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Before First Via Lux Event

June 1 Devra g+ Post - Recovering her memories

June 1, 2016 post from Devra on her g+ account - She mentions she is teaching part-time at a Junior College filling in a semester for a professor (we later learn it is Strathmore Community College). She has been recovering her memories with the help of Felicia Hajra-Lee.

As many of you know, I was in Tainan this weekend, and I wanted to share why.

My guess is that many of you know more about my life since everything that happened at CERN than I do. In 
some ways, I don’t want to know what horrible things I did while a simulacrum, in other ways, I should know. 

There is one particular period that that I have no way of retracing, but I was told that I could find what I
wanted to know in the Portals at Tainan. These fragments were created by Felicia Hajra-Lee. She may be my 
best bet at learning these parts of my own past. 
Until then, I’m spending most of my time in a shared office that I only have for 6 hours a week at a Junior 
College where I am filling out Spring semester for a professor who was taken unexpectedly ill. 

I was lucky to get the job. 

I resigned my previous tenured position as part of a deal to avoid lawsuits and potential prosecution for 
the activities over the last three years that I have no memory of. There was a little bit of a settlement, so 
I didn’t have to work to make ends meet, but I do have to work just to keep my mind working and in shape. I 
have to return to some sense of normalcy. I have to rebuild.

In truth, I remember nothing after my onboarding at the Niantic Facility. I have learned that that's because 
I was murdered and turned into what is known as a simulacrum. Now, my old simulacrum has ended and a new one 
has been formed, and that's me... like a backup restored on a computer. Except without any of the actual 
backed up data.

Strange times...

Aegis Nova's last event occurred July 16, 2016 and the first Via Lux events occurred on August 27, 2016.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and Susanna Moyer End of Aegis Nova

Susanna Moyer interviews Oliver Lynton-Wolfe at the end of the Aegis Nova San Francisco Event - - She asked if he was supporting Jahan/ADA and he answered “I am a researcher. My only interest is obtaining knowledge and a deeper understanding of the universe; I try not to dabble in politics.” He also said he deeply respected Susanna's father, Nigel Moyer.

Via Lux

the first Via Lux events occurred on August 27, 2016.

The last Via Lux events occurred on September 24, 2016

Devra and James Date

Detailed information can be found in the Wiki Detailed Dossier of the event including links to the video feeds and transcripts.

In general, Devra was out on a date with another new professor. He may or may not have been NIA. The NIA either had him wired or was bugging the area. Resistance New Wave hacked their feeds and built a feed of their own. The 'Waiter' was wearing a blue tech enhancement near his neck. Chapeau, at some point, interceded and extracted Devra. They left.

P.A. Chapeau Discusses Devra Date Extraction

August 21, 2016 - from Investigate Ingress post

On Saturday, New Wave Agents were able to intercept an NIA surveillance operation surrounding Dr. Devra
Bogdanovich. They asked for my help in exfiltrating her from that situation. I obliged. I don’t think 
I’ve fully understood what the New Wave is up to yet, but I know I trust them more than the NIA, and 
I’m willing do what I can to help ADA. If you want to learn more about those series of events, you 
should check in with Operation: Essex, they’re working to assemble the data and unravel any clues 
that could lead us forward.

August 22, 2016 Investigate Ingress post

So what the hell happened on Saturday? I owe you an explanation, and I want to start out by telling the
Enlightened that I was not complicit in any New Wave Resistance conspiracy to exfiltrate Devra Bogdanovich 
to Wroclaw.

I received a tip from the New Wave Resistance Agent had who approached me the other day to meet a contact at 
a restaurant near Strathmore Community College. I knew from my research that this was where Devra has been
teaching since her ‘resignation’ from her previous tenured position (I don’t think the resignation was her idea).

When I got there, it was clear what was going down. Another professor named James Blake (Anthropology) was 
having dinner with her. I believe it was a date. A little research turned up that Blake, like Devra, had 
resigned from a prestigious university and found himself at Strathmore (which is notoriously hard to Google 
as of Saturday, I’m wondering if the NIA have tried to bury all information about the place — it could 
even be that the entire college is an NIA operation, but that’s all speculation).

Blake appears to be a regular guy and an authentic scholar. My guess is that he was a patsy for the NIA, who 
were running a surveillance op for reasons unknown (the surveillance op has been pieced together from the 
multiple sources by members of Operation: Essex). The conversation traveled into dangerous areas and my 
New Wave contact told me things might be getting out of hand, so I extracted Devra. That’s pretty much 
all there is to tell.


Secret New Wave Plan

August 24, 2016 Investigate Ingress Post

New Wave Resistance left this comment on my G+ page:

The New Wave Resistance shares the video Chapeau, or should we say, Richard Loeb didn’t want you to see. In 
truth, we hope that he and Devra succeed, but we are the enemy of secrecy.

It is no secret that the NWR plans a massive ambush. It doesn’t need to be a secret. The Enlightened do 
not have time to respond. If all goes to plan, if every member of the NWR does their job, our victory 
is assured. ADA’s reawakening is assured.

These two videos were included in their post(see below)
As I said, there were things I wasn’t telling you.  There are still things I can’t tell you. I figured we 
were under surveillance and this would leak. Don’t we all know that we’re always being watched?  But you 
can buy time.  I wanted to give Devra a chance to get to Wroclaw. I’m hoping she does remember the password 
for the Vault. Right now, we need information and information is in the vault and Devra had the key.  That 
much I know. One day all will come to light about the ‘Lost Days’ in Wroclaw, but suffice to say that a deal 
was struck. 

As I told you in the beginning, the world is not what it seems.

The two videos were posted to this channel - New Wave -

PAC and Devra exfil - NWR Sourced

PAC and Devra - Phone hack

Hank Johnson's Shares Concern About Devra

September 8, 2016 - Investigate Ingress Post

Hank Johnson just wrote up a Google+ post sharing some of his concerns and theories about Dr. Devra Bogdanovich — the Vault — her so called ‘lost time,’ and more.

Hank’s Post:

Devra has remained dark since Wroclaw. We all know from the compromised P. A. Chapeau video that she went 
there to find a ‘password’ that somehow leads to a ‘Vault’ — whatever that is.

Then she went to Wroclaw… Appeared to be in very good spirits, and then nothing. If anybody has any 
information as to her whereabouts after Wroclaw, let me know. According to PAC (who I messaged about 
this earlier), she hasn’t been seen back at her college either. Worrying.

There was some thought that she was trying to recover or remember something from a ‘lost time.’ My guess 
is her lost time was the interval after the incident with Farlowe and 855 in the caves and before she went 
to work with Ilya at Visur. My other guess is that whatever happened in this lost time made her relationship 
with ADA became deeper. Even the Australian Incident could have been staged to look like they were at odds.

Or maybe they were. ADA’s ultimately a big unknown. But take this into account: ADA was possibly aware that 
Devra was a simulacrum and thus faced a non-mortal threat in Australia.

Could the Vault refer to some repository of lost memories extracted as the researchers were made into
simulacrums? Or could it have been something Devra contributed to in her last recursion? Something connected 
to ADA? Something else entirely?

I don’t know but it’s interesting to speculate on.

The Vault Email Image and Devra's whereabouts

September 10, 2016 - Investigate Ingress Post

I got this image via an anonymous email account. They said they had read Hank Johnson’s recent post and knew what Devra’s Vault was. Or… well… they had a theory. Either way, I’m not sure how to extract the theory from this bizarre image they included with the email.

Maybe you can help

September 11, 2016 - Investigate Ingress Post

Hank Johnson weighed in on one of the unsolved mysteries from the last few weeks — the source and meaning of the location or object known as Devra’s Vault. We know that she went to Wroclaw looking for it, but she’s been off the radar since. Hank shared some theories and concerns, and seems to have kicked off a chain of events. Last night I received a cryptic image that I believe leads to a Portal where a source claims to have planted information about the Vault.

I don’t know if this intel has been recovered yet… the best tip I’ve been able to get so far is that the bizarre clue bears some similarities to imagery once found in an Oliver Lynton-Wolfe poster by Tycho.

Devra's Vault

Detailed information can be found in the Wiki Clues Detailed Dossier of the event including links to the clues and recovered media and in the Devra's Vault Wiki Detailed Dossier

Devra is Not Missing, Dream, Verbal Glyphs

September 17, 2016 post from Devra on her g+ account - Devra is not missing, she was processing.

I am not missing or in any danger. Just... processing things.
Richard Loeb did a number of kind things for me that night  when I was having dinner with the man who 
called himself 'James.' He extracted me from an NIA observation and sent me to Wroclaw on a mission that was 
only of benefit to me, although I wonder if this was what the NIA were after, and if so why? 

He claims the New Wave Resistance told him about this, but how did they know? And why would they want ME to 
know? After having spent some time with him, I'm wondering if I'm starting to think like him... I have 
questions that remain unanswered for now, but one thing did become clear.

When I arrived in Poland it all came back. I had heard them. They were the N’zeer. They spoke in verbal 
Glyphs which I could unaccountably understand. I know that I had dreamed this before, as a teenager, but 
now I'm beginning to see that it may not have been a dream after all.

Via Noir

The last Via Lux events occurred on September 24, 2016

The Via Noir event occurred on November 12, 2016

After Via Noir

The Via Noir event occurred on November 12, 2016

There was only one Via Noir event, but there is a potential event happening December 10. 2016

After Via Noir - Troubled

November 14, 2016 post from Devra on her g+ account - Devra discusses the final OLW message he left her.

That last message from Lynton-Wolfe. It left me troubled.
'Where there was one, there will be many?'

'The Machine cannot be unmade?'

I barely slept, his words kept echoing in my mind.

I know that we may not have won the war yet, but I know we fought a good battle. I did what I could to help, 
but I was just taking advantage of what you, Agents all around the world, made possible. The ferocity and 
energy with which you engaged yesterday, it was what we needed to stop him.

I congratulate the Enlightened, and I have already been hearing about how the Acolyte plans to use this 
advantage to further their cause. 

In my mind, however, it is the Agents of both Factions who have emerged victorious against Lynton-Wolfe's 
plans. The true conflict in Noir is not green vs. blue -- it is dark vs. light.

I must also extend my thanks to P A Chapeau. Thank you for traveling to Seoul and helping to provide me 
with the time and resources I needed to undertake my mission yesterday.

Update - Acolyte Rumors

November 18, 2016 post from Devra on her g+ account

I've been hearing rumors that the Acolyte was able to locate the chamber where Dr. Lynton-Wolfe had been 
working, and that her operatives have begun exploring the now ruined laboratory for clues and information. 
I knew this was likely after how the #ViaNoir Anomalies came to an end...

From what I've heard, her people found a great deal of destroyed technology from a number of different eras, 
along with extremely high XM levels. The presence of rare metals indicated that Chaotic Matter (Dark XM) 
may have also been present. There was no sign of Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, Klue or Susanna Moyer, though 
for the latter two that would be expected... I think they were lost even before Lynton-Wolfe fully brought 
the machine online. 

I do not know what state the machine's remains were in. I also do not know whether the Acolyte was able to 
recover any of Lynton-Wolfe's plans and documentation related to the creation of the machine. I don't even 
know if that matters -- it might slow them down, but I doubt it will stop them...

I will keep you abreast of future developments. 

Bogdanovich's Motives

November 25, 2016 Investigate Ingress Post