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Posted February 09, 2014

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Enoch Dalby music Sirens

Hidden Info

Hidden messages
Reversing the Warps stem a bit of speech from Misty is heard

Same Instinct that got me out of Vegas and out of LA one step of something bad, that same instinct got out me of Niantic. I knew who would be watching what and when and I got out !

Inside the sirens main track there are also 2 voices. Anthony Castanza has compiled this file

Victor Kureze
So… What was the net effect of the Niantic project? Images formed in the data. Images that pointed to infinity. What is known that could invade the human brain as an idea. Because like an idea that you can't shake , the parasite took hold and like all lifeforms did all it could to ensure it's survival. Decrypting the data was the mistake. It began adding to our data. It was like a parasite making sure that it's host would not die. That was the difference between it and a virus. A smart parasite wants it's host to live and to grow, and enlarge it's kingdom. Who would know that when enriched with dark energy it could transmit itself as mental code and take up residency in our brains ? When we though we were studying it , we were revealing our weak tact problems. And what if not this, is the most vital secret any species could keep. Once you know how a shark hunts, you can dominate the shark. Once you know how bees and polen interact, you can harvest honey and enrich gardens. That, not the opposable thumb, or the ability to create is the reason humans have learn how to dominate the earth.

Misty Hannah
I remember a numb with the documents called Epiphany night. I clearly saw in a way I can't even articulate right now. You are a little bit like a vent act , being run by Shapers. The big thing that made it unlike a actual ventriloque act is that the dummy in this case wasn't actually a dummy. Figuring out the shapers was a bit like figuring out the ventriloque , by figuring out what the dummy, didn't mean to say. I don't know if that makes any sense. But it kind of does. If it doesn't really jive for you , then you know what I came away thinking.
Hidden Info
Found in the synth chords stem - L3c9c5x4pA5r6e5w8dC3d5c5m2m3Ia3n5n0wA3d7n5nR6wd
Removing the numbers and upercaps and vigenere with yuri - eightkfvfivectwoftwof
Just using the numbers. Hex to ASCII gives you the prefix and suffix. Following the logic of the previous one the keyword is nagassa

In the samples stem - ouJcs09rrvufssByBs0903f
Lowercap to upper. Uppercap to number and numbers to uppercap (a=0) - OU9CSjRRVUFSS1Y1SjdF . Base 64 to ASCII

In the lead synth stem - 23054515338445746433557364
Pairs, reverse each pair, hex to ASCII


Additional Information

The music had the following description

Draw near, bring your ship to rest, and listen to our voices.
No one rows past this isle in their dark ship without hearing the honeysweet sound from our lips.
They delight in it and then go their way made wiser.
We know everything that comes to pass on this fertile Earth.