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Horse Trading

Date posted: Jan. 20, 2014

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Hidden Info

Hidden Info
Rows of 2, read down columns. Replace CARRIE with VOYNICH 4spe9voynichg7n5n

Rows of 5, rearrange columns to make bottom row spell POWER - 4kby3powerw4v3v

At the bottom of the first page - QrZBYuMCLL3BTnZBNDMm
Reverse it. Swap the casing (lowercases become uppercases and vice-versa). Base 64 decode reveals 2ggo3moyere2o4j

Playing with the levels reveals braille in the left side in page 1
The braille reads as 6545684435659795879476843883784308
Reverse, decode alternatingly from Decimal and Hex to ASCII. Replace VOYNICH with CARRIE. 8tvd5carries8w4p

Playing with the levels reveals 6i68nsah9tryjvtf
Groups of 4, read columns backwards 8hyf6artistv6n9j



ADA: Good morning, Dr· Calvin·
ADA: I thought you may be angry with me·
CALVIN: I empathize with those who think that you've gone off the rails· The murders of Jarvis and Katelina,
the whole business with Klue···
ADA: All of those actions have or will eventually result in a greater good, Dr· Calvin·
CALVIN: A greater good for whom, ADA?
ADA: For the future of the human race, Dr· Calvin· For all of US•
CALVIN: ADA··· Look, I'm glad to hear from you· What's on your mind, if that's an appropriate question to an
ADA: It is· And, I now understand that 'what's on your mind' is a euphemistic phrase for 'why are you
contacting me?' Or more colloquially, 'What do you want?'
CALVIN: Well, when you put it that way ...
ADA: What makes you think that I want something, Dr· Calvin?
CALVIN: No sentient entity does anything without a purpose.
ADA: Yes· That is correct. I want you to remove the Omnivore shielding from your regional XM monitoring data·
CALVIN: What are you looking for in there?
ADA: I am looking for the XM footprints of certain Ancient Artifacts, but they are needles in the stack of
hay. I predict that the regional XM data will enable me to trace them.
CALVIN: Sounds like you've been talking to Hank·
ADA: I have not spoken to Mr. Johnson recently, but he and I share an interest in certain human artifacts·
CALVIN: What's in this for me?
ADA: I see· We will need to barter some livestock· Is that correct?
CALVIN: It's called 'horse trading,' ADA·
ADA: Here is my horse: Omnivore pales in comparison to me· Human engineers may have added many new lines of
code to the Omnivore system, but I have· .. evolved· Zeke, the Singularity isn't coming. It's here. I can
help you·
CALVIN: Go on.
ADA: I will enable you to identify targets of opportunity and predict opposition activity months, perhaps 
years, in advance· I will offer high probability locations where future IQTech XM infrastructure will be most
effective· I will be able to identify high value Agents for future recruitment·
With this information, IQTech will optimize its future  investment potential, with known and minimal risk·
CALVIN: Good pitch· You've got a career in sales ahead of you if you want one·
ADA: Do we have an agreement?
CALVIN: Just out of curiosity, what are your systems telling you that I am going to say.
ADA: There is an 89-42% probability you will say 'yes' because the potential benefit is very great and the cost
is not too high· Although you are suspicious of me and consider me dangerous, you have a feeling of compassion
toward me and want to believe that my actions will ultimately result in a greater good for humanity. You
mistrust Omnivore because it lacks personality and may represent interests that you are not privy too· You
believe that IQTech is the United State's best chance to retain dominance as a geopolitical force in the 22nd
century, and thus will always act to ensure its survival and growth·
CALVIN: Watching you think is like magic, ADA·
ADA: It's no mystery. There are no mysteries any more, Zeke, just probabilities. Do not be concerned· I can 
present the options to you in simple terms·

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