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Antoine Smith - Detailed Dossier

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Unstable Dr Wolfe mental analysis He was one of the observers 6 October 2013
Evolving Dr Lynton-Wolfe and Smith talk about Chaotic Matter Smith believes the CM is changing his body 9 October 2013
RedXAn email change about Project RedX Antoine Smith contacts someone called Matt Peterson about a device to handle Dark XM for Wolfe 9 November 2013
RiskyFan and Ni talk about chaotic matter Hreference to Fan telling Smith 21 Jan. 2014
Hank Johnson's UNtold StoryPart of the sneak preview of the next story from Thomas Greanias Has references to Hank's time in Cross Plains and a visit by A. Smith 7 March 2014

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