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Claudia Glas - Detailed Dossier

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File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Moyer Off Grid Claudia and Illya talking about Moyer A compromised intelligence report from +Visur Technology suggests that the XM Corporation, and one must assume its competitors, have been keeping an eye on the enigmatic host of the Ingress Report. Nov 27 2013

Additional Information

First mentioned in the book: The Niantic Project: Level 8.

Some quotes from the book:

She had told him what it meant, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember. Something about rebirth. Or forgiveness. Farlowe did recall that the tattoo was important to her, yet he couldn’t square what he was taught when he joined the agency years ago. One of the first things you learned was “no distinguishing marks”. And a tattoo that unique certainly qualified as a very distinguishing mark. Normally hidden by long hair that she had pulled back of her left ear, curled toward the base of her neck, and then ran down her spine. A trail of marks that ended in places Farlowe could only imagine. Forgiveness. Claudia Glas was unlike any agency muscle that Farlowe had worked with before. Besides being a woman, she had a personality. That is, she was living the bohemian lifestyle. Or at least dressing the part. That’s the way Farlowe was interpreting it.

Claudia’s skin was pale. Her eyes were a deep green underneath jet black hair. In addition to numerous tattoos, she had rings that pierced the soft tissues between her thumb and forefinger. Farlowe was sure that would be an issue when she shot her firearm. However, after watching her punch out the center of a paper target with a six-shot grouping at fifty meters with her HK USP .40, he changed his tune. The girl could shoot. And she could fight. Although she was young – not yet thirty if Farlowe remembered correctly

Her English was perfect. No real trace of an accent, despite being German and having spent most of her life in and around Berlin. Her Russian was pretty good, too. Ilya had hired Claudia as her (Devra) personal bodyguard, but Devra wouldn’t go along with this plan unless Claudia was present.

clear,“ Claudia replied for them all. Her voice was measured and her tone was respectful. The voice she had used while in the Deutsches Heer, Republic of Germany, Farlowe figured.

Washington DC

flint dille shared a recording with Operation Essex of Hank Johnson alerting agents to the presence of a woman matching Claudia's appearance in the anomalous zone.

Hank Johnson, here. Just got a report that a woman with emerald green eyes and a large tattoo has been spotted in the area. I guess I know where I'm off to.