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Hidden Info

Hidden Info
In the image caption fghbighifdIgjbouaeajkuhhhbebjkujhhohbuukobehgkiebiGagcmacgngaedrfnKglfkblimblfkfmalf

The album name is iigqoyhudsmae8bxn2a7jdkkcfl3fs
Split into pairs, arrange according to the first letter 7xfs8squidk3a2y

On the bottom left corner of the top image
 atbash, substitute symbols for keyboard numbers, 'magic=tech' is Clarke's third law 4wmh53rdlawa7r3a

On top of the second image AENTG6RX8NGN5E6
columnar rearrange to spell agent, reverse prefix/suffix 8xrn6agente5n6g

In the facebook post 52678290549629539589499529409546752745779
Split the first 10 characters and last 10 characters into pairs, decimal to ascii, for pre- and suffix. Split the middle 21 characters into triples. guess the keyword ? 4crz6cathexisc4j9o

Additional Information

These are stills from Hank Johnson video diary