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The reason most of you to come here and the solution to most of the puzzles. Passcodes so far have had several formats:

  • Long Passcode - these are the most common and follow this format. This format seems to no longer be used.
  • Long Passcode 2 - This was introduced after the powercubes were release and occasionally include them in their rewards. The format is [2-9][p-z][p-z][a-h][2-9]keyword[p-z][2-9][2-9][2-9][p-z] .
  • Long Passcode 3 - This was introduced on the 17th of January. It is similar to the previous formats , but the letter range is bigger
  • Vi Passcode - since the beginning of their third dive there is a new format. These seem to have lower redemption limits but very high rewards. The format is keyword[0-9][a-z][a-z][0-9][0-9][a-z][a-z][0-9]
  • Short Passcode - their format is keyword [2-9][2-9][a-z]. This format seems to no longer be used.
  • Single Word - One word passcodes. Normally they come from locations mentioned in the “An Exotic Matter”.
  • Dead drop codes - Real world locations that had passcodes for players to recover. More info here
  • One use codes - These are one use only, and are given to players due to their participation in discussions with Characters like X in the , during events or answering quizzes like the ones made by Thomas Greanias. The rewards from these are normally based on the level of the player using it, but what they give seems to be quite random.

Their format is [p-z][p-z][p-z][2-9][2-9]keyword[2-9][2-9][p-z][p-z][p-z]

Passcode origin

You can find the pascodes in this spreadsheet. They have their place of origin and date it came out. There are also other details that might interest you and help you in solving future puzzles. (if interested in helping with this document please contact me via Google+)

Passcode redeem messages

Depending on the message you get when trying to redeem a passcode you can determine if it is still alive or not

  • Passcode alredy redeemed - still valid but you already got it's rewards
  • Passcode fully redeemed - it is expired, a.k.a. it reached it's maximum number of uses and no player can use it anymore. Normally called dead passcodes.
  • Invalid passcode - You inserted a non valid passcode. If you are sure about it's validity check if your spelling is correct and there is no extra spaces at the beginning or end.

Passcodes in the intel map

This feature was renabled on August the 8th. Just like the scanner it also shows the rewards , shows if the passcode is fully redeem or if your inventory is full.