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Dr. Devra Bogdanovich - Detailed Dossier

Current Status (last updated November 25, 2016)

Having recursed as she was one of the simulacra created by The Niantic Project, she resigned from her Physics position as her memory is not complete and due to the events that happened. She was working at a community college and was seen at An Aegis Nova event.

She was extracted from a “date” that may have been an NIA setup and research into something called Devra's Vault occurred during Via Lux.

She recently worked to stop Oliver Lynton-Wolfe from the Tecthulhu machine work.

See Devra's Activity from Via Lux - Via Noir for recent activity

Bio and Notable Events

Excerpt from Who's who of Ingress: Devra Bogdanovich

Alignment: Resistance

Family: Arthur Bogdanovich (Father)

Dr. Bogdanovich was the former scientific leader of the Niantic Project which had gathered a number of people sensitive to the effects of XM in order to study it. She is a former mentee of Dr. Edgar Allan Wright and has had a past romantic relationship with Hank Johnson

Although she was scientific leader, Devra began to have misgivings about the Niantic program when a copy of her phone containing Niantic scanner technology was leaked to the public and found by Ben jackland.

When the Hypercube experiment exploded, she escaped the facility at CERN with Roland Jarvis through the assistance of ADA. Devra and Jarvis separated. Jarvis and a bystander known only as Katalena were killed at the location where Devra was supposed to meet with Jarvis.

Devra sought refuge with Illya Petrokov of Visur Technology and became their scientific leader. Her tenure at Visur became controversial regarding her experiments with massive doses of XM on human subjects and the pursuit of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe chaotic xm weaponry. She has since left Visur and her current backers if any are unknown.

Devra is a prominent Resistance leader in the effort to stop the entity known as Roland Jarvis and the Enlightened in Operation 13Magnus. She recently held a press conference with the CDC regarding the abnormal nature of Jarvis' s body in which she has proposed secretly using an untested vaccine on the world to block their ability to be affected by XM.

This document captures a conversation between ADA and Devra regarding her actions following her escape from the CERN facility. It mentions Dr. Novosel and Ilya as well as Dr. Wright. When ADA mentions Dr. Wright, Devra says not to mention that name again.

She has also made post on G+ arguing that the Jarvis shards should not be gathered to resurrect or destroy Jarvis and proposed keeping them separate at all costs.

She had been working at the CDC facility in Atlanta Georgia to develop a “vaccine” that will stop/block XM effects on humans. She appeared at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on June 21 during the final event of the Interitus event. She voiced her disapproval of the events and the potential for helping ADA.

A leaked audio from Devra mentions the potential for stopping XM flow at portals (what many call a portal virus). In her July 13 g+ post she states her continued effort to protect humanity.

She had gone to Hulong, using her vaccine on herself. In Felicia Hajra-Lee's Exotic Matters Blog, the writer details Devra's journey and Hubert Farlowe's mission to rescue Dr. Devra Bogdanovich from Hulong Transglobal and Antoine Smith.

Career and Research

In this document Devra is listed as a Quantum Biologist. The document is an IQTech Surveillance Report.

13 Media Memory Drops - Devra's Memories after Abaddon Recursion

Reference files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
sensitive page 1 page 2Overview of NIantic Project Sensitivesher previous workNov. 19, 2012
Persons of InterestOmnivore entry Jarvis and Devra information from OmnivoreDec. 5, 2012
Terminationclosure of NIantic ProjectMentions reaching out to Devra regarding the closingApril 1, 2013
letterContains a date, references Hulong, IQTech, NIA, Niantic, Shapers - Dated July 12 - coincides with the Timezero event
letter posted to her g+ accountan open letter to the XM communitytranscript can be foundhere 14 July 2013
#13MAGNUS - Devra Shares Arecibo With ResistanceDevra gives the Arecibo DocDevra gives the Arecibo document to agent @drina during 13 Magnus25 October 2013
The Story so FarDevra does a quick recap of the storyDevra tells the story of her participation in all of it since the Niantic project up to now 11 November 2013
Bowie PapersChat between Devra and Calvin Calvin contacts Devra to give her support on her vaccination plan and to discuss about Hank's actions and 13Magnus 29 November 2013
ChooseChat between Devra and Ilya Ilya offers the possibility of Devra returning to Visur after her abrupt and unannounced departure 7 December 2013
Welcome to Niantic - part 1Devra introduces the Niantic project to some new members at it's beginninginfo 23 December 2013
Welcome to Niantic - part 2Devra introduces the Niantic project to some new members at it's beginninginfo 24 December 2013
Welcome to Niantic - part 3Devra introduces the Niantic project to some new members at it's beginninginfo 25 December 2013
UnnaturalDevra and Calvin discuss Jarvis, OLW and more… Devra and Calvin talk about new agents to be unleashed, Hank, Bowles and Loeb.19 February 2014
Wear GlovesCalvin and Agent Bobby discussionCalvin discuss taking care of Devra with an agent named Bobby. Mentions Devra's work at the CDC on a vaccine16 May 2014
ProtectorHUbert and Ni talk about DevraHubert says he is a sensitive and a tracker and is loyal to Devra, he can sense her fear6 Jan 2015
UnharmedSmith and Ni talk about DevraNI asks him to leave her7 Jan 2015

Leaked chat between Ni and Farlowe regarding Devra Boganovich

Detailed Dossier

January 7, 2015

Leaked chat between Ni and Smith regarding Devra

Detailed Dossier

May 15, 2014 Ingress report CDC clips

there were three clips in the May 15 INgress Report from a video log made during her work at the CDC

Clip 1

… working with government agencies and private corporations. We are attempting to head of the threat to humanity that XM posed by what we have come to know as exotic matter.

Clip 2

Whatever XM is, whatever it is from, there is one thing we know for sure, and that is that it is not safe.

Clip 3

Yes, there are side effects. It is true that many of our voluntary test subjects have died during clinical trials. And yet we go on.

This document references those clips and Devra's work

Additional Information

Devra Bogdanovich's G+ posts

Devra is played by the actress Karen Strassman G+. The photo seen on the card is here. IMDb


In the ingress report 21 a image was seen that shows Devra with her eyes coloured blue and green probably hinting to her indecision to choose a faction.

During the New York City Cassandra event (August 24, 2013), Devra was helping resistance agents and aligning with the Resistance faction.