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posted October 3, 2013

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Hidden Info

Hidden Info 1
Playing with the levels reveals braille in a circle that reads 5yxa7hannahy576s

There are some pixels at very top of page with the values of 874333 539756 962727 163643 867717 230000

There is another group of pixels along the right-hand side.

In the Thumbnail
There is morse that reads as 8xrg5feliciaq534q
Hidden Info 2
On the 3rd page in G+ , 6111141135561047156124166666111616215766.ailfence 3 decrypt 65 161 160 141 71 165 162 142 141 156 167 63 66 65 161. Octal to ASCII to get 5qpa9urbanw365q

On the 5th page in the Facebook post , 221016205214133219132153217133148217217213205. Groups of 3, decimal encode as base64, reverse base64, base64 to ASCII to get 5wve6aframz544w

File ID - r96e2hcn-uhq8yu4. reverse, remove hunch and hyphen, split: 4uy 8q / 2e 69r. Read first column forward and the other backward to get 4uye2hunchq869r

File ID - WJDVXKMT-VLXYIHW. Atbash: DQWECPNGEOCBRSD RailFence6: DWPEBDRONEQCGCS Letter to Numbers: 4wpe2droneq373s

File ID - 6xxg7mo-w367x

File ID - 536357-0565 5965351062-133 064623/ /3065443480/ /11440


There are pieces in the black in the last page. Stitch all the line fragments together, this will reveal the passcode (rotated 45 degrees) 2xxe7meissneru429q



Additional Information