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Fan made / Non Canon

Ingress and the Niantic project due to many factors like the extensive time it exists and the vast amount of players world wide , has made some of the most dedicated players to create their own off-shots of the official storyline in many forms. The idea of this page is to show those pieces of work. Please remember that all of these are non-official, but in some occasions they end up referred by official sources (wether re-shared by the likes of Brandon Badger or Joe Philley, or even in special cases posted in PAC's board.


Shapers Message

Source - G+ Post
Description - Today, when I was fighting for the Resistance, a strange thing happened! In one hack to a neutral portal I got a media file. I decided to see what was on it and I could only hear a screeching sound before my scaner become inoperative. I quickly returned to the headquarters of the Oporto Resistance and handed my scanner to our technicians so they could check what was happening to it. They were able to repair the equipment and extract the sound file that caused the damage. We took the file to our scientists and they were able to find and decode a worrying message on it. Embedded in the sound file were some glyphs. Its translation is the following: “human obstacle future purity abandon peace attack civilization attack resistance attack enlightened”.
Dividing the message we can see three distinct parts “human obstacle future purity” (we are a threat to the Shapers plans), “abandon peace” (a clear indication to start the war), “attack civilization attack resistance attack enlightened” (express orders on which targets to attack“
This can only mean one thing, the Shapers are preparing a global offensive against all humans. They will not distinguish between Resistance or Enlightened, they are preparing a global offensive to exterminate our species… We were considered an obstacle to their plans and have to be eliminated.
The Resistance decided to make this information public so that all humans can prepare for what is to come. Resistance or Enlightened we are all a target for the Shapers…

Don't believe us, see for yourself!

Original sound file with encoded message:

“Clean” sound file with encoded message:

Images of media, spectrograms and Glyphs message follow…


DeusJZ XM Issues

Source - G+ Post | Playlist

Description - His story began with a simple phone glitch
“I don't know what happened to my phone. I was trying to take a picture, and it somehow ended up taking video. I'm running 4.0.4 on the ICS Pureness and can't recreate the problem it had. The video recording isn't even working anymore. It crashes the app when I try it. Does anyone have any ideas?”

E London #TimeZero

Source - G+ Post


Description - Using the content of the #TimeZero event this group actually caused another event #SaveKlue and did their own digital hunt, TimeZero Glyph Hunt


Source - G+ Post Youtube

Description - These 3 members produce videos heavily based on the Resistance side they defend, producing their own stories. One of their videos was placed in the Investigation Board.

Joshua Reiniger (TerramAlWathani)

Source - G+ Post Youtube

Description - Joshua is known among the Niantic community as one of the E faces. His videos are made after major events in the story and in them he defends his ideals quite eloquently. More than once his videos were placed in the Investigation Board.


Source - Youtube Channel

Description - Players interact with the world of ingress in a more relaxed and humorist way.

Ingress - The Chase - Niantic file

Source - A production from Riccardo Greco / RK productions (Andrea Marasca, Riccardo Greco and Davide “FunkAmore” Abate)

Description - An agent is followed by a surveillance team, with an interesting ending


Source -

- Video Log 0001 - posted Aug. 12, 2013

- Video Log 0001 - posted Sept. 23, 2013

- Video Log 0003 - posted Oct. 2, 2013

Description - A Resistance member broadcast about a truth he found

Carrie's Shadows

Source - G+ Post by docwho2100 | YouTube Video

Description - A fanfiction story tracking the journey Carrie Campbell took through the world of Niantic.


Source -

Description - Mustafa Said now also has a series of videos where he discusses his theories about Ingress

INGRESS PRIME TEASER | El mundo que te rodea, no es lo que parece

Source -

Prometheans-Enlightened Resistance


The Pathfinder Project

Source - G+ Profile
Description -

Tagline - Utilizing technology of the future to discover the wonders of our past.

Introduction - “People usually feel funny, smile and laugh when I tell them about my strong belief in the very existence of prehistoric advanced technology and great civilizations of wilier races. I just can't wait to see their faces at time the truth is revealed.”

- Toba Beta

Running Blind (Russian Event)

Source - G+ Post 1 G+ Post 2
Description - An event that was dressed up quite well with a back story and these old documents


TCE local Lore

Source - G+ Post | Event
Description - Thanks for mentioning the #TCE local lore as an example of what I am sure so many fans will enjoy emulating the creative efforts. +Hugo Neves , We find it works on a few levels, but what I like most is how it lets the players themselves feel invested on a personal level.
If you are interested read on for What Ingress has unveiled to The Tulare County Enlightened Guild. Through a serendipitous series of event I ended up meeting two brothers of a local tribe of Real Americans. These guys are pretty cool and radiate a peace about them. If you are stressed it fades when you talk to either of them. Just A class characters too.

I invited them to play this game called +Ingress. I was building a team and some how knew they'd like this “game”. Immediately they leved past me and have been our strongest asset to the entire county. We have a belief that the brothers are sensitives as well. They seem to understand that the Shapers represent a similarity to the way many come to regard as God(s). Consider that we could have globally shared the ancient concept of an intangible and conscious influence. There is a connection the two brothers have had with the earth as they have grown up going to what could be portals and quite possibly XM concentrations. As brothers +Kowonash Franco , and +Lahoci Franco have leveled up faster than any one else in the area as they know the meaning of team work. To make a long story short there was a time when +Kowonash Franco was playing and sensed something by a light and when he approached it looked like smoke, as he got to the light it started on fire. He quickly stamped it out, and when if he wasn't drawn to that portal, he wouldn't have stopped that light and bark turning in to real trouble.
As a personal friend and being Enlightened I suggested that it was more than a coincidence, but the investigation continues for our guild. We are searching with our scanners and we hope to uncover some of the oldest portals that have been created long before Europeans colonized the land. We want to find if there is anything different about ancient portals.

Oporto Resistance (Portugal)

Source - G+Post and another post
Description - The Oporto Resistance when they do their operations they do not limit themselves to just hack portals, but they create their own lore around

I have been taken

Source- Where am I

Description- Agent MasterDecker tells a story of his capture and imprisonment an alleged Resistance facility.


Source - G+ post by docwho2100
Description - What happens when Misty Hannah comes to visit Dr. Devra Bogdanovich? A Fan fiction story in 4 chapters

Hinge Points

Source - Google Document G+ post by docwho2100
Description - A “follow-up” to Linking. Misty Hannah chats about important points in her life called Hinge points. Includes links to actual Ingress/Niantic Project references.

HYPRthrd v1.01

Source - Google Document G+ post by Scheurmann R. (esistance)
Description It's time to go public.

With another round of #13Magnus on our doorstep, several agents requested that I release the results of my
Hyperthread experiment from a little over two months ago.

While this method is extremely dangerous, I would feel much better knowing that it wasn't the exclusive
property of a corporation.

So here it is, my gift to humanity...

Two Days in Cross Plains: The Legacy of Robert Howard by Don Jolly

Source - Article

Operation OMAR

Source - Link

Ingress Missing Pages @ Kuala Lumpur

Source - Link by Yik Sheng

Wild Ingression Blog

Source - link

an agent's blog/adventure



Source - G+Post
Description - Lukas acts as a service of non official news broadcast to anything Niantic related. He has been around since almost the beginning of the Niantic project.

Zalgo the Shaper