and OLW took place. It just seems to me, and this is only instinct on my part, but it seems to me that something very big is going to happen. Not to mention, of course, the incredible portal <unintelligible> of the scanner in the capital of the United States of America.

ANDREW - (laughs) Well, as somebody who lives right outside of DC and will be participating in the anomaly, I don't know if that… excites me or concerns me, but uh, if you're concerned, that definiately concerns me.

EAW - I'm concerned, but I'm fascinated. I don't know that it's necessarily something bad, but it's very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that… involving change and dynamic action will meet with bad consequences, but I would certainly be very mindful. I think we are perfectly positioned in a number of ways to… frankly be the <unintelligible> of what is about to happen.

ANDREW - Speaking of… concerns and… changing, James Thirteen, I beieve another Operation Essex person, is interested in knowing what the lasting effects of your extended exposure to high levels of xm, and your experiences with xm-infused mind hacking has been.

EAW - Well… we touched on this earlier. Frankly, I don't know, because… to be totally honest with you, my own perception of myself in… before being exposed to exotic matter, indeed that is what mind hacked me. Before being exposed to exotic matter, is an imaginary construct that I've created. So I'm now creating a construct, to synchronize with something I believe I once was. Is, is that a little complex for you, or..? I, I, I realize that I'm chaining together a number of very abstract thoughts.

ANDREW - It, it makes sense, it makes sense.

EAW - You know, and so, so my experience with it, you know, was.. it was very disorienting, but what's very interesting, is that when your, your thoughts are.. scattered like puzzle pieces, and you begin to reassemble them, in the process you begin to get a much deeper sense of what the picture is, and what the process, and what all the thoughts were in the first place. So, I tend to see it as a good thing that happened to me, though to be honest, I wouldn't wish it on anybody else.

DAPHNE - Alright, well there's something about the.. people in the Essex Hangout witnessed… um, an attempt to Ingress you. After that you were gone for awhile… do you believe that these ingression attempts have changed you in some way, or are you the same as you were before?

EAW - As I, As I said, I wouldn't really have a way to know for sure, but I will tell you right now, I am getting a very anxious, anxious feeling… and I heard a telephone ringing, nobody is supposed to know I'm here. I'm not sure that, that, that, um, that uh, that we're, I, I should continue, I think I should…<knocking noises, commotion, feed disconnects>

important G+ posts

29 january 2013

From another thread. I think it is important that I also post this here: With the Cahokia incident, I feel that I am now obliged to tell some of the things I know. Misty Hannah is no stranger to the NIA. As a young girl, she demonstrated some, let us say, paranormal abilities that interested Project Wydah (sp) that preceded the Niantic Project. There desire to suppress her might have deeper implications than it would immediately appear.

in replies to the original post he would say
Misty Hannah has always been a psychic weapon. Unfortunately the victim has usually been herself. I have no idea what her capabilities would be if heightened by exotic matter. In one classified study (we're way beyond honoring secrecy now) she very compellingly demonstrated astral projection. Yes. I was, let's say, attached to the Whydah project.

Dr. Edgar Allan Wright's Comments About Yuri

Dr. Wright posted to the operation_essex group on Nov. 13, 2013.

I find it quite interesting and somewhat nostalgic to see a dialogue between Lightman, Schubert and Nagassa. That is the kind of conversation that was held long ago. I can't remember which ones of them were there and which weren't. Lightman had to be there. Much younger, of course. And Nagassa… Always part feral… Part advanced intellect. Interesting mix. He'd be like Pan or a minotaur or something. Feral is not the right word. Uncontacted. Yes. Uncontacted.

He followed up in the comments on his post with this

Edgar Allan Wright 8:21 AM

He did not study with the Anaztec or the Nazteka, he was born with them. His father was a Soviet Scientist. Working on Astro Espionage. They build an observatory high in the Andes either to spy on U.S. satellites or to gain astrological insight (there are different stories on this), and Yuri was raised there.

I imagine that it would be like having your father be a lighthouse keeper.

Anyway, there was an un-contacted tribe nearby. Yuri played with the children of the tribe, and learned from them. Here's what is interesting; they are believed to be the last of a dying tribe that was killed with the Shaper self-destruct code – a cycle that began with the Cahokians. My suspicion is that Lightman's skill at interpreting Glyphs came from Yuri.

28 of November 2013

G+ post
The post is from Flint Dille saying this was a message he got from Edgar

+Edgar Allan Wright sent me this rather cryptically:
From Der Glocke – Schiller
What deeper into the dam pit
Built by hand with fire assistance,
High on the tower belfry
As it is we witness loud.
Endure it will in later days
And stir many a human ear
And will mourn with the afflicted
And voice to the service choir.
What deep below Earth's son
The changing fate brings,
The beats on the metallic crown,
The more it sounds edifying. 

5 of December 2013

Private post

Nigel Moyer was a legend. I had presumed him dead. I had the opportunity to hear him speak once on the subject of Covert Communication and Crytpic Data. Amazing Intellect. It seems to me that he had been rumored dead or missing, but it appears he is alive.