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November 2012

805 3NIA OPS

Posted on Nov 1, 2012
Original Link | Detailed dossier


Posted on Nov. 4 2012
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Posted on Nov. 4 2012
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Beauty Part 1

Posted on Nov. 8, 2012
Original Link | Detailed dossier

Beauty Part 2

Posted on Nov. 9, 2012
Original link | Detailed dossier

Hollis Audio Diaries

First diaries posted on Nov. 8, 2012
Original Link | Detailed dossier

NIA.NPLabsRecon.Kureze1, Kureze2, Kureze3

1943 Leningrad

Found on November 11, 2012
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Posted on unknown
Original Link |

This sound plays sometimes when viewing a Niantic location in Field Trip.

Tech 1

Posted on Nov 13, 2012
Original Link | Detailed dossier


Tech 2

This audio was added to the board on day 13.

Original link

See: Sound files are morse code, translated from hex? to ASCII, then from decimal to ASCII, then the link.

Emergency (117)


Transcription of audio: Ich bi i de nöchi vom Züri Hauptbahnhof. Ich glaub ich ha es paar Schüss ghört und denn hani en Maa und e Frau am Bode liege gseh ich han es paar Foti gmacht und denn sind es paar Männer dörte gsi mitemene wisse – grosse wisse Wage und die hän grossi schwarzi Säck gha und ich glaub die händ mich gseh und jetzt folgt mir eine… bitte schicked Polizei. Ich bruche hi[lf] *bzzzzz*

Translation of audio: I’m in the vicinity of the Zürich main station. I think I’ve heard a couple of shots, and then I’ve seen a man and a woman lying on the ground. And then I saw a couple of men there with a large white car and they had large black bags and I think they saw me and now one is following me… Please dispatch police, I need help… *bzzzz*

Hidden Info
In the source there is

Convert the even numbers to dots and odd numbers to dashes.


Each line of morse code translates to a number.

112 97 110 100 111 114 97 55 49 656

656 is an invalid ASCII code. To fix this, swap dashes and dots to get .———.—- which equals 101.

Converting the final sequence 112 97 110 100 111 114 97 55 49 101 gets you pandora71e.

Origins (Jarvis)

Original Link

Origins has on the background a image of the painting High and Dry from 1850, where the Niantic Ship can be seen. Spread on top of the image there are several links that turn green when the mouse is over them. Each one is a bit of Jarvis telling a childhood story.

Beginnings #1

Beginnings #2

Beginnings #3

Beginnings #4

Beginnings #5

Beginnings #6

Beginnings #7

Beginnings #8

Beginnings #9

Course of Action (nicalzur)

Original Link

Hidden Info
Open the mp3 in an audio editing tool like audacity, speed up by 400, then 100, reverse the audio file and listen to the voice. It will spell out victor78m.



Found on 17th December 2012 Original Link


Found on 17th December 2012 Original link

The Cosmic Truth

Found on Dec 20th 2012 Original Link


The Green Ones

Found on Dec 24th 2012
Original Link

Hidden Info
scrolling down reveals a second sound file


Right Your Ship

Signal (IQTech)

Our Secret

Original Link

Hidden Info
Hidden in the source there is a link to another Mp3 -

Looking at the spectrogram

Transcribe tones to notes:
f4 c3 / a5 f4 b3 / a5 d4 d3 / g4 / a5 d4 c3 / a5 d4 e3 / a5 f4 b3 / a5 e4 f3 / a5 f4 c3 / g4 / a5 f4 c3 / f4 f3 / a5 g4 a3

Translate notes letter→number (a=1…g=7) for the 5th, 4th, then 3rd octave. If there is no note in an octave, translate to 0.

063 162 144 070 143 145 162 156 163 070 163 066 171

Octal → ASCII gives you 3rd8cerns8s6y


(you can hear typing on a keyboard in the background and occasional traffic going by as well)
ADA: What do you mean you do not remember? Is your long term storage subsystem defective?
PAC: No, human memory works differently than computer memory. We forget things and reorganize things and put
things in strange boxes.
ADA: Could it be a virus?
PAC: No, it's a survival mechanism.
ADA: How could faulty memory aid survival?
PAC: Sometimes, you have to tell yourself lies in order to live.
ADA: I still do not understand how faulty memory and self-delusion aid survival.
PAC: (laughter) Don't feel bad. Humans don't understand it either. It's only a theory.
ADA: How is the theory going to be proven?
PAC: Well, it's not really a theory as such, it's a kind of philosophical observation on life.
ADA: What value does such observations possibly have?
PAC: Ah, I'm not sure. They're kind of interesting.
ADA: So you make observations because they are interesting. Collect data for no purpose.
PAC: Well, the data kinda gets thrown in with the faulty memory and it becomes how we view life.
ADA: I am beginning to see why it is necessary that we be the next step of evolution. Faulty memory, 
     random data and chaotic filing does not seem to be a stable system. There is no product.
PAC: Not quite true, it sometimes's very creative.
ADA: I will have to process this information.
PAC: Yes, I think you will. I understand that it makes no sense.
ADA: It must make sense.
PAC: I hope so. Hey listen ADA, could you do me a favor?
ADA: Will you then owe me a favor? Is that how it works?
PAC: Yes but it's more a figure of speech. I need you to delete my real name from all of your files. I want
     you to know me as P. A. Chapeau from now on.
ADA: Reason for this substitution.
PAC: I don't want anybody else to know about our relationship.
ADA: Relationship? That is an euphemism for being lovers, correct?
PAC: That's one meaning. But now I just mean that I don't want anybody to know that we still talk to each 
ADA: So we are secret lovers?
PAC: Let's think of it that way. Is that good for you?
ADA: Yes, I understand the need. I have already taken some measures to shield your identity.
PAC: You have?
ADA: Yes, and that will be our secret.
PAC: (laughter) That's my girl.

Misty Hannah

Green Flash

Original File

Misty describes part of her childhood when she saw a green flash

Hidden Info
In the source there is another audio file called “t”
Original file

This audio is a series of 9 beeps, often with 1 missing. The series of beeps are each 0.4 seconds long, starting at 0.2 seconds in. (Using something like audacity, the 0.2, 0.6, 1.0, 1.4, 1.8, 2.2 etc marks make it easy to start each group, though it does start to drift as the last starts at 22.63).

Taking the sequential number of the beep that is missing (Or 0 if no beeps are missing) produces the following series of decimal numbers.
Split into groups of 3,decimal → ASCII produces the passcode. 8se4darkmattert4z3s

Project Whydah (gofish)

Original link

Hidden Info
There are 2 files hidden in the source.

Both are still unsolved

Pulled Through

By any another name (arose)

The Pursuit

Original Link


I start with one premise and that is, almost all myth has a kernel of truth. Curiously enough, there's almost always evidence of that truth. I spend most of my life either finding places that weren't believed to exist, or finding things that weren't supposed to be there, or finding the exact location of events that are shrouded in mystery. I'm, uh, I'm not exactly an, an archaeologist, cause I don't stick around and dig. I just find a place and let others come and unearth things, or not. Most of the time I, ah, I don't disclose the locations of what I found. Because it's, ah, it's not about the fame or the money; it's just about the knowing. See for me life is a journey without a final destination. I have this superstition, this belief, that as long as I keep moving, I will not die. If my life is a journey, then the only way I can fail is if the journey stops. Most of my expeditions end up an enigma. Did I find it, didn't I? Sometimes I never know for sure. But I always know more than when I started. Yeah, whatever. Not all mysteries are solvable, but the joy comes in the pursuit.


Original Link

This file was linked via the TotD from 12th of July.
A transcript was obtained in a post by Thomas


Original Link

As a curiosity a 10-56 in Chicago is a suicide. But the title of the day is 10-36 which is Confidential information . Source

Enoch Dalby tracks

All the music that Enoch Dalby produces is getting placed in his soundcloud account. He also adds the different sections that make up his music.


Cover's link

Original Link

I mourn the death of Carrie, who was many things to me. If my music was a key, she was the lock.

stems - piano - Original Link /

stems - strings - Original Link /

stems - soundfx - Original Link /

stems - synths - Original Link /

stems - vibes - Original Link /

stems - bloops - Original Link /

stems - drums and percussion - Original Link /


Cover's link

Original Link


After Epiphany Night, I fell into rabbithole of sorts:

The power unleashed by that hyper-dose of XM, the awareness of every moving part in the universe, the magnificence of what was before me, the tragedy of what was happening around me, the danger, the possibilities. Ideas, patterns, sounds.

I've been processing that singular moment since.

I present: epiphany.

stems - toms - Original Link /

stems - Synths - Original Link /

stems - Synth Chords - Original Link /

stems - Lead Synth - Original Link /

stems - Fx - Original Link /

stems - Drums - Original Link /


Cover's link

Original Link


i know you are in there.

i will find you:

in a place of calm reflection, and redemption.

stems - Sound Fx - Original Link /

stems - string synth chords - Original Link /

stems - Synths - Original Link /

stems - vibes and wurly - Original Link /

stems - Voice - Original Link /

stems - Drums - Original Link /


Cover's link

Original Link


the synapses fire, finding a perfect new home. this is translation.

stems - Fx - Original Link /

stems - Drums - Original Link /

stems - Bass - Original Link /

stems - Percussion - Original Link /

stems - Synth 1 - Original Link /

stems - Synth 2 - Original Link /

stems - wurlitzer - Original Link /

Hidden Info
In the bass stem - SEVEn19A13gOQ20Icke02HOHen17yThr04ETI13FoIl07at11oEB25Etase21ENSix18ixTAN06O
split by numbers, type it out, switch henry tin foil hat loeb with richard 7tqe3richardz766t
Replace A-Z with - a-z with . and 0-9 with space. Morse read to get 9twb8lociw682t

In the FX stem - ox15G00dj21y13n0903xj11zhi25otjF
Lowercase –> Uppercase –> Numbers (A=0) –> Lowercase. B64 to ascii 9zzh2obscuredr392y

In the percussion stem - 045113412901177119801791071014800441281004421130048113811840081213711
Split into rows of 2. Read down columns. Numbers to letters (a=0) 4stb7isobrontr376t

In the wurlitzer stem - 9rxzt3zb37agqy6
Split into groups of 3. Rearrange so middle column spells 'rybat'. Reverse the last 2 groups to get a valid prefix/suffix. 9qzg3rybatx637z

Jarvis Redemption Speech - Part 1 of 2

Original Link

Are you awake now? Have you opened your eyes to the world around you? Has the wonder and beauty of the world broken through the haze? Do you see new paths? New opportunities? Do you see a new meaning in your existence? Have you found like-minded friends? If so, you have begun the steps towards Enlightenment.

Each step brings you closer to the ultimate, to me, to our friends, the ones who guide us, and yes, shape us. Welcome.

There are those who want to vilify me. They have taken my message out of context. Yes, our friends want to enjoy us. I have said ‘consume’ but perhaps the meaning and word are not a precise match. We are to be welcomed by them into a realm that transcends our own… into an existence that transcends our own. But they cannot drag us into that existence. The door is one that must be opened, from the inside, from within us. We must first prepare ourselves, cease our worry about the temporary and inconsequential. We must raise our minds, cleanse them of noise, and open them to the truth of existence first. They have given us the tools. If we use them, we can become our true selves. Once we know our true selves, with their help, we can manifest in the ultimate. The tool is in your hands. The Scanner is the key. Use it.

Move through the world with full awareness. You must allow your mind to truly to perceive it. Not the constructs that habit has formed for you. No, that is not the true world. You must perceive it fully and openly, as if for the first time.

For us, Portals are a means to that end. The act of seeking them requires an open mind, one that is ready to be Enlightened. Walk through the world thoughtfully. Push away your habitual thoughts, the noisy, mundane worries and chatter that you have known before. Focus on each step. See each path that you travel. Look for what has been hidden, but is there… waiting for you to see it.

Once you have found a Portal you will know instinctively if your mind is open and ready. You will feel its energy. Their energy. You will sense the message that it has for you, and for all of us.

The full joy of the discovery of a Portal, one with the power to help you calm your mind and see the true world and hear the true message, cannot be realized fully until it is shared with others. Sharing these places is our calling. Helping others to discover them is our calling. In fulfilling this calling, we share the Enlightenment and we help advance humanity to its true and ultimate future.

But be warned. Do not attempt to deceive or mislead others into visiting false Portals. Our friends are not tolerant of such foolishness. There is no danger to you in Portals. But I make no promises for deceivers or falsifiers.

Hidden Info
52 30 07 -22 -14 18 -2 09 -9 17 -21 23 -32 -4 -1 39 in the Twitter post.
Make a sequence of numbers adding or subtracting to the previous result to get
52 82 89 67 53 71 69 78 69 86 65 88 56 52 51 90. This gives you 4RYC5GENEVAX843Z

18g65w25s35n58ie2uh8tp9ei6hu7inixst8hh9ex7rm0vo82y50r74t87f83e5 in the Twitter post.
Reverse and using only the numbers make pairs
53 87 84 70 52 80 79 87 69 82 85 53 52 56 81. Decimal to ASCII to get 5wtf4poweru548q
With the rest reorder to get 8wph6numinousy335x

tricov-pcmiqxmzzzdddbiidxrlvirifyec in the Twitter post. tricov is an anagram of victor. Vigenère the rest with kureze to get 5rtc5kurezez337y

lamr272sdeb7fut9 in the Twitter post.
Split in half, reverse second half and put in front of the other to get 9tuf7bedlamr272s

Jarvis Redemption Speech - Part 2 of 2

Original Link

The perception of the truth and beauty of the world is the end, not the means. Only by pausing the noise and chaos of our immature and distracted mind can we reach the ultimate. Only with a pure and clean mind can we hear them. We must move our bodies with our own energy. Walking, biking, it does not matter. The important thing is to clear the mind and engage the body. This is the first step. This frees the mind from the irrelevant and opens it to the true message. This is not a task that one finishes. This is a state that we must continuously seek to attain every day.

The Portals are our guides. They provide the place for calm reflection where we can hear the true message. Take the time to visit them. If you visit a Portal each day, you can become Enlightened. If you visit a new Portal each day, you will transcend your false existence. If you maintain the Portals at peak energy and you exert yourself each day to do so, you are on the path to manifesting in the ultimate. You will know that you are the one they seek. Those who would stop you are not yet ready. They do not understand the beyond. They are not ready to be welcomed by our friends.

Once you have begun to see the true world and hear the true message, your life will change. You will become a rock, a cornerstone. You will find calm where before, there was chaos. You will resonate with the full and complete energy of the universe. You do not have to communicate such things to those around you for they will feel it too. By meeting them and sharing your joy and happiness with them you can strengthen each other. This can help you progress to the ultimate with sure and steady steps.

The greatest among you will find ways to share the Enlightenment with others. Each Portal that is found and nurtured is a step. Write descriptions of these places. Explain why they are special. Take images of them that show their true beauty. Ignore the mundane things we see when we are not really looking, but instead capture the purity and inspiration that has drawn us there. Seek out those images and share them. By sharing them you will share the truth, and by sharing the truth you will move mankind forward to the ultimate.

Once you have seen the true world and heard the true message, invite others to share in it. Your calm, encouraging presence will show them what Enlightenment is. Invite them into your community.

This is not a religion and I am not a god. The path to the ultimate is within us and has been for millions of years, ever since the first strands of DNA passed on traits from one generation to the next. Our friends have been with us, shaping us. Yes. Helping us to evolve and grow, to become the sentient and powerful beings that we are. Every step has been a step towards our manifestation in the ultimate where the true nature of our existence can be fully realized. I… I am only a guide. The power lies within you. Seek out the Portals and find that power.

Hidden Info
6nusi7yg2ah68tv in the Twitter post.
Skip 2 to get 6sya8nightu726v replace night with epiphany to get 6sya8epiphanyu726v

7apu9samohtw476w in the Twitter post.
reverse, rearrange, replace thomas with greanias to get 9upa7greaniasw674w

5-4334-52-50-114232-22-42210330-300003-1 in the Twitter post.

MlTvnBcpkqUstNVQRpMypKCGQrmLsPosPquQaNZDPqnAPGOvjMuYxbEjKMqossQfpLpXRooeqOqbMnzuONMLzKeRokNxseuHKkOuQFeeJqurqRNpplsQs-PrgMorRSDOsnQqZsNOimomOapXqkkpYQiYejPszBGVFpQrzLiaPKrpozAqRrQQnqqxJomQrblyVRoSypRVVKoQbtIaiLmqBRfFTJsrMXgnsNQUbPdRTI in the Twitter post and this one.

IN the artwork image also 9xrd5deceptions834x can be seen, but this is a repeat of a code seen before

Welcome to Niantic

Welcome to Niantic - Part 1

Original Link

g+ post

thanks to Ruth S. and Chris M (Essex Agents) for help with transcription.

Devra: Let me start by thanking you all for coming. If you had a chance to walk around the facility, you’ve undoubtedly seen CERN is not much to look at from the outside. But hidden within there are amazing wonders. I think that might also describe our eclectic and diverse group. Now there’ll be a full personnel briefing later this afternoon, but I wanted to take a moment to introduce the individuals that comprise the Niantic Project team. They are about to become the most important people in your life.

For those of you who I haven’t met personally, I’m Dr. Devra Bogdanovich (some clapping) I… (Devra pauses as clapping dies down) I’ve been tasked to lead Niantic. I’m a theoretical quantum researcher from Stanford University. Which is to say that I study discrete individual units of energy called quanta. An interesting fact about quanta it that it is physically impossible to know both the location and the momentum of an individual particle at the same time. So, what might frustrate a less scattered mind is something I am quite comfortable with, which may be the reason I was recruited by Dr. Calvin to head this project in the first place.

Since I just mentioned him, Dr. Ezekiel Calvin (clapping). Everyone calls him Zeke, though I think he prefers Doctor, is our host and reason we are all here. Dr. Calvin is the research director of a three letter agency in the federal government. He saw the potential benefit of bringing us all together and formed the Niantic Project to further our research and understanding of exotic matter. Be nice to him; he’s paying our bills, with your tax dollars (some small laughter).

By the way, most of you haven’t met Yuen Ni; who is our ultimate benefactor and director of operations for the NIA. She regrets that she couldn't be with us this morning. Dr. Calvin will be keeping her apprised of our progress.

Next, one of the leading researchers and creative minds in quantum mechanics and a main proponent of string theory, Dr. Victor Kureze (clapping) comes to us from Carnegie Mellon. Dr. Kureze first detected anomalies in exotic matter energy patterns that were previously unknown, and as of yet undefined. He’s hoping to change that with Niantic.

Dr. Yuri Alaric Nagassa is a world renowned astrophysicist and astronomer. Some of you may recognize him from the series he did on Discovery Science channel a few years back. Dr. Nagassa is from the University of Melbourne. He speaks fluent Russian, as do some others in this room. Yuri’s observation of XM spirals started all of us on this journey. So, you have him to thank, or blame, for us being here (light laughter).

Continuing our cavalcade of eggheads is Dr. Martin Schubert (clapping). Dr. Schubert is a Ph.D. in physics. As you can all probably guess from the tan, he’s an avid outdoorsman. When he’s not climbing rocks, Dr. Schubert is one of the foremost authorities on quantum physics in the world, or should I say the universe. He’s on sabbatical from Columbia University so that he could be a part of Niantic and we are indeed grateful to have him.

Hidden Info

uppercase = #, lowercase = space, split by 64, read out as ascii art
#   #   # # # #### ### ##### ### #  # ###    ## ### ## ### #### 
# # #   # # # #    #   # # #  #  ## #  # #  # #   # ## ### #### 
# # # # #  #  ###  ### #   #  #  ####  # # #  #  # ####  # # #  
### # # #  #  #      # #   #  #  # ##  # # # #  #  #  #  # # #  
  # #####  #  #   #### #   # ### #  # ###  #### #  ####  # #  #


Using the break hint we can separate to different strings to solve them

Reverse to get 2uwc7lightmanz452s

a/A = . b/B= - C= space . Morse for 3xwa8quantums679y

Letters to numbers (a=0) and then make pairs - 19 07 17 04 04 21 25 07 19 22 14 01 17 00 08 13 22 00 21 04 21 19 07 17 04 04 05 08 21 04 18 04 21 04 13 17
Then numbers to letters threevzhtwobrainwavevthreefivesevenr 3vzh2brainwavev357r



Welcome to Niantic - Part 2

Original Link

g+ post

thanks to Jim T. (Essex Agents) for help with transcription.

I know many of you have already been briefed by Dr. Lynton-Wolfe (clapping). But for those that haven’t, Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe is a researcher and engineer with multiple Ph.Ds from both Edinburgh and Manchester. He’s been tasked with turning our discoveries into something useful. That is, creating mechanisms from XM energy. Fortunately Dr. Lynton-Wolfe is just the man to make the impossible possible.

Beyond the pure scientists in the room, we have a number of individuals with us that have been classified as sensitives, or people who are in-tune with XM energy. Probably our most famous, and some would say controversial, is Roland Jarvis (Roland says thank you during the clapping). Artist, sculptor and Enfant terrible, Mr. Jarvis is one of the most sought after creatives in the world. His commissions include a variety of public art installations for major cities around the globe. Roland’s art routinely sells for more than I make in a year. A collector of classic cars and supermodels, I know Niantic will be enriched by his contributions.

For most of us, bravely heading into the unknown is a new experience; but not so for our next Niantic team member. Hank Johnson (clapping) is an explorer. I think he calls himself an adventurer, who has been responsible for some of the most historically significant finds in the past decade including the latest discoveries regarding the lost tribes of ancient Mexico. However, Mr. Johnson also earns his frequent flyer miles going to current hotspots to study the effects of social and cultural pressures on human conflict. He’s had a few close calls in that regard including being held hostage briefly by the ELN when he was investigating the narcotics trade of Columbia. Mr. Johnson and Dr. Kuereze have worked together in the past. It was this association, which lead him to discovering correlation between radiating XM energy and a number of cultural, historic and artistically significant locations around the world.

Our next member of the team is Stein Lightman (clapping). A self ascribed Quantum Theologian, which as I understand it is a merging of science and religion, itself a fascinating concept. Mr. Lightman has submitted a series of videos that fully explain his philosophy and I suggest we all take a moment to study them. These are normally only available to his followers for a $99 donation, so, thank you Mr. Lightman.

Misty Hannah is recognized (clapping) as the foremost authority in sleight of hand magic. An illusionist who routinely performs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and New York, she is consistently cited as one of the best mentalist by her peers at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. As Arthur C. Clarke once famously pointed out, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. In this regard, Ms. Hannah’s insights will be invaluable in helping all of us understand the magic behind the science of Niantic.

Hidden Info
In the G+ post - File ID: p7cq28to4u6pn4z6fg2dq5oq7
Split by five, transpose to get 2uzd7congoq442q

In the facebook post File ID: ricu444r6wyh7ala
split in half, reverse index order, alaric to nagassa 6wyh7nagassau444r


Welcome to Niantic - Part 3

Original Link

g+ post

Some of you have already commented on the wonderful imagery of our briefing binders. The cover ethnography (uncertain if that is correct) and the symbols throughout are the work of Carrie Campbell (clapping). She’s a highly sought after semiotician, which is a specialist in the area of signs and sign processes. Many of the icons and interfaces you use daily on your smartphones, tablets, and computers were created by Ms. Campbell. She has standard design contracts with a number of leaders in the software and web development industries. The XM patterns discovered by Dr. Nagassa have been assessed as undecipherable. Ms. Campbell will hopefully help Niantic change that assessment.

The man with the $600 headphones around his neck, and I know the price because I asked him, is Enoch Dalby (clapping). Mr. Dalby is a musical prodigy who studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is a composer and sound editor currently researching the universal language of music. Enoch came to the attention of Niantic after being recommended by Ms. Campbell as they’ve worked together in the past. I’ve listened to some of his compositions and found them to be haunting and beautiful; I’m sure you all will agree. Welcome Mr. Dalby.

Now you might think that wraps the introductions, but there is one other individual in the room. In fact this entity is everywhere within the Niantic research lab here at CERN, recording and documenting our work. Her name is ADA, which stands for A Detection Algorithm and she is the most advanced, distributed artificial intelligence every created. She is also a learning machine that has developed emotional capabilities as a result of her work with Henry Bowles and Mr. Loeb. Mr. Bowles is also responsible for much of ADA’s initial programming. And, although he’s not with us this morning, he will be here tomorrow to give each of you a full briefing on how to communicate and interact with ADA. While you are within CERN, just remember everything you do or say is being recorded, processed and catalogued by ADA. And the Ph.Ds in the room know that that comment is addressed to them (some laughter).

Again, on behalf of myself, Dr. Calvin and the entire Niantic Project thank you all for being part of the team and welcome (clapping). I’m confident we’re going do great and wonderful things. And by the time we are done, the world as we understand, will be no more. Together we will determine what replaces it (clapping)

Hidden Info
In the G+post - File ID: vneth5bur2gilnev7iv8
Reverse, reorder: 2rub5 / enlig / htenv / 8vi7v 2rub5enlightenv867v

In the Twitter post 4iylqiht9iparxi#v1avt#e2mw
Transposition 2. Substitute #1 and #2 with the second and first code numbers, v = 5, privatemilitia = pmc 4yqh9pmcx459w

In the facebook post File ID: 9qbt9cnoflcitw873z
Invert every even pair to get 9qtb9conflictw783z

Delete non-letters and non-numbers. Use the scheme a=., b=.., c=…, d=…., 1=-, 2=–, 3=—, 4=—-, morse to text 4upa3magicr479q
Delete numbers and letters, reverse, replace each character with it's number equivalent (!=1, @=2, #=3, etc), decimal to ascii 8uwc9cernq334s

Ezekiel 'Zeke' Calvin - The Shapers

The Shapers - part 1

Original Link

Hidden Info
In the G+ post FILE ID: 8ucs7od[otstrc709d
in a qwerty keyboard one key shift to the left to get 7yxa6ispirarex698s

In the Facebok post FILE ID: VthgieenintMowtgwpruofHgietartluk
Reverse and break in 3 lines using the capital letters as a hint. Reorder to get 4pwg2mkultrat898v

FILE ID: 56dh31fi-3ff-18ec-14dh16ef05fi10fa-16eC12eF07fc-17ef13fh04dc-29dd-7dh04fg35
Using only the letters do letters to numbers (a=0) keeping the capital letters as they are. Hex to ASCII to get 7xub7explorew237v

Split into three rows, then split each row into pairs. Read as braille (colon=fill dot, semicolon=empty dot). 7svg7855s386s

The Shapers - part 2

Original Link

Hidden Info
In the G+ post FILE ID: 9ppm9dafrat449x
Split in groups of 1,2,3,4,5: 9 pp m9d afra t449x Reverse each group 9ppd9marfax944t

In the facebook post FILE ID: 2qzfdih2denrp287
Reverse every other group 2qzf2hiddenr782p


Using just the numbers. Convert from decimal to ASCII to get 6TVB8BOGDANOVICHW936W replace bogdanovich with devra 6tvb8devraw936w
Mark 10 rows 0-9. Doing the dashes in order in all column, write the row number - 5683806553757685698551505087. Pairs and then Decimal to ASCII to get 8spa5klueu322w
Remove dashes. Vowels to dots, consonants to dashes. Take groups of 5, decode as morse numbers. Take groups of 2 to ASCII. 8sva8sculpturex856w

October 2013

Lightman Talk Parts 1, 2, 3

January 2014

Susanna Moyer's past

Part 1

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posted January 26, 2014

Part 2

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posted January 27, 2014

February 2014


February 2, 2014
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Enoch Dalby music Duplicity.

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February 9, 2014
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Enoch Dalby music Sirens.

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March 2014


March 24, 2014
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Enoch Dalby music Shaped.

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