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Under the tab inventory in your scanner you will find all your items. These can be obtained in 3 ways

  • Hacking a portal
  • Passcode redemption
  • Acquiring an item another agent has dropped

When opening the inventory you will see all your items displayed in a carrousel like display. They can be filtered to show only a certain type (more info on the different kinds of item can be seen in the sections below).

There is a limit to how many items your inventory can hold. That limit is set at 2000. Having 2000 or more will prevent you from getting any items via the 3 ways mentioned above.

To free up space there are 2 possibilities

  • Recycle - This will eliminate the item and you will receive a certain amount of XM
  • Drop - This will drop the item at your current location and any other player (friendly or enemy) can pick it up. Items not picked up after 12 hours will disappear.


Media are clues that can only be obtained via hacks or picking up dropped items. They are either new elements of the story or the latest Ingress Report

For a list of media found please check here

Recycling a media item grants you 20 XM per media level


Each portal can have up to 4 mods on it. For you to deploy a mod in a portal, that portal has to belong to your faction, and have at least a free slot. Each player can deploy up to 2 mods per portal. The mods are not removable unless you were the one to do place it.
Mods can affect the following Portal stats depending on what kind of mod is used

  • Mitigation (capacity of the shields) - Shields
  • Attack Power - Force Amp
  • Number of attacks - Turret
  • Cooldown time (time required between hacks) - Heat Sink
  • Amount of hacks (amount before the portal burns out) - Multi Hack
  • Link distance - Link Amp

With the addition of each repeating mod to the same portal it's effect strength is smaller.

If a faction loses control of a portal all the mods on it will disappear.

Mods have so far come in 3 kinds of rarity

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Very Rare

Portal Shield

Mod which shields Portals from attacks.
More details

New models released in 1.44

AXA Shield

Result of a sponsorship from Axa insurances , they were introduced in 15th of December 2014. They are currently the strongest kind of shield.

Mod that increases Portal link range
More details

Heat Sink

Mod that reduces cooldown time between Portal hacks.
More details


Mod that increases hacking capacity of a Portal.
More details

Force Amp

Mod that increases power of Portal attacks against enemy agents.
More details


Mod that increases frequency of Portal attacks against enemy agents.
More details

Portal Keys

Recycling a portal key grants you 20 XM

Power Cubes

Store of XM which can be used to recharge Scanner.
More details

New models released with 1.44


XM object used to power-up a Portal and align it to a Faction.
More details

New models released with 1.44


XMP Burster

Exotic Matter Pulse weapons which can destroy enemy Resonators and Mods and neutralize enemy Portals.
More details

New models released with 1.44

ADA Refactor

The ADA Refactor can be used to reverse the alignment of an Enlightened Portal.
More details


The JARVIS Virus can be used to reverse the alignment of a Resistance Portal.
More details

Ultra strike


These allow to store up to 100 other items in them. So far 3 varieties are known.

More details

Chaotic Matter Units

Exchange Chaotic Matter Units for items

These haven't been released yet and the information available might not match when they are released in the scanner.
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