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Date posted: Jan. 19, 2014

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Hidden Info
In the bottom right corner - 3opw7gmtr7y8j

Braille in the bottom left corner
Reading it gives ppptdtpchtvunbzlpppcpppt, rot -19 to iiimwmivamonguseiiiviiim 3mwm4amonguse3v3m

Top right corner - 7BCO6EBO7U2DDSSXRO
Skip 7 decode to get 7oso2obscuredb7x6d

In the Twitter post &ifnggpl%oirmimoeudsica@tje$&u
Pairs. read first letter of each pair first and then the second. replace symbols with proper number in keyboard. 7fgp5immediate@ingloriousc2j4u. Immediate inglorious is part of the poem darkness by lord byron. 7fgp5byronc2j4u

In the image description


Wright, Stein and Nagassa tell interesting stories, but all of my training would tell me that this is a pattern we are tracing upon a behavior– a pareidolia.

But sometimes, those patterns are undeniably there. One that’s piqued my curiosity is what IQTech is calling the ‘Shaper Septicycle.’ It’s a misnomer, of course, or perhaps a very intentional choice of words by the brilliant Ken Owens… That would explain the 7-person bicycle jokes.

While at Niantic we often speculated that the Ordered data may hold a queue and execute cadence, but were never able to advance the research enough to confirm it. It seems that IQTech has been able to continue where Niantic left off.

Cycles of seven are found in nearly all major religions, histories and human patterns. The Egyptians used groups of seven. Atlantis was made up of seven islands. The Greeks gave us seven daughters of Atlas. In the Bible we find seven days of creation, seven loaves of bread multiplied into seven basketfuls, seven deadly sins and seven acts of mercy. From India we get the seven Chakras and the seven steps walked by the Buddha. In Islam we find the seven levels of Heaven.

The list goes on and on. Why? Why do we see this pattern throughout history?

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