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Dr. Carrie Campbell - Detailed Dossier

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
original LinkDr. Carrie Beth Campbell Offboarding Release ReportDr. Campbell was one of the Niantic Personnel present when Hazdata closed the CERN Niantic Lab.xt 5 June 2013
Study ProposalA research from Carrie Campbell on the shaper glyphs and their effects on humans21 July 2013
StatesideHank talks to Boadicea in an attempt to understand the actions of Carrie Campbell.27 July 2013
Niantic Project (PAC - G+)After receiving a poster signed by Tycho, PAC travels to Chicago and identifies Carrie Campbell's body6 September 2013
GlyphsA bulletin warning agents about the release of the glyph game.18 February 2014
Hank Johnson G+ Hank ponders the whereabouts of Carrie's corpse. 10 May 2015


G+ Post

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Open all. avoid enlightenment. destroy self. save future. resist resist resist. this is not a suicide but a sacrifice. As these glyphs are seen, they shall be spread and as they spread the power of the shaper self destruct shall weaken. they feared us, so they tried to destroy us like past civilizations who tried to learn their tools.

Campbell Offboarding

Carrie Campbell Niantic Project Log.

There seem to be a collection of files named the Carrie Campbell Niantic Project Log.

Found hidden in the WotD of 6 of November 2012

And explain to me why an inventory ever needed to be chiseled into stone for all time. No, I think it is inspiration that was captured by these ancient minds. While I cannot prove it, or even present a working hypothesis, much less a test, I suspect that writing itself might have been a transdimensional gift…

Certainly it cannot be denied that the idea of preserving thought for posterity has been helpful to our shaper friends.

Extract from Carrie Campbell Niantic Project Log

Found hidden in the TotD of 11 of November 2012

Not fully formed. Not hostile. Not aggressive. At least overtly. Empathetic. Manipulative. Cooperative. Their art is… Strange. I do not know whether it is their aesthetic. Or whether it is a mixed vision between Shaper and host… Or whether it is an unlocking of the human's aesthetic. Or perhaps they are interposing their impulses on humans and humans are creating the artworks to express feelings the Shapers can not. Extract from Carrie Campbell Project Log

Epiphany Journal pages

These seem to be scribbles that Carrie has done after the epiphany night. They somehow relate to the glyphs

Page 1


she opens her eyes and the world
disappears disappears
emptiness lack of
appearing appears
the blankness
the nothing
no light light
no sound sound
no form form
no matter matter
no no no no no no no no
weight black white
pure nothing
in all caverns
in all dungeons
in all places
all gone gone
all wiped

if nothing
then nothing
but nothing
it’s nothing


Around the central circle


The numbers 2 0 4 and 1 are inside a square
Reading these up to down we get
20416054 63106520 55809112 58045654
These are numbers of ID in photos of glyphs


The woman in the image seems to be an older woman .
The glyphs seem to be similar to the 20416054 one.

Page 2


the travels traveling travelled
went into the distance
rode away into infinite into infinity
all along riding
forward and backward
and all directions

the adventure unfolding passenger passing
through posing the blur of movement
the sounds of the train flying on its rails
the clack pause clack pause
blur of jetstream cities obscured by its heat
and its chaos and its movement


Again we get the same number in the same order.
20416054 63106520 55809112 58045654
These are numbers of ID in photos of glyphs mentioned above in page 1


The woman in the image seems to be a young lady (teenager perhaps ?) .
The glyphs seem to be similar to the 58045654 one.

Page 3


now enter see inside saw space saw
possibility saw frameworks saw networks
saw connections saw and built nodes and
agendas and ideas and hallucinations and
truths and dreamed cosmic internal
external between space inside
space the possibility
the joining of points
the joining of meaning
the building of space
the combination of thought
entered and began and in
ingress was there for those who could take it

a door opens a door opens in the world a portal opens a portal opens in the mind.


204 160 546 310 652 055 809 112 580 456 54 on the bottom
as groups of 8: 20416054 63106520 55809112 58045654
These are numbers of ID in photos of glyphs mentioned above in page 1
Numbers on bottom left (rotated grid)
63106520 02560136 01360256 63106520
All are permutations of 63106250.


The woman in the image seems to be of middle age, but it is hard to determine due to the door replacing her face .
The glyphs seem to be similar to the 63106250 one.

Page 4


All roads came from here
All paths originated
All moments in time

Crying lonely
Needing warmth
But soon
with all the opening entering breakers

the first note, the first frequency
the first sentence, the first exotic matter\ the first gong the first «shift?» of life
the first chime the first the first


20416054 63106520 55809112 58045654
These are numbers of ID in photos of glyphs mentioned above in page 1
Numbers top corner are a several times 55809112


This image seems to be fetus connected to a plant .
The glyphs seem to be similar to the 55809112 one.

Additional Information

Carrie is played by Erin Fitzgerald