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Mr. Azmati - Detailed Dossier

First mentioned in a discussion between Hank Johnson and ADA that takes place a few days before Hank leaves the Niantic Project facility to scout locations for his Nomad series. Ada asks about using a technique on Mr. Azmati and Hank says no, he used an old school waterboarding technique. Ada asks if Hank waterboards his friends and Hank replied he (Mr. Azmati) was not his friend at that time. Hank explains Mr. Azmati knew the rules and lied to Hank and Hank just wanted the truth. Hank continues that Mr. Azmati was forced to do it by talibs. After Hank and Azmati wiped out the terrorists who threatened Azmati's family, they became friends. Azmati gave Hank information that helped lead him to the Hindu Kush Anomaly.

In part 3 Hank confirms he and Azmati set out through the border regions to find the anomaly. Azmati had a tale of jinns and monsters from the area Hank wanted to search. They found a cave that was guarded by fanatics who thought they were guarding spirits.

Further details about the trip Hank and Azmati took are conveyed through an exit interview Hank gave regarding a trip to the Hindu Kush Mountains in October 2010 (he was officially reported missing on October 16, 2010 and found on October 19, 2010). Hank was operating as a member of IQtech, which was privately contracted by the Department of Defense. He was found wearing Yusufzai tribal clothes. Hank says Mr. Azmati was an antique dealer from Kabul (who was on the DOD watchlist having been put there by Johnson). Hank picked him up in a village in the Kunar River Valley. Hank says Azmati found ancient ruins hidden in a ravine with stone carvings. The place was pulsing, humming with distant whispers and odd shapes. Hank says it is vague, he remembers them collecting artifacts, an explosion, Azmati taking cover and that is all he remembers.

Hank Johnson in his Video Diary states the following: “What I don’t understand is why? What do they want me to do? Why are they talking to me? I know they’ve made civilizations great. I’m certain they were whispering to Alexander even as he marched to his death, but why me? Jarvis is not them. He’s not what they are. He hears them like I do. Sees visions, I’m sure of it. I think he really died that night in Zurich. What he is now, I’m starting to think I know that too. And that’s what scares me. And so I’m here. There’s one man who knows the answer, Azmati. He was there the first time. He saw what happened and he left. Why? Why didn’t he wait for me? What did he see? I think I know. That’s where I’m going now. ”

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
viator1 First reference to Azmati Part of Hank's explorations Dec. 29, 2012
Hank Johnson Video Diary Hank is going to see Azmati References the first time he and Azmati visited the Afghanistan Cave Jan. 25, 2014
Johnson DOD part 1 Hank is being interviewed about his activity in Afghanistan References time he and Azmati visited the Afghanistan Cave Jan. 17, 2013
Johnson DOD part 2 Hank is being interviewed about his activity in Afghanistan References time he and Azmati visited the Afghanistan Cave Jan. 19, 2013
Hank Johnson: The Secret Revealed - Part IHank Johnson is dead. Hank Johnson is alive. Perhaps both statements are true.Hank meets Azmati to discuss what Hank Johnson is. He then reveals he is a simulacrum8 March 2014

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